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  1. Wheel Fitment and Offset

    Ours (3.0 TDI Le Mans) has a full size spare - so yours must do. Would probably be easier to check that. Or phone up an Audi dealer on the pretence of having a cracked alloy an wanting to buy a new one from them. Then ask to check what the dimensions are.
  2. Is there a difference in price between the DIY version and the go and get it done version.
  3. A6 3.0TDI versus 3.0TFSI

    Old thread, but we eventually went for the diesel. Petrol A6 Avants seem as rare as rocking horse pop and we were never in a position to buy when one was available. Plus, the diesel we went for is a Le Mans spec so looks the dogs...
  4. Finally done it.

    Like this you mean?
  5. Not checked yet. Got an increasing list of things to get. Winter wheels and tyres (when I can find correct wheels). New roof bar footpacks. Parking sensors. As the car already has the rears, I'd like them to be incorporated into the system rather than a separate system.
  6. Anyone done this? Not by yourself I mean - though I'd be interested to see if anyone has. Just looking for a rough estimate on price and ease of doing, plus reccomendations of who to use. A quick search brings up the front kit alone for £225, then there's the cost of fitting.
  7. Finally done it.

    Thanks Chris. Really wanted a red one and when this came up, we couldn't believe our luck. Will probably kill us come resale, but at least we get to enjoy it. Had a chat with a guy at our local Audi dealer and he suggests that 17" 7J with an offset of ET42 will work. Also said that wheels that size are unavailable to order from Audi. I'm just trying to confirm from anyone that has a Le Mans whether a 17" 7.5J ET45 wheel would work. As this seems to be a very common size and there are loads of styles on eBay.
  8. Finally done it.

    Tyres may be expensive, but it's all relative. The last run flat I replaced on the Beemer was £300.
  9. Finally done it.

    It's an auto. Couple of questions though. I've currently got a set of winter wheels and tyres for the Beemer. I'd like to make use of them if possible. But they're 16" wheels. These fit perfectly on the Beemer, but would they clear the brakes on the A6? I know the PCD is different, and converters seem overly expensive so if 16" would fit (and I could re-use my tyres) what sort of wheels (off-set etc) would I need to look out for? Thanks in advance.
  10. Finally done it.

    A mere 5 years after first asking about an A6 3.0 TDi, then going off and getting a 530d due to finances, we've finally come back to the fold. We've just done a deal on a lovely looking 58 plate Misano Red 3.0 TDi Le Mans Avant. Couldn't have picked a more perfect car if we'd ticked the options box ourselves. Hopefully pick it up next weekend once finances are sorted. [ATTACH]47222[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]47223[/ATTACH]
  11. Anyone got a new 2.0tdi A6?????

    This any use? [ATTACH]46082[/ATTACH] A6 Avant 2.0 TDI 177 PS manual technical data.pdf
  12. A6 model code

    If it looks like the one below. it's a C5.
  13. Be good to get your thoughts once you've had the map a while.
  14. I was investigating that route too. We haven't got our car yet, but it seems like the later cars are more problematic for tuning, but better as a car...
  15. A6 3.0TDI versus 3.0TFSI

    Yeah - I was genuinely excited about getting the 530d as I'd heard so many good things about the engine and about the driving ability of the car. To be fair, when it works well, it's really enjoyable to drive - certainly more so than any of the A6s we tested, where you feel like you're sitting on them, rather than in them. But not even 200 yards from the dealer, we had the puncture warning light come on. Being a new (to us) car, we had no idea what to do with this and, as we bought it from an Audi dealer, nor did they. Turned out to be a weird anomoly, but on inspection they found one of the tyres with a huge bulge on the inside. So within a day of having it, it was already booked in for work. Kind of soured the relationship from the outset. The new bi-turbos sound awesome though: The new 3.0 BiTDI engine by Audi UK on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free