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  1. A3/S3 Reviews Index

    Still not fixed.
  2. Life after GTI? What next??!

    RedRobin You can get the Audi S3 sportback with DSG now and adapitive dampers as well.
  3. Racing Stripes

    Love the colour, what colour blue is it?
  4. Stealing to order?

    Just to say these cars are not sold to some idiot down the pub for 2 thousand pounds. What they do is steal the car, go to the local scrap yard buy another R32 that has been written off, they then give the stolen R32 that identity. Its called cloning. All to easy to be honest. Then some poor sod ends up buying a stolen car!!
  5. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    The mk6 GTI will probably be about 240bhp but you can bet one thing it will be bigger and heavier than the mk5.
  6. After calling the AA out 5 times for dead battery and having traced the fault to the on board power control unit and having the index light fall clean out, everything seems ok, touch wood. The car does get dash baord rattles though, I just put up with it as its a great car to drive.
  7. Pictures Of My Car

    Great pics, everytime I see an R32 in that colour I wish I had bought one instead of my GTI.
  8. Subaru WRX AWD v Standard GTI

    4 Wheel drive must sap about 20 bhp also the Subaru was a little bit heavier and as for the 0-60 time being quicker, so what!! In real world driving the thing that matters is torque, and the GTI has very good spread of torque across its rev range. So not much of a surprise when you think about it.
  9. New Freelander, any horror stories yet ?

    Are you getting it with Sat-Nav as we have had our Nissan Pathfinder in the garage getting repaired after some one drove into the side of it and they have given us a top of the range, Landrover Discovery on a 57 plate all £45k of car(alot for this type of car in my opinion), the Sat-Nav is a joke and I would not waste my time buying it on that car assuming that they do share the system. Although the TV function is good, but only works when stopped for safety reasons.
  10. Yes it is the SUV version. Here its is below.
  11. My Partner has the Pathfinder which I thought came with a 4 star rating, strange as Navara has the same front end!! Must be big differences somewhere!
  12. Isle of Man - worth a quick jaunt?

    Great place to visit, some really good roads up over the mountain and some of the roads they use for the manx rally are very good and twisty. Marine Drive is intereting, thats the road Jeremy Clarkson took the Aston Martin down, but to go as fast as what he did, I would say no chance, there are some serious drops there with very little to keep you on the black stuff. Great views at Douglas head which is right next to it also. My partners manx so we are forever visiting her family there, problem is I hate getting the boat this time of year and the sea cat will not sale till later in the year, if it does with all the work going on at Liverpool docks. Do not see to many speed traps when I have been there, but just use common sense. The best time was at the TT last year as they made the mountain section one-way for the whole 2 weeks and not just Mad sunday, scary stuff. Hope you enjoy yourself if you go.
  13. What Next?

    I have heard that the Ralliart Evo X will have about 240bhp with a DSG style gearbox, but it will not have the AYC(active yaw control) and will retail at about £25k. Wait a bit longer and see what the new Focus RS will have o offer.
  14. Unwanted Attention

    Some nice prints on there for the police, saying that, they will probably not be interested. At least you still have your car!
  15. Is white the white colour?

    Here are a few pics of my Candy White GTI. Its amazing the number of people that stare at the car, never had a car like it.