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  1. Handling

    [ QUOTE ] Can't believe you've done this ! Sold the Passat !! Tut tut tut! Now who am i going to moan to about my suspension and steering? Whats the BHP then? Bet it it don't corner like my Passat! I reckon its really boring that car Gaz . At least with the Passat cornering was exciting and you never really knew if you would get home alive or dead Looks a nice car though Keep calling in for a chat [/ QUOTE ] 150bhp............and you're right it don't corner like the Passat.....theres nothing on earth to match that. I really didn't want to take on the extra layout for the Vectra but driving the Passat scared the crap out of me.....I'm 47 years old, spent half my life tearing cars to bits and putting them back together, driven lots of stuff in that time from Chevy Camaro to Mini to 3.0ltre Granada ala Flying Squad (one animal of a car), Alfa's....all kinds and hand on heart not one of them was I ever afraid to drive, so it had to go. I shall be looking in from time to time but please don't expect any praise for the Passat from me.
  2. Handling

    Here it is.
  3. CV Boot

    Someone has done it before without removing the upper arms, can't find the post I'm afraid but I'm sure one of the VW techs will be along soon to help out.
  4. Handling

    THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT as the saying goes, I take delivery of a Vauxhall Vectra Estate 1.9CDTI SRI "56" plate with 6k miles on Monday.........the way I've worked the finance it will cost me £27 a week more..........hell the Passat cost me double that in repairs, The Veccie has 20k service interval, 100k cambelt and even a rebate from the insurance company, I bought the Passat with very high expectations and it failed miserably.......maybe I just got the Monday am/Friday pm one, I shall still look in from time to time and hopefully I can give some advice where needed. Thanks to you all for your help and advice. Gaz.
  5. Handling

    They couldn't find anything wrong with it Said it COULD be a duff n/s shock, as I have said that seems to be where all the problems are, they were replaced less than 20k ago with Eibach, so they will get one and change it........I'm going car shopping......I just keep thinking I am going to end up in a ditch or worse when whatever it is lets go, cant afford the change but cant afford that either.
  6. Suspension upgrade advice.....

    [ QUOTE ] I am looking to change my shock absorbers and springs early this next year. The car has 203k and i am trying to replace certain parts in the suspension in an attempt to find a slight "rough" ride problem. From February 07 the car wont be used on building sites so lowering it wont be a concern. Am i better going with standard or lower ride height? Read loads of post about both, interested in the good and bad points. These Ebay Item have TUV approval. Are the prices acceptable? They will fit them for £60.00 which sounds reasonable. Thoughts anyone Car is a 2001 Passat estate facelift model [/ QUOTE ] First the height, really dEpends what your reason for changing is, I went for s sport suspension which is about 30/35mm lower than a normal SE as the "boaty" effect was making me feel ill over some of the speedbumps here, and, it was unstable at motorway speeds with 5 up and a bootful of luggage. There are a couple of speed bumps I have to be careful with as it is possible to "clip" them with the lowered suspension. PRICE? This kit is VERY cheap, I had a set of EIBACH springs and shocks fitted and if I remember correctly my springs were about that much alone. I think you could do with speaking to someone that has already bought a set of for indie said about 3 hours.....and that is assuming the pinch bolts are not seized, etc. Personally I would probably not go for these, but I do not do average mileage, and cannot afford the hassle or lost earnings a broken spring etc would give me. Sorry can't be any more help than that.
  7. Handling

    It's going in to the indie on the 5th,they reckon the rear axle bushes are shot (not uncommon apparently) based on what I have told them. I have to be honest and say I am getting tired of all these problems, my old Vectra had 160k before I started having any major bills.
  8. Front ABS sensor problem

    [ QUOTE ] Changed the other CV joint a while back for an OEM part and it was straight forward [/ QUOTE ] It sounds like that is the answer.
  9. Handling

    [ QUOTE ] The n/s is original AFAIK, something tells me after the performance last night that this could be ARB related. [/ QUOTE ] The ARB is intact and not loOse or damaged in any way........back to the c.vjoint or a problem with ESP/DIFF/GEARBOX.
  10. Handling

    The n/s is original AFAIK, something tells me after the performance last night that this could be ARB related.
  11. Handling

    In desperation I took it into Central Tyres for another tracking check, they said the fronts were okay in relation to each other but not in relation to the rears.........I told them to adjust it, it now is much better but not as I think it should be, could it be subframe or rear axle bushes??
  12. Handling

    [ QUOTE ] ........feels weird on certain corners like its going to go straight on!! [/ QUOTE ] I know that feeling well, please let me know what you find.
  13. Handling

    [ QUOTE ] On the motorway i get a sudden bump and the car shakes, feels like its hit a large piece of brick or something! Nothing on the road though, car shakes and i can feel it through the steering wheel. Still get the sudden steering wheel shaking side to side on the motorway, mostly when i take my foot off the throttle. Its now started doing it for no reason as well. [/ QUOTE ] These cars are fitted with steering dampers aren't they?? Worth a thought or look.
  14. Handling

    I am Soooooooooooooooo glad it isn't just me, the next car I buy will NOT have multi link front suspension. On Friday night the car got what I can only describe as a "shimmy" on, felt like a half flat tyre or a wheel about to fall off. I turned right off a major road, no need to stop at this junction - no traffic - and the road is not a a 90' angle, or should I have said I TRIED to turn right - the car only really half turned, how I missed the kerb I don't know, nearly had a pile of on my seat. Stopped the car and walked round and checked the tyres - no flats, I actually thought at this stage that a top control arm had snapped - so decided to drive VERY slowly to the petrol station where I could look at it, feck me if it happened again at the next junction, this was a 90' turn onto a major road, and again we slithered round, made it to the petrol cut it short AA sent a recovery truck when I wanted a patrol to get it in the air to check for anything broken, arrived at hom elater and put it on the jack myself........couldn't find anything......I did clean both front abs sensors though. I went back to work, giving it some thought I decided that as it had been raining the car COULD HAVE AQUAPLANED, didn't feel like it at the time, so changed the tyres from some cheap budget to GOODYEAR NCT 5's. And I have still felt this "shimmy" or "wobble", I have now fell completely out of love with this car, and if I had the money to change it I would even though I didn't plan on doing so until at least 250,000 miles (about another 2 years).
  15. Handling

    New tyres fitted on Sat so no problem with those 2 items.