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  1. TVR Tuscan

    Stick it on Pistonheads.com it may take a little while to shift but there is no better place to advertise a used TVR
  2. TVR specialist inspectors

    Try Rob Ingleby at http://www.findasportscar.co.uk/ He is very well reputed and respected in TVR circles Cheers XFS
  3. Considering TVR purchase

    IIRC The engine related problem was due to the wrong spec steel being used in the cam shafts. Most cars have had this issue resolved, but it will be worth asking the seller. With regards the the FTVRSH... if the car has been serviced by a recognised specialist then that is as good if not better... what you dont want it the local garage. The benefit you will have is that the car you are looking to buy should have had all it's little teething bugs ironed out, but it's not old enough to start haveing serious wearing out issues. Personally I would look for a car that has done more than 15k but probably not too much more than 35-40k. TVR's do tend to have a number of users, as people buy them for the summer then move them on, but again idealy I would try to find one with a low owner turnover as you will have a better history. As for running it... Cerb owners say work on 3k per year and you shouldn't have any surprises.. I suspect it will be similar for Tuscans. In all... A very Dramatic car that are now been sold for (reletively) very little money. Cheers XFS
  4. TVR Advice needed please

    Ok I guess there are a couple of questions.. 1. How far is your commute and what sort of drive is it 2. Properly servicing a TVR doesn't have to cost the earth but it does have to be done regularly, have you factored this into your cost of ownership? With regards to reliability a regularly used TVR is likey to be as reliable as any other car of that age (as long as it's serviced and you get any minor issues fixed straight away). I ran a 1996 Griff 500 for 3.5 years (though not every day) and the only time it didn't get me home was with a fractured rad hose (I've had much worse than that with a 5 series Bimmer) A '92 is going to be a precat so it's going to sound great, obviously it is 14 years old now so you are going to have to except it may have a few miles (though I know of one precat griff which has well over 100k on the clock and is still very strong) miles are fine as long as the old service book is stamped. Don't worry if it's not main dealer stamps recognised specialists can be better. Bodywise look for star fractures, these can be a sod to fix as they have to beground out before refilling and spraying, the car has no bumpers so look for nurf marks which indicate a car that has been left on the road or a careless owner. Interior, Tvr's can leak (mine didn't but alot do) this tends not to be a major issue as most people garage their cars, but if the car smells like damp dog, check the seats and dash aren't rotting, they cost a fair bit to put right. Electrics can be iffy tho most htings should work fine. The windows will be slow, they all do that, and the heater has 2 settings, bloody hot and blast furnace. Oily bits.. The engines are very stong as long as they are looked after, warmed up gently before you put your foot down etc. on the early cars (all precats and some 500) the gearbox is from a rover, and is considered weaker than later cars, though I have to say I have never personally heard of one going wrong). Suspension bushes do wear out but they aren't too expensive to replace and will make a big difference to how the car handles. Cooling, being GRP TVRs run fairly hot, GRP disapates the heat less efficiantly than metal, so it is important that the cooling system is in good shape, the car should get up to around 90ish on the temp gauge and the fans should kick in. In stop start traffic they will be cutting in and out for most of the time (is this how your commute will be?) Structure, the central spine of the chassis is usually fine, but the outriggers are very exposed to grit thrown up by the wheels. you can see the outriggers behind the front wheens and infront of the rears, they will probably be coated in mud, make sure there isn't anything nasty underneath. the outrigger also runs along the sill, run your hand down and make sure it is sound. Finally buy a copy of Steve Heaths Griff and Chimp bible, it's like a haynes manual with alot more info. Cheers XFS
  5. A6 Allroad colour choice

    As someone who currently owns 2 silver cars I would strongly recomend you get a proper colour! There are so many monochrome cars around these days with the big rise in popularity of silver in the late 90's it's depressing. Be different bring a bit of colour into peoples lives. If I was chopping in our allroad for a new model I would be really tempted by: Cheers XFS
  6. is white a no no for a porsche

    A local dealer has a Cayman in white with red wheels... Gotta say I think it works very well. XFS
  7. The other thing is make sure the windows are thouroughly clean. Use a proper window cleaning spray or cloth, you'll be surprised how much difference it makes
  8. Allroad Centre Caps

