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  1. Welcome to the MkV Gti owners

    Hi just picked up my GTi last night and drove 120 miles back to home. Like a few others here it was a cancelled order so arrived within three weeks from my decision. Its Diamond Black, manual, with no other options (it weights enough already!). My last car which I will have to now sell is a Honda S2000 GT 04 model, which was a cracking drivers car too (very different in charcter to the GTi). Before that I had a Honda Civic Type-R. I also have a Caterham Seven which I built with couple of mates for doing trackdays, against which most road cars tend to seem a little tame. I've owned a TVR Chimeara in the past too, which sounded better than it went. I need to have a proper drive in the Golf before I have it sussed, but I was immediately impressed with the damping on the car. The way it drove over the most broken up surfaces was superb, allowing genuine a/b road pace. There is a great twisty road past the Lotus factory on my way home to Norwich which it drove over effortlessly. In either of the Hondas you could go as fast, but you would be 100% commited, whereas the Golf is more composed but maybe a bit less rewarding. You don't tend to realise how well you are cracking on until you catch up another vehicle going half your speed or less. The Golf engine note is a major improvement over the old 1.8T in the Mk4, but shame its not a bit more vocal at times. My only other negative feedback was that the brakes are too highly assisted. This is not a problem as you can recalibrate your brain/foot to accomodate this, but I think it will make heel and toeing on down changes very difficult, especially with the floor mounted throttle (this was always fantastic fun and easy in the blippy throttle S2000) Overall though the GTi seems like a superbly well balanced package, and I look forward to the next B road blast...