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  1. 2 Baby Rollers

    No pics as was driving but saw two of the new small Rollers on the M1 just south of Luton @ morning rush hour on Wed, presumably doing some form of late shake down test. Was I impressed & would I buy - No and No. It just didn't look right (or have enough presence for the £150k? pricetag) - too much body, too little glasshouse and the ride height looked wrong. It looked like a Phantom that had been in the tumble dryer but not in a good way. If I wanted a Roller I'd be looking at a used Phantom but otherwise it'd be a big German and a toy.
  2. Nissan GTR

    They are pretty sizeable, aren't they. I must admit, it made me think a little - dunno whether to be impressed by the engineering prowess to make a veritable Hippo go that quickly, or be dismayed that they couldn't be rs'd to put the effort into making it light and fast (with all the advantages that brings).
  3. Cayman S or Focus RS

    Or blend into the background grey+++ Of the actual Focus RS colours, just avoid green seems to be the choice. However, I wouldn't go for the RS over the Cayman at all. If I really was going for a Focus, I'd get a year old ST, invest in Mountune and some Eibachs from the friendly Ford dealer at the same time and get 90% or more of the experience for 10k less and spend the rest on a weekend toy. If I was going for one car, it'd be Cayman - Boxster - Z4M Coupe or 911 (in ascending order). Some might not put the BM there but it has a certain something IMHO an is pretty rare.
  4. New Astra - more info

    Nobody will ever listen. Had a couple of very sturdy Vauxhalls as well, plus a current Ford that has been far more solid than most would have you believe but the badge and the perception of 10+ years ago will always win out:rolleyes:. As for that Astra, looks nice but a touch bland. However, they need to get better with the engines and parts of the interior. The ones I used to have as hire cars had manky seats and the most awful petrol engines - sounded worse than a lot of diesels (which given Vxs used to have really nice engines was a bit of a let down).
  5. Wayne Rooney's Merc up for grabs

    Apparently the auction price of the Merc was £125k a month ago, plus whatever premiums get added. What did they originally cost?
  6. Another corking ebay find!

    Some truly terrific lines in that ad: "More speakers than I can count" Why, do you get brain knack after 4? Mind you, seeing the thing, is that a shock that your brain cells are lonely & unloved? "This car has never been to a show or magazine featured, so you can do this yourself and no one will ever know it wasn’t you that put it together." So why is it being advertised as a show car if it's never seen the inside of one? So now that it's on ebay, this gaffe and possibly others, how would you get away with passing it off as own work? "The car could do with the smallest amount of finishing touches to make perfect. Something you could easily do in an afternoon" Yep, you should be able to find a local scrapper within an afternoon & you might just score enough for a good night out. "I am happy to trade up or down." That's a one way trip I'm afraid my man. "Invoice from Mynheer £13815.66" Corfu for Christmas! It really must take a special set of skills to compose an invoice like that without tears of laughter caressing one's cheeks. You simply can't beat a Barry+++
  7. Euro offerings for the US market

    Ah the Sterling! A wonderfully British attempt to show Toyota, Nissan & Honda exactly how they should launch a new premium brand.
  8. Speed Camera Vans on Motorway bridges

    Might even be a bit more than that, depending on which force it was. As already suggested, it could easily have been ANPR as well. I was in this position a few weeks ago but nothing came of it, even though I was reasonably convinced otherwise. I can only guess it was ANPR or the threshold was fairly high that day (which would have been surprising given where it was). I guess it's just a case of slightly squeaky bum time & get on with things - can't do anything to change it now.
  9. Euro offerings for the US market

    Not content with doing it once, they're at it again (or someone doesn't have enough cash for this week's coffee & biccies). I suppose they had to do something to make up for what are probably 'interesting' sales figures for the base motor:rolleyes:
  10. New Insignia VXR, it looks rather good

    I bet it could easily lunch an engine as well, unless it's serviced every other week or never sees light of day. At nigh on 200bhp/litre it simply has to be pushing the limits on the life and useability front.
  11. Windows Update flags

    Presumably you've fiddled with the auto update settings in control panel? Never had this (without requesting it) in XP or Vista.
  12. China GP Banter

    Possibly very costly as well? If my fish brain isn't too addled, IIRC at one time if a team scored at least one point they got their air fares/transportation costs (not inc driving the trucks around Europe) paid for the season. I guess that adds up to a pretty penny these days. Apart from that, it's still a bugger as I'd rather see a bunch of enthusiasts achieving something than yet another corporate procession.
  13. Focus RS - Quality Review

    I suspect that not many here are dithering over an RS purchase and I know I shouldn't, but just in case, here's a review that will really help make your mind up: YouTube - Ford Focus RS Just why did they bother?
  14. Standard Air Filter

    I would imagine your best bet is to get over to the CTR owners forum and see if anyone wants to do the reverse+++
  15. Candidate for most beautiful car...?

    A bit too close to this? However, having said that, it is probably the nicest & coolest car you can buy at the moment, although personally I'd have an XKR with an aftermarket facelift & a few other tweaks. Interesting that some don't like Astons compared to the Maser as the fundamentals (and possibly more) are very similar, almost like comparing Anonimo to Panerai. If someone told me that Henrik Fisker had penned both I wouldn't be at all surprised, even though that's presumably not the case. As for most beautiful car - no way Jose. Too much glasshouse & possibly too much length and girth and so doesn't even compare to other Italian efforts, let alone anyone else's. Nice as it is, I can think of quite a few better looking cars.