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  1. Advice needed

    Thanks for that, i will go into bartering mode later with them !
  2. Advice needed

    I am looking at buying a 2003 Passat Estate TDI 130 4 Motion. I have checked and it is due for a service (54000) i am unsure of service intervals and have been told its just and oil service. I thought that the Cam belt would need to be changed at the sametime? Any advise is greatfully received
  3. Post Buxton Meet -Pictures & Banter thread

    Just to say thanks to Lottie for arranging, great location for my first meet . Was good to meet people and put faces to names. Just sorry i have to leave before the gentle drive to the cat and fiddle. Family commitments called. Maybe it was a good thing, the volvo wasn't really designed for enthusiastic driving Look forward to attend more,
  4. Just hit 135mph!!!

    I had 145 out of my volvo C70 T5, it wanted to keep going, but i bottled it before the car did It was the blur that passed the inside of me that turn out to be an artic that really made me think, best slow down now
  5. Chavs buying MKIV R32 makes me want to sell!

    As the R32 came with multispoke wheels to start wouldn't these be better Oasis Spokey Spinners
  6. Funny number plate suggestions???

    There are 2 nice ones near me B1 BUY and G14 NTS both on S500 merc's, they make me chuckle when ever i see them
  7. 06 Plate Porsche Cayman

    Saw this today whilst on the motorway, did a double take ! With some quick one handed camera work i snapped it
  8. Anger Management

    my sides hurt after reading that, fantastic
  9. I have a confession...

    I had, well am currently selling a Volvo C70 T5, it is probably the best car i have had to date, (had e36 cab, MK3 golf GTI and now another e36 but coupe) It is just smooth at any speed (tested it one day to 145 on a quite stretch of the M56 at 2am. i bottled it before the car did ) It is so comfortable to, i have not found in any other car to match it so far, given i am 6' 7" an need plenty of room
  10. What does your other half drive?

    G/F Drives 54 plate 1.9 soot chuckin VW golf. She has driven my 318is and didn't like it, said her 325 was far better !
  11. Brand New and Dirty M6

    It was in southern ireland they do plates by the year first, 06 being registered in 2006. Sorry for being unclear
  12. Brand New and Dirty M6

    Saw this whilst on a trip to ireland an 06 plate less than 2 weeks old, dirty but still looks the nuts
  13. What a ridiculous graphic for low water....

    You do seem to get the hire cars john, I feel for you, i really do, now where are the keys to that golf....
  14. defrosting your car

    Been in that boat, used water that was to cold, by the time i have put the container back in the house and got back in the car, the screen had frozen up again. :-(
  15. defrosting your car

    On a day like today in sunny manchester, leave car in the sun, ice melts, jobs a good'un !