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  1. stories like that are really scary and makes you wonder about the history of the car. the only way is to really check it THOROUGHLY (and only for the visible stuff eg. swiwrls) at delivery and do not ever sign anything until satisfied. you know how the salespeople like to rush you through signing the delivery. don't. just say " i want to be thoroughly satisfied before you put that piece of paper before me". but i know how we were all at pains in getting our cars to hit the tarmac...i'm a minor victim but no where near as big as yours nigelb. the car had less than perfect paintwork and "soiled" rims. but then i just to say myself, well, its a moving hulk weighing over a ton and its hard to keep it pristine.
  2. Alloy cover on front ashtray

    I've got alloys on an 05 model, they look great but i notice that it is really easy to get fingerprints on them which are a little hard to remove because of the brushed surface.
  3. Correct oil viscosity - Mk V GTI ?

    I’ve asked VW australia on this a few weeks back and they don’t recommend long life service quoting “rougher” conditions here. They are recommending VW 502 oils instead. I called the dealer and they said they’ll be filling her up with Castrol’s softec txt LL01 (VW502 oil) at service intervals. I then called VW again and asked if it would be ok to fill her up with VW503 oils like slx long life II and the conversation came to whether it was a higher spec’ed oil than 502’s. The guy i spoke to wasn't that sure, as I wanted to know if it would void the warranty filling up with 503’s on a fixed interval maintenance plan. apparently 503's are used only on touaregs maintenance programs here in aust.
  4. Mk V GTI Build Quality?

    4500 kms now, and haven’t been getting much of a chance to drive it as much as I’d like. There were slight creaking noises from the driver door to begin with but that seems to have gone. The central console now seems to have taken over that role, and is causing me a huge headache. It will creak on roads with poor surfaces and occasionally on good ones too. I believe it comes from the area where the knob is for adjusting whether the air comes out of vents or goes straight up the windshield. Flicking the knob back and forth, fiercely, seems to help. Im not sure if it is the heat causing it, as it has just begun recently. The plastic around that area does creak though as I press my finger around the joints. Otherwise the motor has become smoother and the steering is less tight, even better to drive. Great stuff this car.
  5. MP3 CD for RCD500

    i've tried mp3 discs on the rcd500. it doesnt work. i can confirm that it plays cd-rw discs though. just have to make sure that a slower (or disc recommended)burn speed is chosen or the music will either skip or go completely haywire.
  6. Another Gong for the GTI

    I went home last night and read the articles in "Motor” magazine again last night, oz, and you’re right. The tone definitely leans towards performance. It does get a bit over the top after a while and does seem a little inconsistent. It gave the M5 4 stars out of 5 for example. Anyway, let things get back to the topic…
  7. Another Gong for the GTI

    hi six degrees, dont want to spoil your christmas but optimax here in brisbane australia costs AUD $ 1.14 a litre!! i believe that's cheaper than what you pay in victoria, oz, but the government here takes it back in other ways.
  8. Another Gong for the GTI

    Motor Australia (Jan 06) tested the GTI vs. the new WRX vs. the Renaultsport Megane cup and put the WRX first for excitement and "grin on face" I believe. The GTI came second. Then in the following article in the same issue, Motor tested the R32 vs. the Sti vs the 130i. the R32 won with the 130i being second, labelling the latter as a more obvious choice for the status conscious. The Sti came last, even being branded as having a tokyo taxi interior. Personally, im starting to grow little tired and sceptical of all these ratings as ive seen darlings come and go (not only in cars). I like my gti, and still do, for the very reasons I bought it – classy interior, safety, solidity, stylishly classy on the outside without being overly conspicuous while being a fun drive. Merry christmas all! and drive safe.
  9. DSG/Manual Discussion

    Ive got the dsg and love it. It shifts beautifully in normal (city, flat, relatively straight stop start grid like situations) conditions as it impresses with its quick and competent manner. You’re driving and thinking, “wow, what an incredible piece of technology.” These are the times, in slow mundane traffic, when I feel I definitely do not need a manual gearbox. On the other hand, its nothing like an automatic.. you can hear it change (super fast) but would not be able to feel it under most normal conditions, even under hard acceleration. The only time I might intervene with quasi manual (paddles) or full manual are when the road conditions are a little unusual – hills, windy roads, going into corners, and this is where the fun really starts , you can blip down gears and hear the glorious motor wind up. The only time the sounds are less pleasant is when the car is moving in second gear with no power applied, there is a mild whine from the transmission. …and each time I read a review saying the dsg is the best gearbox money can buy, im glad I didn’t go for the manual one.
  10. Oil use

    ive noticed the car using up some oil, the oil level was at the top end of the marker (the elongated hexagon bit) when i got it. it has fallen by one quarter of the marker after doing 2500 kms. Ive done 3000 kms so far and the oil level hasn’t moved ie. still at the ¾ mark. I don’t see a need to top up at this stage. I might consider it if it falls to the half way point though. Vw503 oil is quite to hard to find where I am and the closest castrol slx long life stockist (a vw dealer) is about 100 kms away.
  11. Bottle Opener

    I can imagine someone trying to open a bottle in the car, at the traffic lights for example. It’d look like a picnic scene out of a comedy. Fortunately a lot of aussie beer bottles (including some ciders)) come in twist tops. Or it could be worn by putting a thick string around it. I just leave my flushed in the rubber most of the time.
  12. MKV GTI - Crash damaged - 8900 Euros

    wow nasty, looks like the insides were well protected though.
  13. Bumpy bumpy!!

    yes, ha ha, ozgti, what with the warmer weather we're getting, i think it definitely does kick up the pressures by quite a bit when they have been running for a while.
  14. Bumpy bumpy!!

    have you checked your tyre pressures recently? tyre pressures seem to make a significant difference for me, even adding 1 to 2 psi's makes the ride as hard as rock. i can feel every painted road marking pumped up.
  15. What tyres on your new GTI

    17" conti sportcontact 2's on sa built 05.