    Does any one know where I can either get my centre caps refurbished or maybe replace (i.e how much) on a 2001 Allroad 5 spoke wheels (same type as Neilp's, see his wash and wax thread). the Laquer has lifted quite badly on a couple, the wheels are in pretty good shape so this seems a little weird to me.. anyhow... suggestions? Cheers XFS
  9. TVR Staff In Trouble

    Cab Man... it's interesting that you say petrolheads would have difficulty pinning down the six models, and you have a 911 as your avatar.. Let me help you out Tamora = Boxter T350c = Cayman T350T = Cayman Targa? Sagaris = Cayman S Tuscan = 911 C2 Tuscan conv 911 C2 Conv Tuscan S 911C4S Tuscan S Conv 911 C4S Conv Wasn't that difficult was it? Of course porsche has an array of other terminally confusing variations on the 911 theme Turbo, Targa, RS, GT3, GT2 etc.. not counting the desperately ugly Cayenne and it's variations The other thing is pretty much every TVR is built to order, so TVR is not making cars to sit in showrooms, if nobody orders a car... TVR doesn't make it. I think accusing Peter Wheeler of under investing is a little harsh you can't invest what you don't have, to keep the prices reasonable, and TVR prices are still very reasonable, they figure you pay is how much it cost to make plus a little extra to allow for future model development. TVR a cowboy operation? hardly. The company has a longer pedegree than Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lotus and Porsche, and a history that reads (sadly) very much like Aston Martin. I will however grant you that the british manufacturing industry in general is in decline and that is a shame. In particular the motor industry. I guess its hard to pin down the cause, some might say it simply hasn't recovered from the left wing trade union disruptions in the 60's and 70's others due to the high cost of living in the UK forcing workers wages up, I expect some economist might tell us. Cheers XFS
  10. TVR Staff In Trouble

    TVR Still exists... the Plant isn't closing imediately. The plan was to move the factory anyway. However 1/3 of the staff are being laid off which is sad XFS
  11. Good choice of car First thing I'd check with the temp gauge is that the wires are still connected at the engine end (fraid I can't point you to where they are but a loose wire is the most likely issue) Have you inherited the 18 mpg from the previous owner/dealer? of so reset the average and then see. It's possible that it may have only been used cold for test drives for a little while hence the crap mpg. To give you an idea our 2001 2.7 biturbo allroad does around 22mpg average Q3... wot biffa said
  12. Engine Management Light?

    Has an intermitant Engine management light on our 2.7t allroad... ended up being the lambda sensors themselves. Had 'em replaced been fine since. Thing is I think the generic engine management means it can potentially be lots of things. XFS
  13. Drop links on a Griffith?

    IIRC Drop links connect the Anti roll bar, to the suspension, depending on the type fitted they will reduce the amount of roll during cornering... Cheers XFS
  14. I love TVR's BUT........

    Ok here we go again.... Firstly.. reliability and build quality. I owned a Griffith 500 for 3.5 years ran it regularly and the only problem i had was a split radiator hose. As an active member of the TVR club most of the people I know have had a similar experience particularly with cars that are a year or 2 old. Those people who had the most issues tended to be those who left the cars standing.. try that in a lambo, ferrari or porsche... you'll have the same problem only it will cost you a shed load more to fix. A TVR is a thouroughbred supercar for the price of a 3 series, it needs to be looked after, however treat it like a 3 series and you will have problems. (if you'd rather have a 3 series... fine buy one). Hudson... its a GriffiTH, I know you don't mean offence, but you can't imagine how annoying it is when someone comes up to you and says "Ooooh a griffin... they're dead unreliable them" you ask what their basis is for that statement.. and they usually say something like... "a bloke I know had one..." which usually means someone they met down the pub had bought one privately from someone who had driven it like a 3 series hadn't services it and left it outside without a cover. Parting thought..... As you say a TVR is a Car you buy with your heart... but to a certain extent so are all cars.. Hudson, you bought an Audi (incidentally I have one too) why didn't you buy a skoda? same company? bought with your head?
  15. looking into getting my first TVR...

