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  1. F30 issues

    You need the dealer to do a KDS alignment. I'm pretty sure that this is the same thing as a Hunter four wheel alignment.
  2. Football results today

    They sure did!
  3. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    After a bloody hectic week of what seems like a million whatsapps in our holiday group, we have failed to obtain replacement flights to Lanzarote. There is hardly anything decent available for our half term week anywhere half decent. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that are 6 adults and 6 children going. Finally managed to get us all on a flight to Ibiza and have found a fantastic villa in a really nice spot so will be raving it up with the kids for a week. Insurance claim for the villa in Lanzarote has been submitted but I don't expect to hear back for some time as they are extremely busy! Thank goodness we had travel interruption cover on our annual policy. I was amazed that loads of the big names like Aviva don't offer it as even an option.
  4. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    The annoying thing is Leicester half term is a week earlier than the rest of the country so we should be able to find something but can't
  5. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    Waylander, that quote above was from last year. They survived then and their owners put in £165m and that has all gone! We are flight only with them this year. No flights to the Canaries anywhere at all now.
  6. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    I haven't checked this as I have been really busy all day but one of our mates says the cheapest flights we can get is £1970 per family of four!!!! I hate the airline industry!
  7. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    I would pay double not to fly from Luton!!
  8. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    Thanks. Our friend that booked it has a corporate travel agent as her firm flies a lot of staff all over the place. She is on the case. It looks like we might be all on different flights as I don't think any of them have 16 seats available.
  9. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    Bollocks. Flights are covered as our friend that booked them used a credit card. Now need to try to find alternative flights and if that isn't possible, see if our travel insurance will pay up for the villa cost.
  10. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    Groundhog Day for me again. Four families all off to Lanzarote again for half term on 14th October. This year we don't have ATOL protection as we have booked flights only as we are hiring a villa for all of us. Calling travel insurance company in the morning to see what the situation is. Bloody Monarch!!!
  11. The £1k mobile phone

    I just treated myself to a new screen saver on my phone. Ta da! New phone!
  12. Catch him Derry

    I must have watched it twenty times since yesterday. It just keeps getting funnier
  13. Opinions on Virgin Media.

    You can always do the old switcharoo.... We wait until the deal ends, cancel it in my name and then take a new one out in the wife's name. Done that a few times now to get the new customer offer which can often be far better than the existing customer deal particularly if Money Saving Expert has one of their special code deals on the go.
  14. Football results today

    Special commemorative shirts now available: What a farce!
  15. VoIP questions

    Thinking about moving the office phones to VoIP. We have a very simple IT setup as we are fully cloud based. Six users in total and all of us have a single RJ45 connection in our offices. We have super fast broadband over the air via a dish on the side of the building and a BT broadband (7mb - max available in the area) as a fall over if the fast connection goes down. Can I put a switch in each office to provide an extra RJ45 connection for the VoIP phones to plug into and use the same super fast broadband for data and VoIP or am I better off hard wiring a second connection from the BT router and keep voice and data separate? One of our tenants has four staff and they use VoIP on a bt broadband connection of the same slow speed and it works for them. There would never be more than three of us on the phone at the same time. TIA.
  16. VoIP questions

    We must be able to keep our same landline number whoever we go to though.
  17. VoIP questions

    No specific company yet. The thing that spurred me into doing something was a letter from BT saying that our current deal has ended. That and the boss of the firm upstairs can work from home and they can transfer calls to his mobile as if he is in the office. I like the sound of this working from home thing!
  18. VoIP questions

    Thanks. Would a broadband speed test show up latency? Will run one tomorrow when I'm in the office and post the result.
  19. S8 V10

    Great move Jo! Local jobs for local people. Definitely no jobs that are are of a commute more than 20 miles per day and all will be well!
  20. 420d xdrive mpg

    My bmw will be five years old in October. I have never had a car this long. Still not bored of it. Brilliant car.
  21. Land Rover Parking issue

    Coincidentally, like this one that my mate just sent to me. It has "parked" itself on the back of an AA truck!
  22. Land Rover Parking issue

    It was probably broken down.
  23. Young persons' car insurance

    I would go with first of "new shape" Fiesta so probably an 08 and as much as your daughter doesn't want one, get her a black box. Not only will it bring the premium down, you will be able to track her and monitor her driving.
  24. Football results today

    Another goal fest in the Watford Liverpool game. Let's have a load more this afternoon!!
  25. Football results today

    To score three away from home and then lose is gutting. The ironic thing is that I won about £200 last season on Giroud scoring from a header. #pissedoffwearebottomoftheleague