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  1. No fault car accident

    Quick bit of advice, please. My wife's car got hit whilst in a queue of stationary traffic, the other party has admitted fault, and given us insurance details. She spoke to our insurance and gave all the details etc and they said, yes the other party is covered etc. The bloke then rang and said he wanted to pay personally, so could we get a quote for him. In theory I'm not against this, but our insurance policy gives us a like for like replacement car whilst our is in for repairs and few other benefits which we will not get if we put it into a random garage. As I have his insurance details, can I refuse his request and just go via his insurance Company anyway? Thanks
  2. No fault car accident

    Thanks for all the input guys. Rather than just straight say no, I know the owner of a local body shop, so I'll get a "go away" quote from him. Just checked, a like for like hire car is about £41.00 a day, so I think that on top of the actual repair price will put the guy off. Thanks again.
  3. Sonos Play 1

    Bought this at the weekend with a free bridge to go in the kitchen. I have to say what a great piece of kit, set up was a breeze and it does exactly what it say on the tin. Pointed it in the direction of the shared music folder on my NAS drive and away you go. I guess it's quite expensive espically if you start expanding to other rooms, but I can't fault it so far.
  4. Help Me Choose

    Just read through the whole thread in my lunchbreak, the only thing I would add is that if you have small children and your carting pushchairs around and everthing else that goes with them, espically on holidays, you can never have a big enough boot.
  5. What Plasma Telly?

    Mu boss recently took delivery of a 65inch 4k Samsung. Was round his house last night playing poker, I have to say the picture looked fantastic. The sound was pretty good too, but he had just spent £6k on a new sound system at the same time.
  6. Rust on Mk5 Golf

    Just noticed a bit of rust around the tailgate handle (the VW badge) on my 2005 GTi, has anybody else had this, and second before I look it up, does anybody know the length of the rust warranty?
  7. New Forest

    Heading down on Monday with wife and two girls (5 & 2) for a few days, any suggestions for good things to do/go if the weathers not to clever? Thanks
  8. BT Infinity

    Just had a letter through from BT saying my exchange has been upgraded to this, so I can now order it. Going on their website it estimates I'll get 33mb download, can't remember upload. How accurate are these estimates, and what do people think of the whole BT Infinity service. Thanks
  9. BT Infinity

    Thanks for the reply guys, one more question. How to you find it? is it reliable? On some tech forums there's lot of people complaining that they get drop outs etc. I know people tend to only write on a forum if there's problem so just wondered how you guys were finding it. Thanks again
  10. Chester

    Cheers guys, thanks for all the information.
  11. Chester

    We're planning on taking our two girls up to Chester for a few nights over the October bank holiday. Use it as a base to go to the zoo etc. We're thinking of renting an apartment in Chester, so just a quick question, are there any areas where we don't want to stay in, if you get my meaning? Also any other suggestions about places to go whilst we're there would be helpful. Thanks
  12. Podcast download

    My trusty Nokia 5800 has finally given up the ghost, and I've got a iphone as a replacement. Most things seem fine, except that I could set my Nokia to download my podcasts at night when the new ones became available. As I don't want to sync to itunes, is there any other way of doing this on the iphone. Thanks
  13. Fitness thread - Q1/12

    I'm still progressing slowly for the Reading Half marathon on the 1st April. (1st ever long distance run) Got to half distance at end of September, then dropped off a bit during November and December, but back up to 9 Miles now. Due to family, only get to run twice a week at the moment, tend to do one shorter "faster" and one longer "race pace" run. I intend to increase to full race distance by end of Feb/early March and then drop of a little bit in the last couple of weeks before the race. If this is not a good idea or if anybody has any other tips or suggestions that would be great. Thanks
  14. Rust on Mk5 Golf

    jmarsden0, my claim has been thrown out by VW for the same reason, I too have been given the customer care number but haven't got round to calling it yet. Maybe if enough claims are being turned down for the same reason, could you say it was a design fault and VW should at lease put something towards the cost as a goodwill gesture? My Gti has done 63k, but I'd be interested to know, if you can get any extra information out of anybody who had this problem fixed under warrenty.
  15. The TSN Diet and Exercise Thread.

