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  1. I've just gone from an Audi A3 with a Concert II and BOSE sound system to a stock VW Golf GTI RCD300 with 10(?) speakers. I'm not that impressed with the sound from my GTI and was wondering what you knowledgeable folk at TSN would recommend as an aftermarket speaker replacements. Would rainbows speakers offer the same level of quality as the BOSE? Would I also need to change the head unit?
  2. All I'm collecting my car tomorrow , and was wondering if anyone had any advise on what checks I should do before accepting the car. I'm sure I'll be far too excited and will forget to check something obvious (like the colour!)
  3. GTI key memory

    Hey Does anyone know if the keys for the GTI 'remember' certain settings? And what settings are memorised? For example my A3 remembers the last climate control setting the user of each key had.
  4. [ QUOTE ] About 12 stone [/ QUOTE ] So I guess we can exclude "fat arse" syndrome as a cause! I know it kinda defeats the purpose of getting leather in the first place, but does anyone use a seat cover to maintain the health of drivers seat?
  5. I'm getting a bit concerned about the comments on durability of the leather - surely given the sufficient cleaning and feeding it should maintain its appearance?
  6. HighLine on DSG?

    can someone briefly explain what extra functionality you get with the highline computer? its too late for me to change but I'd be curious to know.
  7. HighLine on DSG?

    thanks guys - and thanks to everyone for making this a such a fanstastic informative forum!
  8. HighLine on DSG?

    I take it there's no simple way to upgrade to a highline computer?
  9. HighLine on DSG?

    Apologies if this has already been discussed. After seeing a few posts about the larger DSG gear display on the highline computer as opposed to the midline, I decided to speak to my stealer about changing my spec. Only to be informed that my car has already been built and will be in the UK by the end of Jan(I won't be collecting it until March 1st '06 plate)! But digging a bit deeper, I found a post saying that all 2006 spec cars with DSG come with the Highline computer as standard - can anyone confirm this? Thanks
  10. What exactly is launch control?

    Sorry, the intention of my post was to try to identify how launch differs from a normal start at the lights. I have read many times how to achieve LC, but to my mind you should be able to achieve the same results when just putting your foot down in sports mode. Unless the car does something different during "launch control" why have a name for the process?
  11. This is a bit of a newbie question, but how does launch control differ from just putting your foot down in sports mode? (aside from turning off ESP)
  12. Anyone seen the latest edition of Auto Express? The GTI only narrowly looses out to the Focus ST in Auto Express's opinion (on value for money). It confirmed what I thought about the VXR, i'm still very happy about my GTI order (arriving on March 1st as a 06 plate)
  13. Welcome to the MkV Gti owners

    I thought I'd just say hello, and comment on what a fantastic forum this is. I've taken the plunge and ordered a MK5 GTI - 5 Door, Diamond Black, Anthracite Leather, DSG (for me!) rear parking sensors (for the wife!), rear side air bags (for the little one), sunroof, arm rest and lux pack 1. Unfortunately I'm having o wait until an "06" plate for delivery I'm Currently driving a fully loaded Audi A3 TDI sport **FOR SALE** but decided that it's time to get practical with a 5 door, while still having a bit of fun. Does anyone known if Launch Control is enabled by default on all DSG GTI, I'm dying to try it - I didn't have the bottle to try it on the test drive!!