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  1. Cosmetic enhancement...or?

    £1k for the painted lowers is way ott! I had my A4 Q Spt done for a quarter of that in Nottingham - absolutely fabulous job as well. Certainly made the car look better - a worthwhile investment but not at £1000.
  2. 2003 a4 v6 163 Chip

    This may be worth a look:- V6 TDI Chip
  3. Help

    Chaps - anyone with access to Glass's guide/expereince of used car values - please can you give me an indicative purchase price for following car 1999 V Audi 2.5 TDI Qu SE Spec Saloon Met Silver 93000 miles Good condition FASH Cambelt changed Your help is appreciated
  4. Been given a build week

    Been given build week 10 for my wifes A2. Is this just the week in the year. i.e 2nd week in march? Also, how long can i reasonably expect to take delivery of the car after the build week? Thanks
  5. I have BOSE and handsfree coming through the cars speakers. I contacted my dealer who put me in touch with the local car phone installer. He ordered a special lead from Soundlinx (sp?) i think and it worked fine (£80 for lead BTW!)
  6. Audi Life Shine

    It turns out that they are offering Supaguard protection for £295 with a 3 yr guarantee that the car wont need waxing, spills from cloth will mop up and not stain etc. They are not Autoglym products. Your views, as always, are welcome.
  7. Audi Life Shine

    Just in process of buying new A2 for the mrs. Been offered the autoglym life shine for about £250. Anyone had this done - is it worth it? What does it consist of and what benefits does it bestow over, say, giving the car a good polish and wax? Thanks
  8. Vibrations

    Just got mine sorted. It turned out to be a slight buckle in the two front wheels. This begs two q's:- 1. Why didnt they pick this up when they initially balanced the wheels 2. When did i do it as i am assuming to buckle two wheels i must have hit something pretty hard! Anyway - its two new wheels or have them repaired
  9. Vibrations

    Hashluck I wonder whether a 300 mile non-stop (3hr) relative high speed trip back from Cornwall could have caused this as i did actually notice this problem after that trip The tyres are AVON ZZ 3's ???
  10. Wheel PCD/ET

    Can anyone please help with the PCD and ET for A4 wheels (not S or RS models) Thanks
  11. I sold 4 last year when I upgraded the wheels. Mine had the Dunlop SP9090's on with only a few thousand miles left. The alloys were pristine though I got some interest through Ebay and managed to get £330 for the 4.
  12. See classifieds section for full spec/details
  13. Vibrations

    Had the wheels balanced this weekend and its no better I thought maybe it could be warped discs but i dont get no brake shudder when i depress the pedal. Anyone got any thoughts? Could it be alignment/tracking which i havent had done since they were rotated?
  14. Non warrantable parts!

    At a recent service i noticed on my rear passenger side window - there is a black triangular trim piece that had started to show signs of rusting in numerous places. The dealer suggested it was likley caused by stone chips (which i disagreed with) and therefore wouldnt replace it as a warranty item. Not happy, I wrote to Audi Customer Services who have stated that the part is non- warrantable?? Irrespective of whether it is caused by stone chips or some underlying paint defect - it is not covered by the standard warranty??? What does this mean? - why should i have to pay for a part that is plainly faulty. The car was 18 months old when i first pointed the item out to them. I waited until it was due for a service until i requested them to replace it - the car is now 27 months Has anyone else come across non-warrantable parts? Surely a warranty should cover all things on the car except for fair wear and tear items?