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, a friend also suggested skipping what do you think? I've booked my place on the half marathon yesterday, so I'm commited now!
  16. The TSN Diet and Exercise Thread.

    I'm 43 years old and have not done any serious exercise since I left school. I decided last year to do two things in the next two years I never done before (mid life crisis?), this year was horse riding having never sat on a horse, I'm now onto my fourth lesson and starting to get the hang of the rising trott. Next year I'm going to run the Reading half marathon, again having never done this sort of thing before. I started training in April this year the race is in March 2012. I don't have a huge amount of spare time but I'm now up to about 5miles per run (once or twice a week)and feel I'm slowly getting there. Has anybody got any suggestions for some quick in house exercises I could do to help if I cannot get out for a run?
  17. Apple addicts

    I've never been into Apple products up until our laptop broke at Christmas and we splashed out on an ipad, we had gone into the shop intending to buy a notebook, but just playing with one for a few minutes changed our minds. I've never been so impressed by a computer type product since my dad brough our first ZX Spectrum home (I was 14 at the time.) But I still have my main PC at home and use a Nokia 5800 phone. I'm the only one in an office of 9 that does not have an iphone (that in itself tell a story). Having used the ipad, I'm really tempted to change phones, but my Nokia does all I want so maybe I'll just wait, I hate changing things until they break. But, and this is the change for me from last year, when I look to get a new product, I'll check the Apple option.
  18. Rust on Mk5 Golf

    Hi ahankins VW just turned my rust claim down, the reason "the tailgate handle had initially caused the problem", and that was mechanical and hence not covered by the rust warranty. As far as I'm awear there is nothing wrong with the handle so if it has caused a problem that is just bad design. Don't suppose you've got any photo's or evidence I can use to show that they have fixed this same fault on another car under warranty. Thanks
  19. Conjunctivitis and kids at nursery

    We pay £55 per day all in, with two girls three days a week it's a lot out of net income even with the nursery vouchers. I deal with a lady he owns three nurseries that she started from scratch, each makes over £70k per year net profit. There is good money to be made in childcare.
  20. Olympics 2012 tickets- Opens 15th March 2011

    Now I really hacked off only 1 in 80 didn't get a ticket at all, what a great weekend lost in a play off final at Wembley as well. At least I'll have preference for a Greco Roman wrestling ticket in the second round! I'm on holiday in Devon next week, look out for freak weather coming my way...
  21. Olympics 2012 tickets- Opens 15th March 2011

    No money taken from our account, although I knew this would probably be the case, I'm still feeling pretty disappointed. Not sure If we'll try in the second round...
  22. Playoff V Cardiff

    Off to watch my team against Cardiff tonight. Don't know why I put myself through it, every time we've been in them before has ended in abject failure. But I suppose this could be our turn.... Nobody really enjoys these games do they?
  23. Maldives, Mauritius etc

    Dubai and Maldives, exactly what we did for our honeymoon a few years back fantastic time, water villa on small island (can't remember name), then large wave shaped hotel in Dubai next to the water park. Great fun..
  24. Making a will

    It's the both parents die at the same time situation that needs to be covered. Who's going to look after the kids? If the estate is going into trust for them until they are older (18/21) who is going to administer it? Best to seek a solicitors advice.
  25. New car purchase

    Cheers guys, as i suspected, lots of answers but good reasons for all and a few to avoid. My brother in law just traded up from a V70 to an XC90 (three year old twins and a 6 year old). He thinks the Volvos are great. Also fancied an Audi but maybe coming round to a Volvo. As we have the SLK i've had a few to many run ins with the Merc dealers to go down that route again (your spark plugs need changing,we can do it for £150!!). Look like a trawl around the dealers coming up. Silly questoin, but will the impending VAT rate increase increase the cost of 2nd hand cars?