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  1. DSG explanation

    Cam across this website, might be iseful for explaining to non-technical friends how DSG works. link
  2. Gents, also worth looking at TarOx brakes as well. They make 6, 8, 10 and 12 pot road systems and are in the AP Racing/Brembo league. http://www.tarox.com/english.html Jeremy PS Red, thought you might be interested that in a review I read of the Lambo Gallardo Spyder they mentioned it uses Koni FSD shocks. Suppose they can't be too bad!
  3. 8 Months later...

    Nice. Where are those taken? Looks like a nice little corner might be in the background of the third pic. Jeremy
  4. 8 Months later...

    Its official. The dealer here rang me yesterday to tell me that if I order a GTI today I will be receiving it in NOVEMBER! Not impressed... second hand may be the way to go. Jeremy
  5. Video

    I also like this one: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2076765637060225802&q=remus+gti I am assuming it is a Remus exhaust by the filename. Sounds good! J
  6. Video

    Sorry if this has already been posted, nut came across this. What you poms would call a bit 'chav' but good to see some track time on there. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6510828125572326787&q=gti+mkv Jeremy
  7. 8 Months later...

    Will keep an eye out for you. The waiting list here is getting ridiculous. I am thinking that I am going to wait and see if an Anniversary edition comes out at the end of the year. Enjoy your new car! Jeremy PS roads should be nice and sticky today (38.3 as I write this)! Not good for the turbo though.
  8. HELP !! What to do ?

    I was assuming that the light blue line on the graph that you posted represented a car remapped and with Milltek exhausts, since it says "Milltek remapped" in the legend. If it is not remapped as well those exhausts sure produce a lot of extra power (up to 270 BHP) on their own! Surely the graph you posted is remapped (by somebody else) and with Millteks Jeremy
  9. HELP !! What to do ?

    Back to the dyno maps that have been posted, it has always been the case that the the ideal is a linear power curve and a flat torque curve. This is exactly what a standard GTI has and what makes driving it so enjoyable. Any remap should simply give more of the same, i.e. still be linear wrt power and flat wrt to torque, but just moved the lot up higher on the graph. This is the sort of outcome you should be trying to achieve from remapping, which it looks like the AmD and Milltek maps that were posted achieve very nicely. The QST one though gives you a big hole down low then a sudden surge and peak, which doesn't seem very desirable. Something is wrong when your re-map gives you considerably less power below 3000rpm than the standard car. Jeremy
  10. http://www.nextcar.com.au/top.2005.drive.05dec.html "Top Drive of 2005" Jeremy
  11. Lucky some of us live in the driest state of the driest continent on earth where the roads are usually nice and dry and hot and sticky! Jez
  12. Think of it this way, a 1541kg/184kW R32 has 8.375kg per kW of power, a 1336kg/147kW GTI has 9.09kg per kW of power. If you chipped your GTI so that it was about the same spec as an R32 (184kW/320Nm) that 205kg lighter car would be more nimble due to the weight and have a higher relative power of 7.26kg per kW of power (as well as a better torque to weight ratio), and would cost much less than an R32! I know which I would choose. Jeremy
  13. GTI at the Ring

    And on a clear track by a VAG test driver, like the others would have been. BTW, I was slightly out, time should have been 8:46 not 8:42. I believe this lap time is also not a full lap as you have to go through the entry/exit gates every lap on a public day. This apparently adds 10-15 secs. This is the same lap as JC was measuring on TopGear when he took the Jag around in 9:59 though. Jeremy
  14. GTI at the Ring

    Would definitely have been in 'M' I would think. Jeremy
  15. GTI at the Ring

    Just got my subscribers copy of Motor magazine. Has a story in it about visiting the Nurburgring for a few laps. The car that they hired for the story was a DSG GTI. They didn't shed too much light about how it handled but did say that it "passed 95% of all the other vehicles" and held a Porsche Carrera GT at bay for something like 14 kms (guy must have been loading the CD changer). The two drivers best times were 8:42 and 8:58. Not bad, with traffic! (Both are good drivers btw, the faster races in the V8 Supercar series and had raced at the Ring before). There was also a byline about a Czech mag also being there with a GTI, anyone seen that story? Jeremy