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  1. Black M3 CSL on way home from Le Mans

    Heard quite good things about Karting Nord so I'm hoping I'll have a good spot when I go back down in, oooh, less than three weeks for the Classic You were damn lucky not to get pulled if you were pressing on, one of our guys in the Diablo got stopped and had to lend 'les flics' one of his spare licences :D
  2. Le Mans Support Audi Avant :-)

    Which one in particular? the most dangerous is the "No Fat Chicks" no entry sign :D Jon - nope, done the Giallo ... red from here on in unless maybe if I move to a 550 in a couple of years, Grigio Titanium with burgundy leather ... only maybe mind You keeping well? Still got the R8?
  3. Le Mans Support Audi Avant :-)

    Ok ... how do i get the pics to display normally? ah ... got it!
  4. Le Mans Support Audi Avant :-)

    Yeah, those lights caused us to think for a while until we figured it was the Avante that we had seen at Calais! And yes, the quotation is indeed "24HRS sur le piss!"
  5. Le Mans Support Audi Avant :-)

    Came across on the return tunnel with us yesterday and had a nice steady run up the A1. We were in the "Race? ... What Race? Ferrari with my co-pilot StuB kindly doing all the hard work whilst I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Hope you had a good Le Mans
  6. Pricing on a 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera?

    That's not a bad price. Over here there is a mint 930 Turbo ('83) with 63k miles on the clock for £20,500, which i guess is around $36-37k. However, with that little mileage you may have problems with dried out seals and all sorts, especially if it has been standing for a long time. al
  7. Are us yanks really missing out on anything?

    When they used a Tuscan in Swordfish Mr Travolta was first to put his name down for when they eventually hit the States, if ever ... he loved it! I would love to return to TVR but will not get a Tuscan until I can be sure of the engine. Truly awesome cars though and lets hope under Russian ownership they just get better and better without losing the outgageous, totally unpractical style that we know and love. Evenin YP (where's the wavey smiley?)
  8. Ferrari running costs

    From a 348 perspective, or mine anyway... Services are generally around £600, except for the engine out service and belt change every 3 years or 30k miles which as Steve said is about £1500 inde or £2k main dealer. Pirelli P-zeros @ £150 each, last about 10k miles as they are pretty soft but very grippy! I had a new clutch last November and it cost £750 all in. That had lasted 25k miles. Use an independent that will fix things or replace component parts instead of just banging a whole new unit in at full cost! Don't get a limited mileage policy cos you'll want to drive the damn thing ALL THE TIME! Mine is £900 for me and wife, unlimited mileage. The cost pales into insignificance though when you turn the key and let the clutch out.
  9. SuperAmerica

    [ QUOTE ] I wouldn't worry about the debris as Ferrari drivers don't go out unless the weather is excellent . [/ QUOTE ] ahem!
  10. Ferrari Register

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Here's mine... er, again [/ QUOTE ] I do really like that What would the first number of your asking price be, if I may ask burriana? [/ QUOTE ] Don't mind you asking at all Mollox - it's up for sale. As Jon has kindly pointed you in the direction of the ad you'll know I'm looking for a smidge over £30k. If I had been sensible and sold it in June, I would have got £36k for it, Jas paid £40k for his around July time, but I was stupid and took it down to Spain (which I wouldn't have missed for the world). The car is seriously well priced as I have a property in Spain coming up for completion pretty soon and need to clear the financial decks for a while. Make no mistake - the car's a belter
  11. Ferrari Register

    Here's mine... er, again
  12. Attn all Ferrari Owners - Come to a TSN Meet!

    Like I said on t'other thread - if I still haven't sold the car, I will try and get up there
  13. fchatters sign in!

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] need to post pictures [/ QUOTE ] I believe that there is a book being set up as to who will manage to post pics first me or you [/ QUOTE ] Blind leading the blind, tho my dough's on SteveF [/ QUOTE ] Dead easy - if i can figure it out anyone can!
  14. fchatters sign in!

    You forgetting someone Jon? Lockyer -Insurance Jon TonyH Angelis F355GTS 355fiorano 328GTS TomW Stewart430 AlbertV8 - yes he does indeed have one! Burriana
  15. North East Holy Island Meet - 20th Nov

    If I still have the car then i will be there, but don't put me down as I don't want to let anyone down. Just one thing, steer clear of the main Harrogate to Skipton road, great at 7am in the morning but normally a nightmare chocked full of sunday drivers. Lots of great B roads up in the dales though, just stay away from the busy main routes. By the way - can I put in a claim for the SECOND dirtiest car