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  1. What is this?? pleaaase!

    protection against air heads in supermarket parking lots!!!!
  2. Ran out of juice today..

    V6 many head gaskets did you eat?
  3. Diesel help please

    yes that's the point I was refering to.
  4. Turbo failed?? Weird problem!

    "run away engine" How do you shut it down if this occurs?
  5. Diesel help please

    Thanks for the info guys. I would like the extra HP provided by the turbo but I'm nor seeing TDIs showing up until about 2001. I'm a little aprehensive about the turbo after reading here about turbo failures taking out the entire engine. Is this common?
  6. Diesel help please

    I'm new here, glad I found you folks. Now for the questions to the experts. I have an 02 Gulf but I am looking to buy a Polo diesel 4 door classic for my wife. I've never owned a diesel car and know little about them. I will be looking in the 98 to 2000 range. Can someone clue me in as to engine sizes, HP rating and things to be aware of? Are the turbos problematic or do they run fairly trouble free? I'm in Buenos Aires so the cars here tend to see some really hard city driving and not so much freeway action. Any advice is helpful. Thank you.
  7. diesel help, info please

    never found, thanks
  8. diesel help, info please

    OK great, but when I go to the main index I don't see a diesel section. when I follow your link I end up in the diesel section. Somehow I'm missing a que?
  9. diesel help, info please

    I am a newbie to this board so I'll ask the experts. I have a Golf but I am interested in purchasing a Polo 4 door or a Gol for the wife. Somewhere in the 98 to 2000 year range. Preferably diesel. I have never owned a diesel so I don't know very much about the HP ratings or the reliability, only that people here tell me that these cars have a good record. Any advise on what to look for is very welcome...and anything to avoid or watch for is also welcome. Keep in mind that I'm in Buenos Aires and the cars we get are generally Euro spec. Many thanks, glad I found this place!