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  1. Volkswagen UK

    They are lying to you. This is a common problem with the Beetle cabriolets. The dealer and VW UK now of the fix. As far as I know they used to use clips to resecure the roof lining around the window and now instead they use some bonding stuff. VW has told every delaer in the country this and is well documented and is easy to find on ELSA. I will try and get you a copy tomorrow if I can. I have a copy of the old fix I will try and find the new one.
  2. fuel

    Why use biodiesel??? Is it cheaper or something or does it make the car run better more power more economy??? IS it worth swopping over to bio diesel?
  3. Further air con problems

    Any good VW dealer or Air con specialist should have a peice of kit that 'sniffs' for air con gas. If you regass the system then stick this 'sniffer' down around the heater box and around the air vents it will beep or show a reading telling you how much if any gas was detected. This can be used anywhere on the air con system. If it is the evaporator that is leaking, i advise that you have the heater matrix replaced at the same time whilst the heater box is removed as they are a nightmare to remove and you dont want to have to pay another 5 hours labour if the matrix goes in a couple of months/years.
  4. 1.9 tdi auto,gear box service interval

    The auto box oil level and the final drive oil level should be checked every 40,000 miles. Nothing else is done except checking the levels and interogating the faulkt memory of the auto box ECU.
  5. overheating 1.6 golf

    Shouldnt hurt anything. The car will just take longer to warm up. Coolant will still flow all the way round the cooling system. The thermostat stops the coolant from going to the radiator and been cooled until the coolant gets warm then the thermostat opens gradually and lets the coolant flow to the radiator where it hets colled. Without the thermostat the coolant will flow unrestricted. This may cause the radiator fan to run more than usual and may make the temperature reading in the dash lower than normal.
  6. What radio is fitted?
  7. Rattling in the boot (B6)

    It will probably be the metal frame work underneath the parcel shelf. It needs to go to the dealers and it is all wax oiled and then put back together. This also happens with the roof frame. There have been quite a few cases of this with the new Passats.
  8. V5 Passat Timing Belt Service

    The V5 Passat does not have a timing belt. It is ran by a chain. The dealer hasnt got a clue what they are talking about. Take them up on the offer of £300 because they will lose a hell of a lot of money as the engine has to be removed to cahnge the cahin and the chains and tensioners arent cheap. The chain that runs the engine should never have to be replaced and has no replacement intervals.
  9. Comments and questions on Spec for 07 Passat

    The CD changer is in the glovebox on Passats and I think not 100% sure that a CD changer and I-pod cannot be fitted together as the I-pod is controlled with the CD changer controls on the radio so if both are fitted the radio wont know which one to control. Not seen a Passat with bluetooth phone kit fitted but if fitted in conjuction with the mulit function wheel i am sure everything will be displayed on the dash.
  10. passat turbo

    Ive got a turbo of a 130bhp passat which has done 80k miles if your interested. If you could find the part number of your turbo i could see if its the same or give me your chassis number and ill look the number up. Nothing wrong with the turbo done 80k motorway miles.
  11. Your freindy VW techinain

    What is a senior tech? It goes service, qualified, master then at the top there is licensed tech. Ive just finished my apprentiship, been on the Introduction to VW 7 day course and have just done my TNA. Failed 3 of them. I need to go on 3 courses then do my QTA then im a Qualified tech.
  12. Your freindy VW techinain

    I went there when I went to the VW National Learning Centre in Milton Keynes. Had the biggest mixed grill I ever seen and it beat me. Normally stay in the Accenture thats a nice hotel.
  13. Good news for Mark 4 Golf anniversary owners. Ive just heard that in the new Glasses price guide that the list price of the anniversarys have gone up by £600 compared to last years price. I have not seen this but I think it should be correct.
  14. Starting Problems

    Yes number 4 is right its just behind the back of the engine to the left as your looking at the engine. The picture above is not right something completly different
  15. Roof Radio Antenna

    It easy. Just take of the trim that runs across the back of the car at the very back of the roof lining and then carefully just pull down the roof lining a bit and you will see a nut that is all thats holding the aerial on.