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  1. Thinking of selling

    Trade price ( in excellent condition) is £15900..
  2. DSG problems

    Isn't the DSG due a service at 40K anyway ?
  3. Keyfob battery

    Just ask your VW parts man to do it while you wait They do lots per week and only charge for the battery as well in most cases. Less chance of messing anything up.
  4. Monza II alloys in the future...

    I'd check the part no of the replacement wheel you've had put on the car. As TT said they refurb warranty replacements so I'd want to make sure it is at least a non-replica...
  5. DSG oil cost

    As petsy said 1 litre bottles ( part no: G 052 182 A2 )..
  6. Golf V, boot dimensions?

    Dimension are ( approx.) 39cms width , 31cms from seat back to rear opening and 31cms height reducing slightly as approaches rear of car...
  7. 7 months and 6 days later the mk6 arrives

    What a mystery ! What colour is the engine compartment & floorpan ?
  8. New 2.0TSI Scirocco - Revo map loaded.

    I'm guessing its the KO3 on the standard engine with the KO4 on the R ???
  9. Golf Pirelli

    ...sounds like you've had 16 months of hellish ownership with all those rebuilds of the Pirelli. Hope you have much better luck with the R.
  10. Like you I rang round dealers and it was coming out at £530 ish! including waterpump. I then had a call from the dealer who were offering a special offer price £299 inc. water pump for work booked in before Xmas. (presumably because its a quiet time in the workshops).
  11. ..£530 from a franchised dealer for that work seems about the rate to me. Recently paid £299 for Cambelt including new water pump plus £60 for brake fluid change.
  12. Oil what's in yours?

    As long as it meets the VW spec ( i.e VW 504.00 ) you should be OK. I use Castrol Edge myself (Time/Distance servicing).
  13. GSD auto box

    Have they not said why they want to fit another box ? Has nothing come up on 'Diagnostics' ? Have they experienced the 'neutral' situation ? I'd want more info myself ? ( get them to check with VW Technical if they can't pinpoint the problem )
  14. Golf plus cambelt/water pump change

    If both were done on the 20 October, as the OP said, then surely the water pump would be covered by the 2 yrs parts & labour guarantee ?
  15. Anyone else here own or ordered a mk6 GTI?

    This link explains Concerned about the VAT increase? : News : Volkswagen UK