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  1. Refurb Monza II

    Per wheel yes, but they did come out like new and you'd pay that for a scuffed one on Ebay I think. You also have to factor in the cost of getting there etc though. Plus they need them for a few days, it's not a while you wait thing like a standard alloy. I had two done (both front wheels) but got them to put them on the same side of the car afterwards so if there was any difference with the non-refurbed ones, it would be hard to tell. But like I said they came out perfect. There is another faitly well known company that do the Monza's (their name escapes me) but after investigation I found out they send them to Lepsons!
  2. Refurb Monza II

    Had mine done at Lepsons (can't remember the cost though sorry! Around £90 maybe..). Can confirm they do a great job though. You'd never know they were refurbed. Got the fancy diamond cut finish spot on and everything.
  3. I had exactly the same colour as this one. Oak Green was a classic on the MK2 as well, which is what yours looks like Mook?
  4. The MKII big bumper model still looks soooo good, even today.
  5. Gearbox / Clutch problem

  6. Gearbox / Clutch problem

    I got caught in the crazy rain yesterday and had to go through some big puddles.. Got home fine but this morning the car won't shift into gear.. No grunching sound or anything, just flat out refused to shift into any gear whatsoever.. If I turn the car off you can go through the gearbox no problem - so I guess this means it's the clutch? Any ideas? Could it be something hydrolic maybe? Like the fluid got a bit over diluted or something from all the big puddles?! It's going to need attention obviously but wouldn't mind being armed with a bit of knowlege so I don't get ripped off..
  7. Hi, I have for sale (on Ebay) an Alpine imprint tuning kit for the Alpine CDA-9887R Head-unit. It plugs into the socket in the front of the headunit, and using a microphone measures the car interior. The settings are then stored in the headunit and the sound is shaped to compensate for the cars interior (speaker placement, interior shape, surface imperfections 6etc). The kit retails at around £150 upwards so this is a bargain at the starting price. You could even sell it on when you're finshed with it as the settings are stored in the Headunit. The kit is boxed and fully complete with Mic, all leads, instructions and software CD. Any questions please ask. Alpine KTX-100 EQ Imprint kit for CDA-9887R Headunit on eBay, also Alpine, CD Headunits MP3 Players, In-Car Entertainment GPS, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 24-May-09 20:30:00 BST)
  8. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Someone on here had/has a MK5 GTI in Deep Blue Pearl. Got it through select Automtive (import) IIRC.
  9. GTI Ads

    VW have made some great ads - Some of them are together here. Volkswagen's Greatest TV Adverts | VW commercial | Volkswagen Scirocco My personal fav is the Evolution of the Volkswagen Golf GTI, where it goes through the 70's, 80's etc and the car changes with it. The Scirocco one is pretty cool too
  10. GTI Tail Happy??

    Did you back off the throttle and then the back stepped out? If so that's normal (lift-off oversteer), but I've never come close to the back stepping out otherwise.. Maybe it was just a greasy bit of road?
  11. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Lots of interesting 'official' reading in the below link. Interestingly the engine appears to be a version of the ED30 / S3 engine and not the current MKV200ps one. I wonder if this means it will remap easily up to the 300ps mark (as apposed to the 240ps region of the standard MKV engine). Must say I'm dissapointed in the price - starting to look pretty expensive.. MKVI "officially" official pics - VW GTI MKVI Forum / VW Golf MKVI Forum / VW Rabbit MKVI Forum / VW R32 Forum / VW Golf Forum -
  12. Hottest Golf!

    Not for extended periods no - I wanted to replace my GTI with an S3 but everytime I test drove one it put me off. That says a lot as far as I'm concerned as I *really* wanted an S3. It just didn't feel as nice to drive as the Golf so not worth the 10k plus it was going to cost to swap IMO. I'm not questioning the S3's abilities, just that the Golf has nicer steering and feel.
  13. Hottest Golf!

    Same chassis yes however the S3 steering is very over assisted and lacking in feel compared to the GTIs - this is common knowledge now as far as I'm concerned, certainly to anyone that's driven both. No-one would choose an S3 over a MKV GTI for driving pleasure reasons IMO. More because of the nicer interior / build quality and better toys etc. I'm really excited about this R20 and hope they bring it out sooner rather than latter, IE not try and milk the upcoming new GTI for ages first!
  14. ReMapped Standard Golf Gti vs s3

    I lusted after an S3 for a ages, and then I drove one. The two things that really struck me were the disconnected steering and the Turbo Lag. I found myself flooring it a couple of times in 2nd and literally nothing happening for what felt like ages. The standard GTI with with it's smaller turbo picks up much quicker I reckon and perhaps in daily driving makes a bit more sense. It's probably something you would get used to with the S3 to be fair, and is also a something that I assume affects the ED30..
  15. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Auto dimming mirrors were luxury pack 2..