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  1. Shell V-Power...

    I think there will be an announcement on Wednesday
  2. Ferrari Register

    Pic of mine
  3. BMW 330D Tuning

    I've ben runing the Car for around 2.5 years with a Van Aaken Smartbox that's packed up, looking at replacements as below DMS 260BHP 510Nm £935 ECU reprogram Tuning Box 245BHP 490Nm £399 Smart Box Van Aakken 229BHP 490Nm £410 Smart Box AMD 240BHP 500Nm ECU reprogram Inc rolling road £750 Superchips 246BHP 500Nm £511.13 Not sure how E-maps - No product available Chipped UK - No Product Available Tuning Box looks the best value and has the advantage of being removable for dealer visits.....what to do! Anybody any views, experiences thanks
  4. fchatters sign in!

    I'm here
  5. Thought I'd be 1st :)

    Sadly Sy's having you on, boring IT Services for me although I seem to be attached to my Camera Some Girlie/Car pics http://www.collinsclan.co.uk/Pages/Cars/Calendar/index.html and lots of car stuff at http://www.collinsclan.co.uk/Pages/Cars/Cars.html
  6. Ferrari 250 GTO

    Think I might sell some internal organs to get one of those That's Nick Mason's one I beleive
  7. Hee hee

    Tony I'm sure i recognise that pic
  8. Show us your list then!

    Woppum, don't think I've ever been to Beaconsfield in it, it does sound good though (Tubi)
  9. Show us your list then!

    Ford Anglia 1200 Super NSU 1200TT Cortina 2000E Cortina 2000E BMW 525 Hillman Imp Ford Escort 1.3L (1st Company Car) Vauxhall Astra 1.3GL Cavalier 1.6L Cavalier 1.6L Granada 2.0L Sierra 1.8L Sierra 1.6GL Granada 2.0GL Rover 800 2.0 Turbo Scorpio 2.0 Alfa 164 V6 Saab 9000 Turbo Porsche 944 Rover 220 Sport Peugeot 1.9GTi Rover 827 Vitesse Rover 220 Coupe Rover 820 Vitesse Sport x 2 BMW 323i Coupe BMW 540i SE VW Golf GTi Ferrari 328GTS BMW 540i Sport Ferrari 355GTS Mazda MX5 1.8iS VW Golf Gti Turbo LandRover Series III SWB Caterham Supersoprt Caterham SLR Ferrari P4 Replica Lotus Elise Series II 111S Caterham 1700 X/Flow BMW 330d Sport Touring (Current) Caterham VX (Current) VW Golf 2.0TD GTi DSG (Current) Ferrari 550 Maranello (Current) Maserati 4200 Spyder (Current)
  10. mad trackday vid

    Mollox thanks for the welcome, not met Jon, but seen him post on Pistonheads I think Et al, It is/was! a Prelude, the driver of the 7 was on a cool down lap, the day was open pitlane so the Prelude (with no flags shown!) was on a hot lap, he swerved to avoid the 7 and the rest was as you see it
  11. mad trackday vid

    Coolant spill from a previous car video fro mthe prelude is at http://www.bookatrack.com/-PFexboyracer285824164?exboyracer&2858&24164&video/mpeg
  12. mad trackday vid

    ta amended
  13. mad trackday vid

    You might want to take a look at the following video, http://www.jackals-forge.com/lotus/movies/Spa2005_crash.wmv (right click and save as) Happened earlier this week, Rich is OK, a couple of broken ribs though!