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  1. 2002 M5 For SAle

    Posted on Piston heads: BMW : Beautiful M5. Pristine, high spec, low mileage So sorry to see it going, but I've got my eye on something less practical! Steve
  2. Final Edition D2 S8

    Sent PM - mines available.
  3. Hi I have 2001 BMW M5 with widescreen satnav & in-built phone, but the aerial is a nasty rear-window 'twig'. Does anyone know if a screen-mount aerial (like a 6" strip that stick by the windscreen pillar) would be a possible conversion? I have one in my Audi and it is much neater. Thanks Steve
  4. 2001 E39 M5 Newbie queries

    Hi Chaps A new migrant from the Audi forums here. I have just bought a 2001 E39 M5 & have a couple of queries: 1) Can the armrest be converted to one without phone prep, & also opens? 2) Anyone know how if there is a good independant in South Manchester 3) Anyone in SM area with the programming software to configure some of the options (e.g. lock doors on drive-off) 4) How much trouble is it to remove alu trim & fit wood (I like a bit of furniture) I dare say there will be other questions, meantime having a lot of fun! Steve
  5. Audi S8 2002 for sale

    There's a ski hatch - couldn't the dog breathe through that? ;-) S
  6. Audi S8 2002 for sale

    Oh, for non-Tyresmoke members, I can be contacted at or on 07968 439080. I would definitley recommend joining, however! S
  7. 2002 S8 for sale

    Hope not too off-topic - I have put a proper ad here: Hope it goes to a TSN member - I know it will be appreciated. Probably see a few of you under another logo! Steve
  8. S8/ BMW M5 comprison?

    Sorted an ad now here: Hope it goes to a TSN member - I know it will be appreciated. Probably see a few of you under another logo! Steve
  9. Audi S8 2002 for sale

    Due to the tempatation of an M5, my beloved Black Beauty is for sale. General spec here: My specifics: 2002 89k miles, FSH inc cambelt + gearbox seal & oil change, Glass sunroof, RNS-D satnav, Bose, rear electric/side blinds, auto-dimming mirrors, grey leather/alcantara, Audi phone prep, Clifford 950 Thatcham 1 alarm with tilt sensor, full set(5) each of 20" & std 18" wheels, wired for Origin B2 speed camera, Beautiful photos here: Gallery Lovely, lovely lovely car. Not sure of value, but looking for around £18k unless you can persuade me that you know better. PM me with questions, or for viewing details. South Manchester area. You lucky people!
  10. S8/ BMW M5 comprison?

    Well I've decided to go for the M5. 2001, 50k miles Satnav, DVD etc. etc. so should be fun. Be sorry to lose the S8, but if anyone wants, let me know: 2002 (02 plate) 88k, all extras, sunroof, 20"+18"wheels. Black Pearl & grey leather with wood. Will post full ad tomorrow when I have taken photos. Cheers Steve
  11. S8/ BMW M5 comprison?

    All very helpful. Will keep you posted. S
  12. S8/ BMW M5 comprison?

    Tricky one - hoping to get drive this week, so that should settle it. I'm not aware of VANOS issues - what could be the potential prob? Car is 2001, 55kmiles E39 model. Steve
  13. S8/ BMW M5 comprison?

    I have a 2002 S8, lots of spec, & am delighted, but now a client has offered me a 2002 M5 similar spec (but boring silver ;-). I've not driven the M5 yet - anyone any experience or advice as a comparison? Steve
  14. Badgeless Grille

    Don't want to do quite the same, but I am after a 2002 D2 grille upper & lower sections to try an 'experiment'. Bars will be cut out, but the chrome surround needs to be good. Anyone? Steve
  15. D2 S8 front grilles available?

    Does anyone have D2 S8 front grilles(upper & lower) available? Any condition, as long as chrome surround is OK - I want to experiment with stainless mesh inserts. Promise to post pix of finished result, good or bad! Steve