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  1. Jaguar release their new XJ

    Hey guys, there's a budget model of the XJ coming out from another company...
  2. Jaguar release their new XJ

    I don't actually mind the back so much ... but isn't that front just swiped from the XF? I honestly thought it was the XF when I saw the pics on Autoblog - VIDEO: 2010 Jaguar XJ in motion, interior and interviews + expanded gallery and pricing! The interior on the other hand is sublime.
  3. Office 2008 on the Mac

    Obviously this is dealt with, but another option would have been to have your Office applications set to be locked to space 2/3/4.
  4. Quizz show answers.....

    ^That and this: caused me to cry with laughter.
  5. Geek Humour

    That is one of my favourites. I have yet to get around to using it in real life though, same with this one-
  6. Dumb itunes question....

    If you'll see my above post- the disc burnt "normally" because you had Audio CD selected rather than MP3.
  7. Dumb itunes question....

    Just make sure you have the right settings selected when you're burning your playlist. Also, just fyi you can't burn an album straight from your library, it has to be made into a playlist first. Settings can be accessed from Edit [at least I think that's what it is on a PC..] > Preferences> Advanced> Burning.
  8. The next project could be a project too far....

    Image: /33532d1216996048-next-project-could-project-too-far-dashboard.jpg It looks like a new fridge to me.
  9. Bat Girl

    Wow, I found her Bebo page.
  10. Geek Humour

    Consummate geek humour is epitomised in xkcd. Just press Random. And keep pressing it.
  11. iPod 160 Gb and vast music storage

    Often the iPod-dock style audio systems bypass the actual volume of the iPod when it's plugged in. ie you can have the volume turned down to zero on the iPod itself, but if the stereo system is turned up you will hear the music at a corresponding level.
  12. TSN News - First pictures of new Lotus Eagle

    The Europa was released in 2006.. that's "a long time" ago? :/
  13. driving set up

    I don't actually have an RX-7 =P They're just my favourite/dream car. In fact, I don't have any car at all, and I don't know how to drive. Just got my provisional licence
  14. driving set up

    Seeing as this seems to be the racing-peripherals thread du jour, could anyone tell me if there is any other ps3 wheel with the stick on the left? I'd love a G25, but I can barely afford a ps3, let alone a pro-spec racing wheel.
  15. My new M3 vs my old S3

    Wow, steady on. He's only driving a silver car you know, if he got into a red GTI who knows what could happen.