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  1. all 4 replaced a week before the warranty ended for tiny signs of corrosion around the wheel edges. 1 was curbed badly by the mrs so a great result now im sitting on brand new wheels at 3 years old. They emailed vw who said replace, stress free
  2. Ed30 front & rear lower skirts

    £201 a side mate, used to be alot cheaper but was a vw pricing error. I've had my skirts colour coded and look perfect, i also have the ed30 rear bumper and colour coded front lip. Best thing I've done to it, looks finished now.
  3. My F1's which i rate above everything else, are also e13
  4. anyone getting this?

    I got a set and they look superb, for the money they are well worth a purchase
  5. Too much oil

    as long as its only 1 or 2 mm over max, it will just burn it off, otherwise get some drained out.
  6. GTI colour coded with ed30 rear valance

    Just the camera mate- i cant seal/wax it yet so expect the paint to look slightly darker with an lsp on it
  7. GTI colour coded with ed30 rear valance

    I do agree to an extent. This is why I decided to buy the ed30 rear valance which has a bit more shape. My mate has a silver gti colour coded - It still looks a massive improvement on standard
  8. After over 2 years of thinking about it, i finally got the gti colour coded:thumb::thumb::thumb: Its always annoyed me but being black i've always been thinking its not that bad. Anyway, i stumbled across a cheap ed30 rear valance a few weeks back and that was my decision made. I managed to find a bodyshop with a great reputation who have done a stunning job. The guy even said he was so paranoid about it getting marked he wouldnt let anyone drive it into the workshop and always parked his range rover next to it so not to get it dented lol. (all that from me asking him not to wash it) Exactly what i wanted. Took 5 days but has been well worth it. He did the front valance, the side skirts and the rear bumper Lots of pics sorry, let me know what you think. Thanks for looking:thumb:
  9. Alfa 156 - Advice please

    If you test drive a twin spark, make sure you get to start it from cold and listen for a 1-4 second diesel noise. If you hear this then the variator has gone. This is a £300-£400 job, the cambelt has to be removed to get to it. Also, cambelts must be changed every 3 years or 36,000 miles. Other than that, as above, listen for suspension noises and check all the electrics and make sure you get one with 17's. The V6 engines are bullet proof, the 2.4 jtd and the 1.9 jtd 16v are brilliant engines. Test drive one
  10. Servicing Rip Off

    Had my 3rd time and distance service in the week. cost of service with longlife oil MOT and enabling auto locking a bargain at £152. Can't moan for a main dealer
  11. Ordered 2nd GTI - Best all rounder

    Good decision i think, congrats. Out of interest what else did you drive and what were your findings??
  12. [ QUOTE ] mine only has 2 months left on the warranty and i have the white worm on my rear near side alloy which they were about to replace 12 months ago until they spotted the only kurbing on my wheels, done by the missus. At this point they said they wouldnt replace it until the corrosion was the same size as the curbing So i've waited until today and they are about equal vw have taken some pics and have emailed the appropriate people. Fingers crossed. I also noticed one spot on the drivers wheel which is so small only i would notice They have taken a photo of that so again fingers crossed. My argument was that although it was small, once it starts you cant stop it spreading. And that will land me out of warranty with a grim rim [/ QUOTE ] Result, dealer has just called, 2 new wheels on the way
  13. Used car selling - juggling buyers

    sell it to whoever gets to you first. As they say, first come first served.
  14. Yep wasn't happy at all. Tried to argue the kerbing was not the cause of the corrosion as it was the other side of the wheel. He said basically, he wouldnt swap it as vw would reject it and charge the dealership He did agree to let me buy a wheel at cost price which is £204 instead of £390 but I dont fancy the chance it will more than likely corrode again