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  1. Aps

    hehe. Yeah, I've been to APS and found them fantastic, Ed explained very coherently what was being done to my car. 10/10 from me too
  2. French roadtrip - help required

    Nice one, thanks for the advice guys
  3. Re Map on S3

    I agree with Shao_khan, make sure you go somewhere reputable, as an extra £200 now will seem well worth it if your car refuses to start in 6 months time... I've been to APS, will post up a report when I get chance, and they're excellent. Take very good care of your car and if you're local I'm sure Ed will let you have a run out in his own Golf ED 30, which is mapped to about 330bhp. This is the same engine as the S3, so will give you an idea of what they can do with the car. As for what the difference is, well, it will be a lot quicker and I've found my car easier to drive, with more torque all over the rev band. However, if I want to potter around town then it's very docile and feels like OEM. Best of both worlds imho. BHP should be anywhere between 300-315bhp, with a decent increase in torque too. As Shao said, if you whack a turbo back exhaust on then you're looking at 330bhp plus, but I'd recommend a new air intake if that's the route you take. However, obviously this will cost a fair bit, as the exhaust parts alone will come in at around £1,000. My map has come out extremely flat, it doesn't actually feel much faster, but it's a bit shocking when you look at the speedo. IIRC Revo have a more old skool feeling turbo remap, which gives you a less linear power curve, but a stronger kick in the back when the turbo kicks in. It all depends on what you prefer
  4. French roadtrip - help required

    Oh crap, I'm an idiot! Could a mod please move this to holiday area? Guess it should have been posted in there
  5. I am planning a roadtrip next week around France, as below, and I was wondering if anyone could point out any nice hotels in the areas or touristy things that we can do. Any help will be appreciated! Also, the route isn't really finalised, so if we're missing the greatest thing in France by 10 miles then let me know Route as follows; Day 1; Cambridge to Reims Day 2; Reims to Lyon - spending an afternoon in Lyon, what's there to see? Lyon to Marseille - recommend any hotels? Things to see? Day 3; Marseille Day 4; Marseille Day 5; Marseille to Carcassonne - recommend any hotels? Day 6; Carcassone to Orleans - recommend any hotels, things to see? Day 7; Orleans to Cambridge We're not looking to spend mega-bucks on hotels, but anything upto about £60 a night should be OK... Should be fairly brutal driving, but it's all sub-divided so no more than 2 hours driving before a quick break :)
  6. S3 Phone Prep - Can it be added

    May I just add that the phoneprep (OEM) is amazing. Cyrstal clear and I love the phone book being uploaded to the car!
  7. Autocar S3 Sb review dont get it

    Yeah, I thought it was a very strange review. It just goes to show how much is personal opinion, imho I believe there not to be much difference between the GTI and the S3 for driving appeal. Admittedly the GTI was a bit more 'chuckable' in the corners, whereas the S3 I find better on a flowing b-road and is more fun around roundabouts
  8. S3 Exhaust noise

    Yup, it certainly can! Most places fit the Milltek, altho I don't think it looks quite right on the S3, imho it looks more like you've fitted tips rather than an entire cat back... Out of interest, how old is your car? I've done 15k now and the exhaust noise has deepened considerably, it obviously won't sound as good as a V6, even with exhaust mods, but does sound pretty good
  9. Jamie Cambell Walter crash

    Agreed! Just shows you how safe the modern race car is!
  10. Losing my backend

    Az> yeah, got the conti's, I'll keep an eye on them and try to get to a track day to finish them off Merlot> I did wonder about that tbh, I don't think I have, but it could be a subconscious decision... Mook> Am in London most of the time, Cambridge if not.
  11. Grand Theft Auto IV

    WOW The special edition is awesome, although I'm not quite sure why I have a metal lockbox with it!
  12. Grand Theft Auto IV

    Doh, I'm on Amazon Prime, so first class delivery all round Strange thing; I rang my local Tesco and got told "we don't have any GTA IV stock to sell". It's a large store, with posters stating "release date 00:01 April 29th". Looks like I might be doing a few miles tonight...
  13. Losing my backend

    Good point, it has only down it round right hand bends! I haven't checked the bushes tbh and wouldn't be sure how to do it, may just have to take it into the dealer???
  14. Grand Theft Auto IV

    Same here mate! Although mine is being delivered to London and I'm currently back at my parents in Cambridge...I see a 12.01 visit to Tesco coming
  15. Losing my backend

    I thought the title would get a few views Basically my S3 has been acting strangely for the past few weeks, around round-abouts and corners my backend has been sliding out a lot. Now, this seems wonderful, but the car never did this before and I haven't changed my driving style (I am a quick driver, but try to be very smooth and don't 'loon' about). I've also (previously) had her out on track and have deliberately tried to provoke the car, but found it handled very neutral. I obviously drive much more carefully on the public road. I've checked the tyres and they seem to have similar wear patterns, along with 3-4mm of grip all round. Pressures are as Audi recommend too. Is there any other reason that could be causing this? Obviously I could have been unfortunate to hit oil/grease on several occassions, but this seems unlikely. I'll probably be taking her into Audi to see if the quattro is putting all the power to the rear, but any other suggestions would be handy.