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  1. Anyone want free Audi Symphony unit?

    I dont suppose I could bother you for a picture? Would it be the same unit that is in my mums 02 plate S3? As the buttons have worn and are pretty ugly Cheers
  2. Volvo 850 T5 Estate

    Goodness knows. He now has an S40 (I think it is) and when he drove the T5 up to my house as he got out of the car, he said "I wish the new one went as well, and rode as well as that" ! Yep, it is in surprising condition, although obviously close up its not "mint". Couple of stone chips on the leading edge of the bonnet. The engine on the other hand is SO sweet! No noises atall even from cold.
  3. Volvo 850 T5 Estate

    I am selling this for my uncle. He has owned it since 2001 and last year bought another Volvo to replace it but didnt sell this one a year later and about 100 miles later he has realised he really has no use for it so has handed it over for me to sell it for him. The car is in pretty good condition, the drivers side rear quarter and rear door have faded to a slightly different colour to the rest of the car though. It just passed its MOT with only one advisory. I have added up the bills he has spent on it for maintenance, fixing and MOTs over the last 9 years and it has come to over £11,500 The car is located in Hertfordshire Click here for the pistonheads advert Copy and paste from the PH advert below Red Manual 12 Months MOT (July 17 2011) Tax until end of August Current owner since 2001 Lots of history, bills and old MOTs (see photo) 235,000 miles Grey interior 4x Electric Windows Electric/heated Mirrors Air-conditioning Heated seats Trip computer Remote Alarm/Central Locking Immobiliser Hands free kit Alloy wheels Power Steering Multiple airbags And pictures: Any questions let me know
  4. Avus 18" Alloys for sale

    Which other Audi's do these fit? Or is it just A8/S8? Also, how much do you want for them?
  5. Thule Roof basket/tray. I beleive it is the Thule 581 basket/tray but cannot confirm this. Sizes are 106cm long x 80cm wide. It was used on my Thule roof bars on a Mk4 Golf/Bora but I assume fits other Thule roof bars. The distance between the fixing brackets is 68.5cm (inside edge to inside edge). Good condition with usual wear marks. £15 Collected (might be able to meet somewhere as I am regularly all over the country)
  6. Audi A4 Rear Windows Blinds (B6/B7)

    Does anyone have a personal email or mobile number for Nordberg? Thanks
  7. Audi A4 Rear Windows Blinds (B6/B7)

    Strange you should say that. My sis and bro in laws baby has arrived and the sun is out and they have realised they DO want these Ill pm you now
  8. 518bhp out of a 1.8T

    Christ on a bike! Ive never seen a 1.8T rev like that
  9. Retro-fit & Modification Projects Index

    And here is the new link for painting rear calipers
  10. Retro-fit & Modification Projects Index

    I have just found the new links for the aero wipers front and rear. Here they are for reference: Sadly, it appears that VAGParts is no longer around so the front wiper thread isnt much use without the part numbers. Does anyone have them? Cheers
  11. Found a cheap Haldex spanner

    This sounds like something I should do on my mums 2002 S3 as I dont think its ever been done. Is there a pictoral guide anywhere? Thanks
  12. S3 dropping temp..?

    Ah ha, I see. Very good point. I hadnt thought about it being the battery as the car always starts... but it does do it more if it hasnt been started for a few days Thanks for the tip!
  13. S3 dropping temp..?

    I was just coming on here to ask questions that I think have been answered here... So I will just check A couple of weeks ago I borrowed my mums S3 for the week and noticed a few little niggles that Id like to sort. I noticed, as you say, the temp not getting up to temp if travelling. It eventually got up to 90 if sat stationary in traffic for long enough though, so I guess this is the same issue. Another thing I noticed, which I am assuming is related, is that with cold starts (ie, external temps nearing zero degrees C) it is a little lumpy, still starts first time, but seems to "hunt" around for idle for the first 5-10 seconds. Then absolutely fine after that. Am I right in thinking this is related to a the temp sensor mentioned above? There are other things that I will have a search for, and if I cant find the answers Ill start a new thread Thanks for any help!