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  1. Servicing in Herts

    I am now of the same ilk, however I won't go in to details just yet for (hopefully) obvious reasons. I also spoke at length to a chap at Follett yesterday, who was very helpful and I shall be taking my car there in future. At least she's running well! Lucie was very pleasant to talk to as well, Wikkus And they're local, so what more can I ask?
  2. Servicing in Herts

    Well, she did the 300 miles fine, no complaints. I've booked in with Aylesbury for tomorrow. I've since heard of a well regarded independent, Follett Motors, in St. Albans, which I think I'll be trying for anything major in future. Will let you know what I think of Aylesbury.
  3. Servicing in Herts

    Had the service light come on just now, so that answers that one . I have to do ~300 miles this weekend, is it safe to do so before servicing? It's just the OIL service that's come up. I've also had a quote from Aylesbury Audi of £165 for the service, which seemed bloody good for a main dealer. Hitchin are phoning me back later. Considering the last service receipt was £130 from a back-alley bloke, I'm tempted to take it at £165 and have it looked at by Audi chaps, as I've not had it looked at since buying it in Sept. Opinions?
  4. Servicing in Herts

    Hello, My 98 1.8T A3 is due a service in Jan (no indicator yet, do I get one?) judging by the last service receipt/stamp. The belts were done at 95k I think, the service book's at home, it's now on 121k, but I'm tempted to get them done too for piece of mind. Sensible or a waste of money? Main point of the thread was a recommendation for someone in Hertfordshire to do the work. I had a bad experience with my local VAG specialist in St. Albans so won't be going back to them. Any advice would be gratefully received .
  5. break light

    I had this happen on my A3 recently. Bulbs were fine when the car was parked on the flat, but off-side brake light didn't work on an incline. Swapped the bulb out and it's been fine.
  6. Windscreen Damage, Replace Or Fix ?

    I recently had two fairly large chips (one was more like a dent really ) on my A3 repaired by Autoglass through my insurance. It didn't cost anything and they made a very good job of it.
  7. Hee hee

    [ QUOTE ] If some one can tell me how to post pics then i will show you mine. [/ QUOTE ]Got some (quite good if I say so myself) photos of your car from today and the airfield day if you want high-resolution ones?