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  1. There was a thread before with them on. His last post says he has some left. Mind you.. it was a fair while back. But the pics of the wheels on the prototype Audi Nuvolari could help you figure out what the wheels would look like on your car.
  2. Hey Neil, your car looked REALLY good on the weekend, I read this post back when you first posted but never realised it was you. In terms of wheels, have you contemplated the nuvolari (sp?) ones? all silver though, no two tones. Im not sure they will fit, but i think if they do they should look nice. Also i had the RS4 replicas (18" i think), on my golf, and ride was a bit hard, so maybe something worth contemplating? But doesn't the A8 have air suspension? maybe that will solve the problem.
  3. LCD TV again...1080p v 720p.

    I have the 32" 4 series, and was thinking the same thing. The 4 series is 720p, 1080i. So my interpretation is, as long as you put 1080 in. You get 1080 out. Only difference is, if you put in a SD source, it will only upscale upto 720 not upto 1080 like the 5 series set. Correct me if im wrong? So if your only high def source is the Sky HD, and ur happy with the set you have at the moment. The 4 series would be a good bet?
  4. Virgin Media 50Mbps for £35pm*

    Anyone seen the metro today? Pic of Rachel Stevens who was the promo girl for the Virgin Media Broadband Launch. Best thing about the 50mb speed methinks. Rachel on Strictly votes decision |
  5. Whats the best TV to buy with £450/500?

    Tipex - Since John Browett took over, he has been quite strict in terms of discount. In fact the whole company is in the process of a huge make over internally and somewhat externally. From what i heard he is bringing a lot of what he did in Tescos over to DSG. To get a discount, on occasions there are options for the sales assistant/cashier to discount the product, or offer deals with other products for lower prices. eg, xbox360 wireless adaptor £59.99, or adaptor and game(cant remember which one) for £69.99. Taking out the WhateverHappens and then cancelling within 14 days is another route. However DSG got wise to it and now the discount applied in store is monitored from the top-especially on "deal of the week" products.. Most stores are only allowed a total of 1% discount per month. Certain stores are allowed a bit more with agreement from the Regional Manager. Overall this means that discounts with the extended gaurantees are now less likely than before. However, some of the "old guard" sales folk will still be open to it. Getting a discount on finance is also unlikely (in the store i work in anyway). As the focus in terms of margin is more on extras such as cables, memory cards and software you may have more flexibility with that. I honestly believe that price-matching is the best way to get the lowest price because even the staff prefer to use that method instead of their discount most times. Although, if your total bill is over £1k then there is more chance to get a bit (upto 10%) knocked off. So, i guess after this long post, the best tip i can offer is try and postpone buying one item at a time. Do it all in one bulk buy and your chances are better. For example, one customer this weekend, brought a 52inch 7series samsung. (£2200 approx) Blu Ray Home Theatre Kit (£1000 approx). Stand (£200 from top of my head) and Gaurantee on both tv and HTK and several HDMI leads. Total Price paid: Just over £2500. ( majority was due to a system offer, so discount does not show on store statistics, and in part due to store managers discretion for further discount on the package price.) And one final point, without sounding like a brain washed idiot, in some cases their extended gaurantees are worth considering. On cameras or ipods under £130 etc, it is an Instant Replacement. Which means, bring it into store they have a quick look, then exchange on the spot. So you leave with a brand new one. From November 11th this also covers accidental Damage. Obviously.. doing it on a kettle is quite unnecessary. unless your desperate for tea? Erm, and the one on larger items, etc can be paid in 10 installments (without interest)and you could maybe bargain to get the 1st or maybe even the second installment thrown in. (And then you could cancel it if you wish within 14 days of taking it out, to apply the discount to your main products.) Hope That helped.
  6. Whats the best TV to buy with £450/500?

    I just checked the Currys Price. it is £1125. Off the top of my head, i think the store price is £1099 or £1049 which is only a small saving. The only way you could get that price lower, is to match it against a retail competitor within 10 miles. I also just referred to your first post. And it is possible to get 12 months BNPL which requires a minimum 10% deposit, and £25 admin free at the end.
  7. Whats the best TV to buy with £450/500?

    lol. i was actually going to recommend you pop down to the store i work in as it is generally slightly cheaper than other currys stores due to competition near by. (this isn't supposed to be an advertisement) But, noticed you were in bradford so kept schtum lol.
  8. Whats the best TV to buy with £450/500?

    Ah its cool, as far as i know, the 160gb is exclusive to Currys (in terms of actual stores) however i do think amazon are doing it too. (i work for currys, hence i know a "teeny bit" about the consoles and tvs - prepares to get flamed)
  9. Whats the best TV to buy with £450/500?

    Also forgot to mention. If your looking for a PS3, Currys, doing a 160GB with 7 games for about £340. Quite a bargain. However, 4 games need to be downloaded.
  10. Whats the best TV to buy with £450/500?

    Hey, reading your last post, im unsure as to whether you have commited to buying the samsung or still researching. Anyway, the samsung tv's are quite good. Probably the best in terms of value for money and picture quality. The speakers are not the best. The LG would be better as the speakers are in the bezel panels. However, if you don't mind paying a bit extra. Getting one of the panasonic freesat sets would allow you to get a few HD channels for free. But if you do stick with the 6 series samsung. It is a great choice. 100hz and 1080p. Can't ask for more and is ideal with your ps3.
  11. mk4 window problem

    Hi there, erm, if the cables are still fine, it might actually be the motor where the cables come from. Ideally they should be quite tight. Getting the cable and motor for you to replace will cost about £30ish from VW, but you can get the whole system for bout £85 which is easier to fit. Both lifters should always be level iirc
  12. 15" Ford focus Alloys

    *bump* Now reduced to £150. May fit other 4 stud fords. Thats £37.50 per wheel and tyre
  13. For sale, i have a set of 4 3x2-spoke 15" Alloy wheels. They were originally off a 2003 Ford focus Ebony Edition, which is a special edition. Included are the tyres which still have some tread on them. They are 195 x 60 x 15 Also included in the sale are the centre caps of the wheels. They would make the perfect upgrade or replacement. They are four stud alloys and may fit other makes or models. But i can only be certain they would fit Ford focus models. The wheels have some kerbing as they are used wheels. They are not bent, warped or anything major. I have included pictures to show how they would look on the car. And ones to show individual damage to the wheels. so click the link to see ALL 11 pictures. Looking for approx £200, but open to offers ALSO ON PISTONHEADS AND GUMTREE
  14. Photoshop Request Please

    hey thanks!! looks really good. Not sure whether il go for those, or the ST170 wheels, it is a rare look. any opinions or suggestions?
  15. Photoshop Request Please

    Hi folks, looking to put new wheels on my car, i realise its not a VDub, but i realise tyresmoke BLATANTLY has the best photoshoppers So wondered, if anyone could photoshop the fiesta ST wheels onto my focus? It is either these wheels, or the ST170 ones, but they are WAY too hard to get hold of Thanks in advance