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  1. X5 on Monday

    does it hesitate, yes it does... not a merc sized hesitate, but definetly some lag ....
  2. Cooper S wheels

    Cooper S Black chilli pack works engine kit Black headlining harman kardon upgrade and cd boost silver viper stripes 3 yr tlc approx 21.7k but the new factory fit JCW kit gives you the brakes and half the aeorkit for 400quid less.... the engine kit is well worth selling a kidney for, it lifts the cooper s to another level.....
  3. X5 on Monday

    [ QUOTE ] Do any of you Guys have the 3.0D Sport AUTO Models ? Notice any hesitation @ junctions/roundabouts etc ? [/ QUOTE ] no more hesitation than i'd expect from a turbo diesel, but for quick getaways suggest you try knocking it into sport mode quickly so you don't have to contend with excessive torque converter and gear changes.... it does make a difference particularly when the body weight starts shuffling around.....
  4. Cooper S wheels

    Just took the r32 depreciation hit, and picked up a cooper s works..... Had similar thoughts about the wheels but chose to get the engine job and go for the traditional wheels. My mate ordered exactly the same spec at the same time, except he spent 29.5k on the whole works job, and the JCW wheels/suspension impact the real road performance/chuck factor.... In the country lanes mine feels more confident, with the 18inch wheels and sports plus suspension rather than the full on JCW suspension and skinny tyres/large wheels. ... now all the full on JCW lot will flame me, but i don't care 'cos I will back up claims the JCW MCS is real world quicker than the R32 ever was with the exception of 100mph+ A road bends in the damp..... ps make sure you upgrade the ICE, even the harmon kardon makes a massive difference, and gets your trousers shaking like no VW system i've seen piccies.... have fun....
  5. 993 whats peoples thoughts on the Targa

    great car..... plus's huge headroom.... more in the back than a coupe less wind noise than you'd expect really cool glass roof carrys xmas trees in the passenger seat. get ikea flat packs in through the roof... tidy looking split rim alloys.... negatives leaks occasionaly rattles lots bendy chassis compared to the coupe, based on the convertible bodyshell, but has a rigid roof unlike the convertible hence it rattles.... rust on badly prepared metal around targa fitting but....the 993 is an awesome motor and worth every penny in any guise... just do it.....
  6. anyone good with places in the uk ?

    Try Hartwell House... again, its got a good spa, 4 poster beds and good food.... we took a tin of choccy body paint with us and they even cleaned up our mess without complaint..... leave your mucky shoes outside the bedroom door and the pixies come out and miraculously clean them overnight ! quite a place. Not sure what it costs these days but they do good dirty weekend deals, its just outside Aylesbury on the A418 on the way to oxford....
  7. X5 on Monday

    got it now, just have to wrestle the keys of the wife. Its pretty spot on as you said, but i was plonk enough not to upgrade the sound, which is entirely . Zymol'd it twice now and its only thursday....
  8. X5 on Monday

    took stealer for a spin in the R32 in Jan and jumped the X5 list by 16 months.... supposed to pick it up today insurance company fecked up the documents for the dealer to register it, and now I have to wait until Monday Donkey in the call centre wanted to charge me £23 to courier the correct document leaving Cardiff at 2pm and arriving in Cambridge at 4pm.... his supervisor (obviously tracking his progress on my angry call) pointed out that that may a bit impractical full snottograms on the way to Cardiff tonight a fully paid, insured but unregistered black X5 3.0d sport nearly owner... still can't wait though
  9. Saggy Split Drivers Seat Recovered Under Warrenty.

    will pm you details
  10. Saggy Split Drivers Seat Recovered Under Warrenty.

    stealer i bought my car from gave me the same excuse. changed my stealer and the seat squabs were changed at the first seervice (18k) without question. incidently they loaded up the latest softwae too.... just change your dealer, some of them are almost honest...
  11. lotus carlton!!

    when I worked at the Luton plant, during summer closedown the lotus engineers came down from millbrook and gave sideways joy rides around the carparks and plant in the pre-production cars..... 2 months later I trashed my caterham (locked up on cold tyres and stuffed the nose under an artic) and had it rebodied/rebuilt, the colour I chose was the Lotus Carlton Green ... It was a pearlescent green/black, I had it polished soo much it looked black post re-build -
  12. Dream Garage...

    I'd stalk the A1 in my Bowler and drive over the top of the works liveried evo 6's which haunt me on my way home every night.....
  13. Dream Garage...

    - 2 Supercars = Zonda, Maclaren F1 - 2 Hot Hatches = R32, Clio V6 - 1 Coupe = M3 Coupe - 1 Convertible = 911 Turbo Convertible - 1 Estate = RS6 Quattro Avant - 1 4x4 = Bowler Wildcat ( - 1 Luxury Saloon = Bentley Continental R - 1 Classic (Pre 80's) = Lambo Miura 10 is not enough cos I would want a seperate pre 80's warehouse for my mk1 GTI, Bristol 403,Jensen FF, 2.7 Carrera and Citroen DS ..... to rust in.....
  14. Saggy seats?

    TP, I tried two dealers. One said they all do that, the other couldn't replace it quick enough. Funnily enough the one who said no were the ones who I bought the car off, great sales [email protected] aftersales. The stealer who is replacing it wouldn't even let me sit in their showroom R32 when I wanted to buy one, [email protected] sales but great aftersales. PM me if you want to know who they are, I know they watch this site and the mkiv one too.
  15. Saggy seats?

    Geo, That could be a piccy of mine, exactly the same sag, i'm getting them replaced under warranty next week. Can't see it will make much difference as they will sag again in a few months but then i'll keep trying to get them replaced until the warranty runs out......