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  1. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Wheel Size: 18 Tyre model: Pirelli Snowsports 240 Miles Driven: 15k Season: Winter Would you buy again? would buy Sottorozero (which i think is replacement) Comments: On all 4 wheels grip was better than summer tyres in less than 7 C. Wheel Size: 18 Tyre model: Pirelli Sottozero Miles Driven: 5k Season: Winter Would you buy again? yes Comments: More grip than Snowsports 240 and any other snow tyre i've used.
  2. red jag lister v12

    in Glasgow. see spec! Lister Le Mans V12 lap times and specs - cant belive there's no ability to attach pic here and i cant seem to paste into message pane-the spotted section kinda loses the appeal as a result..
  3. USB adapter?

    i tried an Attache branded 4GB i bought fom Ebay and another unbranded 256mb one. Since buying a Buffalo 4GB one 2-3 wks ago i've experienced no problems and am a happy man. In retrospect the problem appeared to be down to using slower transfer rate flash drives. al
  4. USB adapter?

    If you've not had any problems with your armrest usb adaptor could you tell me what USB storage key drive you use or are you using an IPOD/MP3 player with it? Cheers
  5. USB adapter?

    I have now had my OEM USB adpator fitted in my armrest for about 8 mths. I use it with usb memory sticks ranging from 0.5GB to 4GB. Essentially the USB adaptor takes on the role of the 6 cd and uses the same dsplay on the headunit. In line with this i created 6 folders on my stick and went about storing my *.wav and *.mp3 music files. The stereo will take a about 15-20 seconds to boot up as it has to read how many files are stored on the stick but once your listening to music it's quick to change to the next track. It's easy to notice the quality difference with wavs and mp3s. After about 6 mths the unit has started, with increasingly frequency, to freeze. It will unfreeze if you forward fast for a few seconds or change to radio and back again. As i listen often to continuos mixes which can be 30MB-180MB i thought perhaps the files were too big but it has started to freeze when listening to shorter (5 mins) tracks. I have tried different memeory sticks but to no avail. If anyone has any clues as to what it could be i would be garteful to hear them. Cheers, alz
  6. USB adapter?

    Nice one . Cheers Petsy.
  7. USB adapter?

    I've just bought the USB connector from Fischer motorsport which by the shape of it obviously is intended to fit in the centre arm rest (which i have). Neither of the 2 Glasgow dealers appear to know what to do with it (1 says it's a factory fit and said i should contact Fischer to get the cable (but Fischer dont seem interested) despite "Fischer" quoting it as an "easy install". As such i need to provide all the details to the dealer. As the unit i got didnt come with a connecting cable, merely a socket on the unit, does anyone know if the cable for the 6 disc chnager that would go fot into the armrest be what i need to get it connected? Am keen to know also if there are any additional bits i need too i.e internal housing for the armrest... This is what i have