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  1. I'm confused

    Buy one with the competition Pack and wire open the exhaust Valves, it sounds great. I have done this on my M6 GC CP.
  2. New M6 GC CP

    £110K + on the road
  3. New M6 GC CP

    Finally got the M6 GC Comp Pack, took for ever but worth the wait IMO.
  4. New M6 GC CP

    Yes I got a great deal and saved £37K on my order, got a good forward valuation on the LCI M5 too. These deals are no longer available now.
  5. New M6 GC CP

    She needs more sunny holidays then.
  6. New M6 GC CP

    This is more like what it looks like, slightly quieter.
  7. New M6 GC CP

    Yep you are right it's Sakhir Orange it's paler than the pictures.
  8. New M6 GC CP

    That is correct , belts incorporated into the seats which I like, and when they are put on they retention themselves.
  9. New M6 GC CP

    Yea it's an over winter mat to save the mats.
  10. MY M3 Test Drive review

    Hi All, drove the new M3 today, bright sunny conditions. Car came in Black metallic with Red Leather. Not my cup of tea, but the M4 in the showroom was just great in it’s colour. Which was Silverstone Grey Metallic. First impressions : It feels more like a “Boy racer” come “Go Cart” to me. Most suited to tight “B” road blasting, it handled the corners on “A/B” roads very well. I went hard at it, but the car is forgiving and largely kept it’s line through the corners with little over/under steer. Interior very 3 series and nothing special at all, this lets the whole car down IMO, just too cheap looking. Seats: Sports Seats look great, but were not very comfortable for me, especially over a long distance they would give me a neck ache. Upgraded “M multi-function seats” (if available) would be my choice. Rear seats had good knee room, but again a bit upright for us on a longish journey could prove a problem for some. Boot looked small. Rear seats folded. The car is and felt very light and at a steady 80 MPH shows 2200 RPM in7th. Exhaust sound was ok over 5K RPM but droned a bit at lower RPM and whilst cruising, this again may upset some so a long test drive is what I would recommend to all. Was It as quick as my LCI........................NO sorry it was not. The M5 is just bonkers fast in comparison in our opinion. I us my wife as a gauge for tyre mashing , and she agreed the M5 is KING. Straight line speed the M3 was out gunned, but give it a twisty road and it would win. Do I want one?. NO my M6 GC CP will be more to my liking, with a classy interior to match. Just my view guys, go test and report yourselves.
  11. Hi All, as above coming September 1st, many extras including CP. M5 LCI is good but M6 GC better IMO. Got another great deal so here we go. Alpine White with Sakhir Leather. Steering wheel heating 20" M Double-spoke style 343M alloy wheels Comfort Access Reversing Assist camera Seat heating, rear M Multi-function seats, front Surround-view BMW Online Services Real Time Traffic Information Information Plus Remote Services Sun protection glass Competition package Speed limit display Service Pack
  12. New M6 Grand Coupe Comp Pack

    Pictures to follow , no problem.
  13. New M6 Grand Coupe Comp Pack

    LCI , means the Life change model with the updated stuff on it like the "Touch Pad".
  14. New M6 Grand Coupe Comp Pack

    The M6 GC CP came too £109300:00 + the on the road charges , road Tax ect. The final deal (after mailing most dealerships and few visits) My LCI M5 +£12500:00. Now cut it any which way and I go £34K+ off the M6 GC CP. I consider it a great deal.
  15. New M5

    Yea not many will recognise them as Winters, they are very original , the only set of wheels around in that design, I tried to find some for others and they can't be found. DARE RF 20".
  16. New M5

    Hi All just been offered the new M5 list with the extras I wanted £78775.00 for £69017.00 includes service pack, what do you think?. Yes or NO.
  17. New M5

    Not to everyones taste but the only set of these wheels for some reason. Tyres Michelin Alpin PA4 Fronts 255/35/20 Rears 275/35/20 Hope you like.
  18. New M5

    Covered the 1200 miles all ready, car goes in Monday for Service, NO Oil used to date so the hardish brake-in worked.
  19. New M5

    Unfortunately my private plate is 62 JON so lumbered, but when the new owner gets it they will have a 63 plate, but thats a long way down the road I hope.
  20. New M5

    Yep, They do.:D
  21. New M5

    Thanks Mate, away for the rest of the week putting some miles on it.
  22. New M5

    Thanks it is.
  23. New M5

    Thanks guys I thought you would like it.