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  1. What car next?

    Colour combo like that and I'd seriously consider a Cayman! Luverly Many of the cheaper cars seem to be a bit poverty specced. Is this a case that loaded means a much better resale price ? In that case it's most unlike most Audis ! What are the Porsche Centres staff like generally? I nearly bought one from Reading 12 years ago, ( but bought S3 instead). They were helpful and non pushy, as they were last Saturday or are they just a different league to Audi ( where, in all honesty, I've always been well treated - but I did spend £ 1/4 mil in about 13 years ! )
  2. What car next?

    Thinking about Boxster S, probably up to a year or so old or new S3 ( Sportback or Sedan - pros and cons for each) Currently still have B5 QTS, ( now 16 years old ! , 93k ) wife's and still have my B6 QTS ( only 11 years old and 63k). I no longer buy loads of new cars as income is more restricted than it used to be ( ok ok we are both OAPs now but not in the mind !!) Each car only does up to 4k a year, no commuting, driving on snow/salted roads etc. So one or both are likely to go, I may even get rid of my one owner from new 80 Sport, however the Boxster is a bit of a bucket list job ( can't justify/want/possibly afford 911 but Boxster would be a positive choice) Question? How important are colours for the Porsche ?? - I like the white and there are several available with good specs. The sapphire blue is superb - but may be a new model year colour, Agate grey is OK, GT silver I love. My thinking is Boxster for a couple of years, get it out of my system, not loose too much money, and then into something 'more sensible' i.e. S3 not a Micra or Jazz !!
  3. Riz in print

    Read the mag and guessed it was Riz from here in the 'olden' days. Glad you OK Riz and apparently well settled! You weren't always a Golf man, I remember when you came to Windsor meet in that dark green Mini .....
  4. Police Vehicle Becomes Self-Aware

    This looks like an S3 Sportback - so which Police force is using them?.
  5. All mint condition. Will split into years. May be able to deliver to Castle Coombe 12 Oct (ADI) or you pay carriage - but they are heavy, approx. £7 for a years issues. A shame to put them in my recycling bin!!
  6. A name the old timers might remember

    I think there's one of these in an unadopted road ( backing onto the dunes by the sea) in Hemsby ( Norfolk)... generally populated by 'old' folk... with old cars! I'll be near there again inn a couple of weeks and i'll take a walk and see if it's still there.
  7. B-reg Audi 80 CC

    Thanks Ian -- but I wouldn't call it concours by a long shot - very tidy though. Like all these things I ended up spending more money than I should - but you get so far into it and then it seems daft not to do this and this and that....... I still really enjoy driving it, and you have to think about braking points ( and it's got better front brakes on ) and it can be a bit raucous but it's fairly quiet on the motorway. jimdiesel's correct. No B2 80 Sport ever had 5 cylinders, CD yes, with power steering and luxury interior, quattro yes,( there was a 90CD in the road behind me that used to burble by very regularly, luverly sound! quote "Theres one in pale gold near me, guy uses it as a daily driver. Just the same as the one in the picture. " not a B2 Sport - as gold was never available - at least in the UK it wasn't - and from the factory. I have seen pictures of a gold 90 quattro in the gold ( Almond?? ) that was a Coupe colour. It was repainted from black, oh and was in Germany , but looked terrific. The white one in the picture looks like Malcolm Gulliver's car ( Club Audi secretary). A picture of it even appeared in a US Forum a few years ago. He still has it.
  8. Thanks guys! Hers is a 2.0TDi I've still not got a drive in it ! It was here at the weekend - I needed to change it's wheels over to her winter versions- so it's lost those snazzy 18" versions for 17" with Conti wintercontact TS630 ( iirc) May go for a S3 Sportback in a year or so - the A4 ( B6 1.8Tquattro S Line) is still great but the latest versions are just so much bigger now and we do not need such a large car. We nearly went for a A7Sportback when they came out but when we actually saw one -- it was huge-- ( and I'd have to have changed the garage door to get in in ..... silly
  9. Daughter has just bought a Sportback Black Edition, 2k miles, TDi, S Tronic registered in April 2012, Meteor metallic ( actually rather nice but I've not been allowed a drive yet !! ). It has come via an Audi dealer but she says it has only 2 sets of the 'fat' keys. My last Audi came with 2 'fat' keys, together with a much thinner metal key (with black plastic end), and a similar size all black plastic key. Do they only come with 2 keys now or are there some missing ( a floor mat is missing as well......) ? Thanks
  10. Please help ! I've been talking to a friend who is here in the UK for a month or two. He has a 2000 model A4 1.9TDI Avant several things wrong with engine - car will not run properly and is not driveable-- meaning his wife is stuck in the village without transport and she' not best pleased! He's trying to get some parts in UK etc for the engine but he needs to know the engine number - car in France and wife cannot find the number !! They must have engine numbers on reg docs in France ?? What style would a 1.9TDi 130bhp be ( e.g.our 1.8T 180bhp is AJL007370) Thanks -
  11. new M1 seen ??

    It did look very striking !
  12. new M1 seen ??

    Yesterday, NO WAY was it a tarted up One series, wider rear arches ( and fronts but the rears were very noticable) I'm fairly sure it was registered, a ,very nice, burnt copper colour --- oh and it was within half a mile of the UK Headquatrers on the south side of Bracknell.
  13. [quote The car has Xenon lights - A lot of people seem to think the B5 was not available with Xenons but i promise you it has them. I'm guessing it's becuase it was a high spec car and one of the later B5's before the B6 was released. Was a £900 factory extra.... I didn't know how good they are so didn't tick the box ! As a warning -- I did read a couple of years ago how somebody died changing their Xenon bulb......
  14. Yes I could get bulky items in my A3 and S3, it's not that the A4 has a small boot it's just the letterbox opening ! If it doesn't go through the boot opening I've found that, on several occasions, I can still get the item in the car by using a rear door and loading into the boot via the interior ..... but I still like the look of this A3 saloon !
  15. ThisA3 saloon looks rather nice. Umm potential here and if I can't live with the grille I'll have to go for a Jetta !! Got to agree about the sizes.... A4s now are huge, compared to our B5 &B6; and a new model slightly bigger A3 Sportback would tick many boxes for us BUT this saloon looks really great EXCEPT for the hideous grille Audi now fit..... the GolfVI/Passat/Jetta fronts are sooo much nicer imo. About a year ago we looked at the first pictures of the A5Sportback, as a possible replacement for the B6 A4. Forget the fact that I'd probably need a new garage door to get the thing in, the size in the showroom was just toooo big, lovely car, love the I have thought about a Golf VI GTi as I wouldn't put my own money of an seven + year old design A3, nice though the Sportbacks are, I mean even the local dealer described A3 range as 'long in the tooth '.