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  1. Diesel Cam/Timing Service

    Hi all, Looking at a couple of 320d's, 2005/2006 reg and had a query about the Cambelt/Timing Chain. I understand BMW have been using chains rather than rubber belts for some time now so presume these don't have to be changed for the life of the car. However, does anyone know if it still has to undergo a service @ 60-70k. Any tensioner/roller changes for example? Thanks
  2. Starting Issues!

    Cheerz mate, That answer was jsut musik to my ears. What u have mentioned is exactly right. My car runs fine, and neva fails to start jsut bothered me weather it was normal or a problem!
  3. Starting Issues!

    Hi all, My names sach, new to dis site. Been lookin around age for a decent technical forum, and i hope i found it here! I put my query forward to all you technical wizards. I hav an Audi A4 1.9TDI SE(90BHP), 98 S reg, with 133k on the clock. Runs like a dream, but i have 2 problems currently buggin me. Firstly starting from cold, i get a funny tapping sound from engine for first 5 seconds after start up. And secondly, the car needs to be cranked longer to start it, when its hot!! Any ideas?? Any help is much appreciated. Sach