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  1. I have a faulty Xenon Headlight, it switches on with a blue tint for a few seconds to a minute then flickers and goes off. Any Ideas on if it is Bulb, Ballast (Control Unit) or faulty connection. Bulb is £140 and control Unit is £400 with probably loads of labour to get to it. Any replies appreciated.
  2. I have an unusual fault on my 2006 Audi A6, on a cold morning around 2 degrees C and below the when you start the car the Multi Function steering wheel controls are non functional. As well as that the time on the MMI centre screen freezes displaying the time the car was started but the time on dash continues to work, the Parking sensor display doesn't come up on the MMI screen nor does the Heating controls. If I reboot the MMI (pressing setup, MMI centre button and setup) then it all starts working again. It only happens when it is cold. I have MMI High, Colour DIS, Advanced parking and satnav etc. I have had this fault each winter for the last couple of years and I am taking it into the Dealers soon to try to get it fixed, just incase they scratch their heads (like they did last year), I thought I would ask on here if anyone has seen this or knows the Audi tech well enough to suggest what component might be at fault. Any suggestions gratefully received.

    [ QUOTE ] I've just had to have a new clutch and flywheel jobby done! My Audi is only a 2002 with 57000 on the clock. Is this a common problem? The Garage repairer has done a great job for me in keeping the price as low as he possibly could but the flywheel was the killer (nearly £500) with £200 going on the clutch, plus his labour which is where he helped me out a little. This, coupled with my battery needing replacement has rackjed up a bill of nearly a grand!!! Have I just got a bad un or what. [/ QUOTE ] Had to replace the clutch on my 1998 A6 1.8T petrol around that mileage but managed to get away without changing the flywheel, they did tell me it may have needed changing when I booked it in as may the slave cylinder. Don't know if others have had to change at similar miles? I also had all the window lifters replaced under warranty at different times in the first 3 years of owning the A6. I loved driving that A6 and most of the time I enjoyed owning it but I did have a few problems with mine. Front suspension was the other area that seemed to cause me hassle. Hope yours is reliable from now on!
  4. ADI International

    [ QUOTE ] Gutted that I can't find any pics of me sideways at Camp [/ QUOTE ] Wasn't stood at Camp when you guys were out, but was at Quarry while you were on the track (about 14:30). PM me part of your reg and I will you email any I have of your car.
  5. FS:ADI Track Session Professional Printed Pictures

    Botang, I got one goodish pic of your motor. If you want it PM me and I will email it to you. No charge to a fellow TSN'er.
  6. S Line suspension

    I have the A6 3.0TDi S-Line Q with the 19" wheels and the ride is firm but not too hard. Ok as well on bumpy roads. How bad are the roads? big potholes will take their toll and there isn't a huge ground clearance. Mine is an Auto and I can recommend the Auto box. It is very good in Sport mode.
  7. [ QUOTE ] I think Swagman is up north from his Signature [/ QUOTE ] I am in the Bristol area. Don't think I can stretch to the AMI until Sept no matter which source, just had to shell out £800 on Tyres last week . How much would a AMI installed by you cost Craig? Including the pucker Cradle. I would get the 2 AV inputs (is there also an AV output?) fitted at the same time. Audi are so cheap not fitting a few bits of cable and Phono plugs to a £700 TV option .
  8. The Dealer upgraded mine as part of some warranty work last Thursday they put on Ver 3460 which I think is the latest version. I had a fault that happened only once where a high pitched noise came from all the speakers, this version is suposed to fix it. It depends on what kit you have installed in your car as to if it is worth the upgrade. Enhancements I have found over the old version are as follows: DVD Sat Nav: 3D Maps, Ability to dial POI telephone Numbers. Destination option on map screen. TMC: This was enabled on my car before this upgrade but I can now see the location of the traffic Jam on the map. DAB Radio: The info button is now selectable and will bring up images if and when any stations choose to bradcast them. General: few menu titles have changed, on Radio Frequency is now Waveband. AMI: I don't have an Audi Music Interface yet (waiting for retrofit) but I think you need this version to run it. The same applies to the new MP3 enabled CD Changer. So if you have any of the options above, have had a fault that is fixed with the new version or want to fit an AMI then it might be worth the upgrade. One side effect of the upgrade is I have lost the battery monitor menu option. This is bacause the Dealer didn't follow the instructions for the upgrade . I will get them to fix that when it is next in. Hope this helps you decide if it is worth it for you.
  9. The AMI is a very neat looking unit. Did you have to change the glovebox liner for one with two drive mounts? Is the USB Cable out yet?
  10. I was all set last year to get the Dension 500 when Audi started dangling the "AMI retrofit soon" carrot. If I lived nearer Manchester I would get one fitted by Craigyb. That may be an option for you if you live up that way. I have had the required MMI software upgrade (done under warranty to fix a problem with BOSE) and know the part numbers of the bits required (glove box liner, Cable kit, AMI Electronics and IPOD Drawer), but the post from NelsonA3Sline saying the Dealers haven't got them yet looks we still have a bit of a wait. I think I will hang on for a few more months as at least I know the retrofit is possible. If there is no sign by September I will consider a trip to Manchester to get an AMI fitted by Craigyb. Hope you are enjoying your A8. Audi A6 3.0TDi Sline Quattro '06 MMI High, Sat Nav, BT Phone, DAB, DVB TV, BOSE
  11. Has anyone had a AMI retrofitted by a dealer yet? I asked my local Dealer yesterday and they still seemed clueless. If anyone has had it fitted what did they charge? Audi A6 3.0TDi Sline Quattro '06 MMI High, Sat Nav, DAB, DVB TV
  12. New Treads fitted today, Conti Sport 3's. £800 for the set. Thanks for the advice.
  13. Thanks for the advice Chris. Think I might bite the bullet and go for a set of four Conti SportContact 2. The AMI retrofit will just have to wait a few more months.
  14. After only 15k miles my Front Tyres are in need of replacement and the Rears are not far behind. The Tyres are 255/35 19 Inch Pirelli PZero Rosso's but they are too soft and I want to try to get more than 15k out of the next set. Has anyone else fitted any other brands? If so are they any good? Audi put Continental's of this size on the new TT anyone got these on a A6 in this size? Advice greatly apreciated as they are about £200 a Tyre. Audi A6 3.0TDi Quattro S-line
  15. Aircon saga continues

    Seemed to be fine on the one fan on a 1.8T engine right through last summer.