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  1. Banging in the bilges

    I had the same problem last year, went on holiday to the lakes, every time I went through a big puddle of water the noises came back, sounded like the exhaust pipe was hanging loose, found out that the pressure of the water had distorted the drain plug and ripped the plastic near side inner arch out of it's fixing hole and was catching on the tyre, it was the fixing nearest to the side skirt, check it out .........might be the same problem.
  2. stares and looks

    I've had it 16 months now and I still get snapped by people with mobile phone cameras, or at least I think it's the car the're taking pix of.
  3. How often do you use your car?

    Picked up september 2003, now done 23k, used daily except when recently at the stealers with poorly coil packs...had to use the wifes car, somehow the wifes fiesta 1.2 doesn't quite give me the same sense of well being.
  4. Hesitation / 7000 update

    No no no no, it all depends on the build date of your ECU, in automotive engineering each component, unit, sensor.....components within units that communicate with sensors are constantly being developed and frequently changing issue/mod levels, the way I understand it is 7000 software is the update for the latest ECU mod level, as for elasticity...... well thats the invisible force that keeps the wifes knickers on.
  5. yerk - coolant loss!

    Yep me too, losing coolant very slowly, reported it to VW when they did the service they topped it up and said bring it back in a couple of weeks, did not go down so didn't bother....... obviously the work of the coolant fairies who are now on the hard stuff as my PAS fluid has also managed on one occasion to disappear.....the 's.
  6. Hesitation / 7000 update

    To clear up a point raised in the 6463 post I have now got the info on 7000 which is basically the same as 6463 "CD software adjustment for control units" (knock sensor control too sensitive) but..........and this is copied directly from the sheet that comes with the cd (they wouldn't let me have a copy but said if they were to leave it on the desk and I copied it onto a piece of paper it would be OK) 7000= control unit 022 906 032 DS becomes 022997032A from version 010-2004 6463 or higher= control unit 022 906 032 CP from version 009-2004 6338 or higher control unit= 022 906 032 CN from version 008 2004 basically it all depends on the build date of the ECU as to what version they down load to the ECU. Anyway, they have now replaced my two exploding coil packs and down loaded 6463 and now I am one happy bunny again,
  7. My R32 was stolen thismorning

    Gutted for you m8, can't begin to imagine how pissed off you must be, but as previous posts, family and you are ok.

    Had no faults at all.............well that is until Thursday night, it started mis-firing about 50 yards from my local pub, pulled into the pub car park, switched off and popped into the local for a quick jar with my mate, one of the locals came in a couple of minutes later and said my car was overheating, he said he could see steam coming from the engine , so I went out to check it out, walked past the front of the car and the smell said it all, popped the bonnet to find that no.6 injector had exploded! , tried to start it but nothing but fairy lights on the dash, not a happy bunny so I got the car towed home then spent the rest of the day in the pub and got pissed........every cloud has a silver lining.
  9. [/ QUOTE ] Maybe more new versions.... will they be uploading the 7000 version? Anybody know any VW master tekies who can give us more information? Riz [/ QUOTE ] Not sure, I will ask the tekie what was uploaded and what 7000 is all about.
  10. Just booked in to have it done, another dealer unaware of 6463, apparently he rang up VW technical and he confirmed the upgrade, the vw techie also asked him "how did he find out about it, has he been trounced by a mini?" when the service manager told me I told him " was a renault clio sport , i'm not kidding it stayed in front of me to 120 until I out-braked it at an island , quick little car & a little cheaper I suspect , also the service bod showed me the update list, there were three updates on the sheet, 6463, 7000 and another that I can't remember, anyone know what 7000 is?
  11. blown fuses

    Had a golf V5 that kept blowing fuse when air con switched on, I found out it was the water circulation pump (it keeps the water circulating when hot engine is switched off to prevent it boiling up), easy way to check pump is to run engine to operating temperature, switch engine off, lightly hold oil dip stick, you should feel slight vibration from circulation pump, if you don't feel anything the pump may have seized or blown, might not be this but worth checking out anyway.
  12. 1st Service

    My service indicator came on at just above 17k, since I had it (new) I have just kept the oil level topped up probably using a litre or two at the most, what annoys me about services is that they do not check and top up fluid levels which you would expect a basic service to cover, a couple of weeks after having the service I had to take it back to the dealer to have the power steering fluid topped up and the system checked for leaks (none), christ knows where the fluid went as the book says it is not due to be checked until @50k. Just to advise what happens when your power steering fluid gets low. Cornering causes the fluid to move to one side of the reservoir, this allows air into the system and the PAS pump cavitates, the result of this is a whiring noise and vibrations through the steering wheel. The remedy to this is to leave the engine switched of for 5-10 minutes to allow the air to disipate, then tootle off to the dealer to get a top up. (Fluid only available from main dealer) The only info in the manual seems to be some sort of disclaimer about how you can knacker the PAS pump up by holding the steering at full lock for more that 15 seconds.
  13. more info on exhaust valve mod for the 3.2

    The valve is definately open when engine is not running, after starting 2-3 seconds later when the vacuum has built up you should hear the valve close. If you don,t hear any change in exhaust note then the valve may be seized in the closed position (unlikely but possible), you could of course get your wife/girlfreind to get down under the rear of the car and check to see if the valve operates (obviously ensuring first that her insurance policy is upto date and that you don't have it in reverse)
  14. Puddles

    Took it down to the lakes last week, the borrowdale road is a great road for a bit of fun driving although the hikers get in the way a bit, thought I did some serious damage though when I came to pull into a driveway on full left lock I could hear a loud grating noise, checked it out and found that the plastic inner arch retainer had been ripped out by the puddles I had gone through still attached to the screw and was rubbing against the tyre, anyone else had similar probs.
  15. First Car Crash - R32 badly dented

    Bad luck m8, remember my first, australian bod doing a right from the left hand lane of 3 lane island, I was in middle lane going straight on, he buggered off back to australia so it went to arbitration, but I won claim nearly 12 months later