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  1. fcars forums

    [ QUOTE ] £10 for life is it? [/ QUOTE ] Unfortunately not, that's an annual subscription, it's a fair bit cheaper than the £75 for the Ferrari Owner's Club!
  2. fcars forums

    The only part you can't view as unsubscribed is the "Club zone". All the general stuff is available to everyone. Please note however that if you do subscribe, not only do you get access to all the site, there are some good discounts available plus some freebies, but you also get to "own" a share of the forum, and in the light of PistonHeads being sold this week ,allegedly for a 7 figure sum, that may be a shrewd investment of a tenner!
  3. insurance question

    [ QUOTE ] maybe ill take it for an estimate to a ferrari garage [/ QUOTE ] You already have! If your car went to BodyTechnics they do all the rectification work for Ferrari UK and Maranello Sales! They did a front end respray on my 355 and TBH the result is excellent!
  4. ENZO no more....

    [ QUOTE ] Must have lost it on a twisty bit of road. [/ QUOTE ] No, he hit a pot-hole! At just under 200mph! The car had done 33000 miles, it was his daily hack!!!
  5. Percentages

    And the other 43% can't do simple arithmetic!
  6. Car deprication of joy

    Don't forget "cost of money"! On your £24k it's cost you an additional £4300 based on 5%/year for 3 1/2 years.That's what you lost in interest if you'd left the cash in the bank!
  7. Supercar track experience

    Well if anyone does actually book anything from that site, put in the promo code 170274. Their site's down at the min, and by way of compensation, they're giving a fiver off if you put in that code.
  8. If you laugh, you're going to hell

    I don't want to go to Heaven anyway, I won't know anyone!
  9. This won't cause any more accidents then....

    That should render all the current "red light cameras" useless! I know, while they replace them, why not put in a combined red-light/speed camera/ANPR/DNA checker? And they say Big Brother's only a TV show!!!!
  10. High performance 4x4's

    [ QUOTE ] but don't pass judgement until you've actually driven one. I'd definitely choose this over the Range Rover as it doesn't make you sea-sick when cornering! [/ QUOTE ] Rather ironic that you make these two statements in the same post! Try a Full-size-grown-up 4.2 S/C and THEN form an opinion! A proper 4x4 that actually can go off road!
  11. Car fails, 1 month out of warranty.

    [ QUOTE ] RE: The Landrover, was it a Head Gasket on a Freelander by any chance? [/ QUOTE ] No, it was an 02 RR Vogue 4.4. The original cursory diagnosis was gearbox failure (a shade over 4 grand!!) but when they started stripping it, it was the front diff assembly. LR agreed to cover either repair without question, but TBH I think it had a lot to do with the Dealer working on my behalf to negotiate! I didn't have to threaten at all, the dealer offered to "talk to LR", and this was 3 months after they'd replaced the rad, again under warranty! Needless to say I did what all sensible people would do when they have a bad experience with an unreliable car.......I went in and bought a brand new one!
  12. Car fails, 1 month out of warranty.

    It's always worth a try! I got Land Rover to agree a £4000+ repair on a car that was 9 months out of warranty!
  13. Hit by Un-insured driver!!

    [ QUOTE ] some good advice guys, what im going to do is, try and force him to stop driving(i think if i just mention the police, that should be enough) also i am a bit peeved about him damaging the car, but no major damage done, what i was considering, was telling him to pay for half the repair, and promising to stop driving, and if he does drive, i will have to report him. what you guys think? [/ QUOTE ] So to add to your offence of aiding and abetting an uninsured driver, you now want to become a blackmailer! GROW UP! Report this scumbag before he ruins someone's life! You not only have a moral obligation to report this low-life, you have a legal one too! You know a serious offence is being committed on a regular basis, but you CHOOSE to turn a blind eye and ignore it!That makes you as guilty as him!!! Post the idiot's details on here and I'll report it, if you haven't got the balls to do it! Just consider the consequences of this reckless fool hitting a pedestrian and that poor soul spending the rest of their life crippled and living on benefits! Do the right thing, and do it now!
  14. Upto £45K for a weekend car, what's it to be?

    355 Spider for me too! The most fun you'll ever have with your clothes on! I know where there's a beautiful 1 owner 19,000 mile one, but the owner says even Bill Gates hasn't got enough money to make him part with it!
  15. Free Helicopter lessons