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  1. Exhaust Pipe

    Does anyone have the same troubles as me in that the exhaust pipe is impossible to clean and looks black and stained? Have owned BMW's in the past and their pipes were so easy to clean. Is this the case with all Mk 5 GTI's or just mine?
  2. tyre pressures

    Picked mine up 10 days ago and noticed some dodgy feedback on driving at high speeds. Checked them the following day and they ranged from 29-31!!! Only 4-6 psi out!
  3. Already got it :-) Got a demo car from the local stealer. May 05 with 3,000 on the clock. I've always been one for "investing" my money in cars. Decided to cash in and get some equity out, but still wanted a decent motor - GTI fitted the bill. It's not an Alpina and never will be, but for the money its one hell of a car. Love it to bits!
  4. BMW Alpina B3s Cabrio and fully loaded: http://www.thealpinaregister.com/photos.php?alpinaid=111&carid=329&type=9