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  1. 2002 passat tdi aircon fan

    Yes, easy to remove; Small grub screw on fan frame, undo. Twist fan about 10 degrees and then wiggle out. On replacing route the wiring along the top, the factory route is along the bottom. Route it properly next time you have the lock carrier out. Plugs and top tip; If your car is a B5.5 (2001 to 2005) then buy a B5 (1997-2001) fan for £40 instead of £130+ for a 5.5 one. Cut the plug of and solder your old one on!
  2. Climatronic help ?

    Wonder if you can help ? I've got a fault code on my climatronic "00538 Reference Voltage 07-00 Signal to low" I've had this for some time now but have ignored. Now I need to sort it, the clima will blow hot and cold and will randomly put air out through any vent except the one you select ! My limited understading of electrics is that if something needs to be measured, it is contrasted against a reference voltage (I think this is how the sensor inputs and flap angles are calculated by benchmarking against a lower voltage ?). Now there is a wire connection A58 which goes through all the flap motors and some of the sensors. A58 I think is a 5 volt supply from the instrument cluster that is the refernce voltage ? Dunno, is it ? I had a recirc air flap motor that was faulty for ages and reckon this might have burnt out that 5 volt supply ? What I'd like to know is :- 1, Where exactly A58 is ? 2, Is the supply 5 volts and generated by the cluster ? 3, Could it have been burnt out ? 4, How would (if it is 5v) would it be created ? resistor ? Bit premature really as I've yet to go to town with my multimeter now that I've got the wiring diagram below in a langauge I understand. I do hope to solve this one way or another. (p.s. I've swapped the clima head unit for another so it's not that.) If anyone could verify the principles of the "reference voltage" I'd be most grateful. I'm going to post this over a few forums in an effort to get some answers. Also feel free to use the wiring diagram as you see fit, it may be useless but it's certainly easier (to me anyway) to understand than VW's. Oh, and the answer to that age old question of "Can I covert manual air-con to climatronic?" is, YES, if you can physically mount a new heater unit with all the motors and then deal with the scary amount of wiring as shown below. Thanks in advance.
  3. Diesel Tuning/Chipping

    I've recently had my PD115 remapped by Upsolute. A lot cheaper than revo and the like. Astonishing difference. The traction control doesn't know whats hit it. Another plus is improved mpg if you drive normally.
  4. HELP

    Depends which one you've got ? I've changed a bettery on a 1998 and it involved removing the wiper arms and scuttle panel above it.
  5. Tow Bars

    I thought the detachable towbars didn't need a bumper cut at all. The VW ones I think are made by bosal, maybe brink, have a look at their webistes for info. Once you've got one or even if the one you have got is ok, you could fit a new lower valance, they are about £ 30 to £ 35 from VW
  6. alloy's name?

    They are called "Montreal II's"
  7. Golf climatronic air flap motor swap out ?

    Thanks for the replies chaps. Look like I'm going to have a fun weekend !
  8. Going out to any learned fellows on here who might know (particularly VW techs etc).... My air re-circ flap motor is faulty. It's definitely knackered as I've viewed it's operation from both the top through the air intake with pollen filter removed and from inside with the glovebox removed looking at the actuator rods. Here lies my problem... I can see it just from inside but have no way of even getting my hand in to touch it. It's to the left hand side of the blower housing at the back. If I had extremely thin arms, four elbows and a wrist that could rotate 180 degrees I might be alright swapping it out insitu. Does anyone know if you can separate the fan / blower housing from the heater / cooler matrix ? It looks like it will by undoing several small bolts and then simply pulling off a peg it seems to hang on, but I'm not sure ? Has anyone done or attempted this ? Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. The car if it's any help is a 2001 GT TDI with climatronic.
  9. Tdi 130 Juddering when warm + info

    No they won't. Begrudgingly only. If you can live with it, they won't change it, create hell they will. It's a known fault. And errr... Diesels cannot misfire, they are compression ignition, there is nothing to misfire, maybe under fuel causing nothing being there to ignite.
  10. mk4 tdi glow plug warning light

    I think the glowplug light flashing has something to do with the safety system of the DBW (drive by wire) throttle. A built in function of the system means that regardless of where the throttle is, if the brakes are put on, the engine cuts to idle. Obviously if the brake lights / switch are out this system is disabled.
  11. ESP..problem!!!!!

    If it were a wheel sensor I'd say youd get your ABS light on as well. Could be the steering angle angle sensor located just behind the steering wheel. As said above though get the car read for faults. Also I think the angle sensor needs setting up with vag-com or by VW themselves.
  12. Tdi 130 Juddering when warm + info

    Sorry to go against the majority view here but the 130's are prone to having a recognised ECU fault that causes the juddering at tickover. If the dual mass flywheel was at fault it would do it hot or cold. I assume the it only happens during warm up and when warm it doesn't happen ? In which case I'd say you've got the ECU fault.