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  1. Chimeara Speedo drive

    I think on the 95 it shoulk be ontop of the Diff. Its called a tranducer and it basicaaly measures pulses as the diff goes round. The gap can become to big and then the speedo can mis read. If you can get as close to the cog it reads from without actually touching it it should read better. You could also clean the end aswell. I think you can test it aswell with a ammeter. there are normally two wires that come up through the transmission tunnel and join. If you plug the ammeter in there and then turn the rear wheels ( obviously after jacking the car up) you should see a difflection. To do precisely an oscilloscope would be needed. Steve Heaths Bible has all this info in if you havent got one go to If no joy after that then probably the Speedo will need re-calibrating.
  2. Drop links on a Griffith?

    Hi Ari some interetsing info and pics here and here
  3. What was your childhood dream car?

    New ere so be Kind, Always wanted a Porsche 959 when I was a Kid ( showing my age a but )