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  1. Audi Specialists/servicing Notts/Leics

    Yes, these guys are very good:
  2. SPOTY 2017

    Every year the audience always look bored to tears.
  3. "Relay Crime" reality?

    Ta. Surely then the easiest fix is just to turn off the keyless entry feature meaning you just press the button on the remote to unlock?
  4. "Relay Crime" reality?

    How do they get the code from the key? Surely it isn't giving out signals all the while? They must have to be near you when you lock or unlock the car to "read" the signal?
  5. Gap insurance for purchase cars? What else?

    Waylander, I mentioned to you that something in the back of my mind told me Ala weren't much good when it came to claims. Now I remember it was Mac that had the bad experience.
  6. Leasing for Dummies?

    Up to 180 days from the delivery date.
  7. 4 Series Gran Coupe deal

    BMW have released 400 4 Series Gran Coupes onto the Contract Hire market. All M Sport automatics. All cars are in stock and must be gone by 1st December. All diesel and petrol engines available Example: 420d GC M Sport auto 6+35 10k per annum £266+VAT 440i on the same terms £367+VAT Thought that as it is such a good deal that it was worth posting. Let me know if it is of interest
  8. Carwash Spots

    That looks like a Vitesse rather than a Herald. My first car was a 13/60 Herald Convertible
  9. Leasing for Dummies?

    Defo Gap insurance. Definitely not dealer though. My insurance chap is typically half the price of main dealers with better cover that is switchable to another car free of charge.
  10. Leasing for Dummies?

    Happy to review any finance documents for you if you want me to.
  11. Leasing for Dummies?

    Also Skyfleet is worth a look
  12. Leasing for Dummies?

    Nationwide Vehicle contracts and Select vehicle leasing have good deals although you have to watch all of these companies as the headline monthly payment is often with a massive 9 months upfront and then 5k miles per annum. As soon as you put a normal mileage and deposit into the deal, the price shoots up.
  13. Leasing for Dummies?

    Contract hire is definitely gaining popularity amongst those that wouldn’t have considered it five years ago. Forget business leasing. You won’t be able to get a business lease unless you have filed three sets of annual accounts at Companies House. Additionally, you would be hit with Company Car Tax so no point in going down that route. Yes, there are often deals that are far better on business terms for vat and regualatory issues but they aren’t available to you so I won’t bore you with them! There is often very little difference between the monthly payments on a 2, 3 or 4 year deal. The difference is that the deposit remains the same ie either 3 or 6 months down at the start which effectively makes 2 year deals more expensive than 4 year deals assuming you take a new contract hire deal out at the end of it. It is important to remember that you will be in that car for the duration of the term and therefore a change of circumstances (job - extra miles or child - extra seat requirement) could get expensive as to get out of the car early normally requires a minimum of six monthly payments and can often mean the remaining payments being made to hand the car back. Optional extras can get very expensive. For example £3800 worth of options on a 3+35 deal will cost you an additional £100 per month as the lease company expect you to pay for them in full. As carmad says, there are some bonkers deals that get released every now and then so if you are prepared to say yes there and then, you can get a very cheap car. Be warned though, these won’t often be stock cars, everything is built to order these days and lead times are silly at the moment. Setup alerts with some brokers for deals so that you get emails and then choose your moment and pounce!!
  14. F30 issues

    You need the dealer to do a KDS alignment. I'm pretty sure that this is the same thing as a Hunter four wheel alignment.
  15. Football results today

    They sure did!