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  1. On that longevity question. The modern turbo diesels are not as tough as the older cruder industrial spec ones but should still be theoretically tougher then an equivalent petrol engine. One big reason is that diesel combusts at a significantly lower temperature then gasoline. A lot less heat stress on the turbo.
  2. Its a Skoda Superb 2.5 Tdi Auto. Sorry, its not a VW but theres no Skoda page here. But I think the engine and electronics are 100% identical to the Passat 2.5? The car's engine stutters (no power, jerks like its out of fuel) for about 3-4 seconds now and then (like once every several hundred miles). The dealers claim that the engine disgnostic codes show no fault (I don't get a warning light when the problem occurs either). They further claim that stuff like slightly corroded/burnt/loose wires don't cause the ECU to register a fault. Is it true? Or am I being fed some bullcrap? Thanks in advance. BTW, I am not in the UK so I didn't post the dealer's name since it'll be meaningless to you guys.
  3. TSN Audi 80 TDi mileage challenge of Joy!

    [ QUOTE ] I managed just over 8,000 miles from one tank... But it was in a 747! [/ QUOTE ] Disqualified! the 747 has more then 1 tank!
  4. Golf GTI to Audi A4!!

    <<<The three-door A3 2.0 TDI passes the 62mph mark from a standing start in 8.2 seconds, its quattro counterpart cutting the time down further still to 7.8 seconds, and the two versions can potentially power on to top speeds of 138mph and 136mph. >>> I get the lower top speed but why should the quattro have a faster sprint if the engines the same?
  5. The 50 mpg club

    Quick question. Does the trip computer allow the MPG to go beyong 99.9? e.g. If you reset the thing on top of a long downhill?
  6. Engine Workshop!

    I had the exhaust system warning light turn on with the auto trans refusing to go above 3rd once. After 2 days putting up with it, the light went off and the gear box finally could go into 4th. That was 6 months ago and the problem never came back. Some Gremlin...
  7. retro fitting cruise 0

    Whats under the bonnet?
  8. Used Passat TDI dilemna

    After all that, I guess your engine code is the best bet. I suppose the guy who sold you the car was taken in by the fake cover too. Unless he was the sneak who swapped the cover himself. Have you gone to yell at him yet?
  9. Used Passat TDI dilemna

    AVB is 74KW. But that cover is for the 96KW version. I am not sure how inter-changeable the rocker cover is between the 2 versions.
  10. Used Passat TDI dilemna

    Do you have the engine code?
  11. mazda rx-8

    The fuel economy or lack of is part of the deal. The motor on the RX-8 is already quite a big improvement from the older rotaries. My mate had an old FC series and it was like 18 mpg average.
  12. Used Passat TDI dilemna

    I guess the safest way is to look at the engine code numbers. Even stickers can be removed or re-pasted. Another quick check (applicable to the later B5s at least, not sure about the earlier ones), open the bonnet and stand in front. The 74Kw diesel has the TDI above the VW logo on the rocker cover. Rocker cover is flat. Oil filler cap is on the left of the TDI/VW logo. The 96Kw version has the TDI below the VW logo. Rocker cover is 'stepped', with 4 'fins' on it. Oil filler cap is above the TDI/VW logo. 100 Kw version is close to the 96Kw version. Same differences (e.g. oil filler cap above the logo, etc etc). Thats what I know, anyone seen different versions? Don't rely on external badges or red 'i's or stickers or whatnot.
  13. estimate power?

    By the time the power gets to the wheels, you lose up to 20%. So your '185' bhp could be 200+ at the flywheel easy.
  14. Electric superchargers

    Can I bolt 2 of these on for 2x gains? How about 1 per cylinder? At the same time, maybe I can loop my air-con blower to force feed cold air into the intake for another 200 bhp? And maybe mount four of them (in reverse fan direction) along my quad exhaust to reduce back pressure (more free flow yadda yadda) for another 200 bhp? Hmmm, maybe stick in spark plugs and fuel injectors into the nozzles to get the afterburning turbojet effect for 4000lbs of thrust? That should finally let my beat my neighbours 1000bhp chipped XR2i at the lights.
  15. First ride in my 535d

    [ QUOTE ] T2 (thats her name - its a long story) simply amplified the speed without as much as a wimper. 200km\h , 220, 230, 240, 250. easy. and it felt solid on the M5 wheels\tyres. [/ QUOTE ] Was it a brand new car? Surprised that you took it to 250 on the first time before running in the engine. Or is there something I don't know about these BMW diesels which doesnt require the usual run-in?