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  1. VW Golf Build Delays??

    Yeah we wanted the 1.4 TSI, but the engine shortage meant we couldn't get it in time to take advantage of the scrappage scheme. The mail the dealers have from VW is as follows: Golf 1.4 TSI 122PS - 2009 production full 26 Jun 09 0820-09 With immediate effect the Golf 1.4 TSI 122PS will only be available to customer factory order. The popularity of this engine and strong orderbank means we have sufficient orders in the system to fill our 2009 production allocation for this engine. High levels of demand throughout Europe mean we have not been able to secure additional engines, making this action necessary. We currently have over 3,500 orders for this engine derivative awaiting confirmation, 60 per cent of which are Retailer stock orders. All orders currently in the system will be built and every effort will be made to prioritise customer orders by date ordered. Please use or amend any existing stock orders you have to fulfil future customer requirements. We also have a further 2,000 units (customer and Reatailer stock orders) already produced or confirmed for production. New orders for the 1.4TSI 122PS Any new customer orders placed for the Golf 1.4 TSI 122PS will be scheduled to be built in early 2010: please ensure that you manage your customers’ lead-time expectations. Alternatives There are over 3,000 Golf S 1.4 80PS manual three- and five-door derivatives freely available within importer stock and many other derivatives available through Dialog. The delays in production of the 1.4 TSI 122PS engine are not restricted to the Golf, and we will continue to monitor production and may take similar action on other models if required. Should you have difficulty managing your customer's expectations, please contact the Retailer Sales and Generalist team on 0845 850 8585 (option 6). Kerry Dobson Sales Administrator
  2. Golf VI basic model - good price?

    yeah thats what I thought it might be too underpowered for the size of car. Thanks for your input :-)
  3. Golf VI basic model - good price?

    From talking to VW and looking at the official government site on scrappage, you have to have a valid MOT at the time of order (or within 14 days of expiry at the time of order), which from my understanding this means I've got until 14 days after my MOT expires to order a new car. (The vehicle discount scheme - money off your new vehicle : Directgov - Motoring) Also i've rang 5 different VW dealers now and none of them can provide a brand new, unregistered 1.6 S within 12 weeks, and there is no way to get 1.4 TSI until next year sometime. The only option one of them had, was a 1.6 S silver, 3 door ready to go now at the showroom - but my wife doesn't want a 3 door. This is going to prove a challenge, as the MOT expires on the 20th July, which means that my wife would be without a car for 3 months tops. Hiring is too expensive to cover that period - so we may end up having to get the MOT done anyhow Bloody hell - how hard is it to get bog standard basic golf straight away! The only other option is 1.4 S 80, which doesn't look that nippy really? I think they may have quite a few of these..... Just wondering if the 1.4 S 80 might be an option compared to the 1.6S 102 - as there doesn't seem that much difference....
  4. Golf VI basic model - good price?

    will do! Talking to my wife last night, apparently the fuel line has a leak in the Polo and has been spraying fuel all over the engine when running and onto the exhaust - she said she could smell petrol for the past few weeks as well. I've been working away from home, so I've not been able to check myself! Needless to see she isn't driving it this morning. Bloody hell!
  5. Golf VI basic model - good price?

    thanks for advice. Polo is more than likely going to fail MOT - had a pre MOT check today, and approx £350 worth of work needed. The MOT expires on the 20th July - i've read various conditions around having an MOT to take part in the scrappage scheme, but from looking on the VW site, they just seem to mention having a valid MOT certificate at the time of order. Whereby some manufucturers seem to ask for 14 days left on the MOT at the point of order. Not really sure why you need an MOT when its getting scrapped anyhow? Anyone know what the official VW steer is? Thanks Rowley
  6. Hi, Looking for a basic Golf for my wife's runaround (replacing her 21 year old Polo under the scrappage scheme) - its coming up for MOT, so is likely to cost more to repair than viable, plus not really that safe in the grand scale of things. Went to dealership today and looked at the Golf Mark VI S 1.6 petrol - pretty basic, but its a golf in the end. I've had GTI's before so know what I'm missing. Anyhow looked at the basic package plus metallic paint. £500 deposit, £3250 off under the scappage offer they are doing, plus some more discounts after tooing and frowing with the finance guy Anyhow at a 42 month finance plan, this worked out at £192 a month (10,000 miles pa) - just wondering what people think on that? Was also looking at a Toyota Auris TR, and they offered similar, but at £199 per month over 36 months, but obviously a slightly different car. Cheers Rowley
  7. Why wouldn't I lease

    ok, many thanks
  8. Why wouldn't I lease

    thanks Do you think I'd be able to take advantage of the scrappage scheme if I chose to go on Personal Contract Hire?? Cheers Andy
  9. Why wouldn't I lease

    Hi Booster, Many thanks for this - didn't realise the options bit, so will bear that in mind when I spec - typically all the options I would want are pretty pricey! However for me it still makes sense, as ultimately I don't want to own and want to try a variety of cars. I guess early termination also has its penalties? Cheers for advice Thanks Andy
  10. Why wouldn't I lease

    Hi There, I've been looking to get an S5 for some time now, and have always only really thought about purchasing. But with all my recent cars, I have been on a pcp plan and have handed the car back. Therefore I'm just wondering why I would choose to buy (get finance) instead of leasing instead? Can I spec a lease car how I want it? Would I go through Audi or a third party leasing company? This would be a personal lease (or personal contact hire as I've seen it refered as), so i would pay VAT. Never done this or considered it before Leasing does appear to be a cheaper option than getting finance - just basically wondering what the drawbacks are? I've seen personal leasing of an S5 for approx £600 a month. Would appreciate any comments from people who have leased in this manner. Thanks Andy
  11. Thinking of buying a Mk V GTI

    if you ask British Car Auctions to search for my old car (PM me for reg) for you that was my car that I handed back 06, 33K miles, mint condition. Only change of work location really forced me to give it back. As far as I know its still not gone to auction and is probably crying in some warehouse somewhere. Auctions can be uncertain, but that car was mint.
  12. Car is going on Monday - British Car Auctions picking it up then - hopefully nothing to pay at all, car is mint. Going for one last blast this weekend! Cheers guys
  13. Well I've phoned up VW Finance - chap on the phone was very good Basically he checked that I have paid over 50% of the amount and he said I could exercise my right as per the contract. I just need to fax them to make it official. It will then take up to 3 weeks to collect (from my house), and their handler is British Car Auctions - so sounds like it will go for auction straight away - so someone might get a bargain as its in very good nick. Looking at it this morning, gleaming outside, its going to be a real shame, but its the right thing for me at the moment So when its picked up by the end of Feb, I will cancel my direct debit and thats it. It will save me buying new tax, getting the first MOT, buying 4 new tyes and then it going out of warrenty also. Plus in the short term anyhow my monthly payments will stop, my insurance will be refunded and my running costs will go. I also asked about the affect on credit scoring, and he says all that goes on your credit score is that you closed the loan - which people do all the time when they can pay off early - he said at the end of the day I have paid all my stuff on time and they would welcome my business in the future. So I guess I have to take that at face value and hope its true when I look at a new car in the future. Gutted, but pragmatic I guess. Half of me wishes it wasn't that easy.
  14. vw dealers or dealers just in general - sorry for niave questions, just never done this before. Thanks
  15. Current figure is £11,126.39 valid until 26th of Feb...... Not sure I would get this at this moment in time from a dealer or privately??