    As Sccoby Si has said insurance grouping means bu99er all. The Cerb on a like for like policy will be more expencive than the clio. However depending on your plans you can insure it limited mileage with a specialist insurer... My Griff used to cost around £700 limited to 6000 miles with full no claims car in the garage, in a low risk area... oh and I was 10 years older than you at the time. it is possible to go for lower mileage and have a bigger excess, so shop around, but I'm afraid it's still going to be pricey. XFS P.S. If youy want to see more info on TVR's take a look at pistonheads.com
  16. Wannabe TVR Owner

    Loopee the Essex club meet every 2nd Sunday lunchtime at the Forrester Golf & Country Club, Beckingham Road, Great Totham, Essex. Or to find out if there is one closer to you go to... http://www.tvr-car-club.co.uk/regions/england.asp and find your area on the map. Cheers XFS
  17. Hi all Recently bought an Allroad from a non franchised dealer, and although generally it's running fine I'd like it checked over by someone who knows what they are talking about before the warranty runs out. The reason being, we occasionaly get an engine management light on the dash, it seems to come on when the heater gets into it's swing about 5 mins after the car is started (though not every time), then it will be on for about a day then not come on again for a while. As I say the car is running fine, not using any more oil or water than you'd expect (I haven't had to top anything up) and the fuel economy is as good as you can expect from this car (2.7 Petrol). Any suggestions or recommendations will be gratefully recieved. Cheers XFS
  18. looking for part number flip key

    Try a different dealer... I had a similar quote from a VW dealer, took the car to a different one, actually cost me half as much
  19. T350 buying advice

    Just noticed this thread... you have probably got bored and gone somewhere else by now... anyway.. Are you planning to buy new or second hand? If New, TVR's now come (anything with an '05' plate or newer) with a very good warranty/guarantee which should make you pretty comfortable. If used, I would either buy from a main dealer, or get someone who knows the cars and the speed six engine to look at it with you(there is a guy, who's name I can't remember who will source and buy a used TVR for you, he has a great reputation and usually gets people a good deal aswell). The benefit of the T350 is that the technology is pretty mature, the speed six engine has been well tested on the the Cerb and Tuscan, so mechanically they are all pretty good. As with all TVR''s it's not necessarily a good idea to go for a really early car as the guys at the factory haven't perfected the building method, get one that was built 6mths to a year after the model started and you should be fine. T350C or T350T well... personally I prefer the coupe, I just think it has cleaner lines and is a stunning car. The 'T' is a bit of a compromise in my book. Hope some of this helps Cheers XFS
  20. Fastest TVR in the world !!!!

    Thing is.. nobody ever really found out how fast the speed 12 was... you could never actually put your foot down (in any gear) as the rear wheels would just spin up, and that was with 'just' 800(odd)bhp. Will definitely be interesting to see how it turns out, (bearing in mind it's real of course) XFS
  21. Are us yanks really missing out on anything?

    TVR did pick up a bad reputation for reliability, however in my experience (owned a griff 500 for 3.5 years only problem was a split rad hose) if you look after them and run them regularly they are as reliable as anything else, in fact after coming back from holiday (vacation) one time I had to jump start our VW off the TVR. With regards to build and materials, you have to remember TVR are low volume cars, so interiors are hand made, however the design is stunning. Do bits falling off, well Journos have decided that it's part of the game to pull something off a TVR dashboard and say 'Look the heater knob fell off in my hand'... try the same thing in a ford or BM the same thing will happen thats how they are designed. TVR's are fantastic cars for the money, you do need to remember that despite the price they are practically racing thouroughbreds, so they do need looking after. Cheers XFS
  22. A6 4.2 QUATTRO SPORT

    There are 3 currently for sale on Pistonheads.com all 1999 cars, from 9k to 11.5k all look well speced with between 50k and 83k miles. I think you are right about people quoting from books... the best way to get an idea of value is to look at other similar cars for sale. It goes without saying however the advertised price is very rarely the actual sale price Hope this helps XFS
  23. Allroad or A6?

    As has been said it depends what you want from the car... We recently bought a 2.7T Allroad, as an interesting alternative to a people carrier or 4x4. We have a small child and another on the way and my wive was having difficulties with her back bending down to put jnr. in the back of out VR6 golf. The Allroad is tall enough to make this easier for her. As an added benefit it is almost completely uneffected (when driving within the limit) by the speed cusions my local council is insisting on putting down everywhere. Oh and so far we are averaging about 22-24mpg