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  1. Post your Ferrari pics

    I have tried 5 times now and all it tells me is page cannot be found after i click submit. This is to much like hard work so i will leave it to the experts. Smart arse gits.
  2. fchatters sign in!

    [ QUOTE ] need to post pictures [/ QUOTE ] I believe that there is a book being set up as to who will manage to post pics first me or you
  3. Hee hee

    Has Stewart had that Chamois surgically grafted onto his hand? [/ QUOTE ] How did you guess? Certain standards have to be maintained. Do you guys ever organise drive out's/meets?
  4. F430 Spyder Pics

    [ QUOTE ] How are you getting on with the car? Had it long? And what did you have before? Apart from the many questions welcome aboard, we are a nice lot [/ QUOTE ] Had it for just over 2 months, done 5.2K miles, its just fantastic. Used to have a 355 still got a black 360 and an RS6
  5. Hee hee

    [ QUOTE ] <font color="red"> Hi again. Love what you've done with the place </font> [/ QUOTE ] I realy do hate the fact that you pick up this posting of pics so easy.
  6. Hee hee

    If some one can tell me how to post pics then i will show you mine.
  7. F430 Spyder Pics

    Nice car. Will try to post pics of mine later. RIP f-chat