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  1. Rear Wiper won't turn off

    Not got access to vagcom i'm affraid. It's either switch on the stork, solanoid or something to do with connections on the motor. I recall reading somewhere about water/dirt ingress causing problems with connections to the motor. Anyone else?
  2. Might be a stupid question but will I loose the re-map if I disconnect the battery on my A4 1.9TDi Avant Sport?
  3. Any ideas? The rear wiper on my A4 1.9TDi Avant Sport won't turn off. Just keep wiping away. If I take the 30amp fuse out it stops but I then can't use any wipers front or rear as it controls the entire wiper circuit. It has always played up a little, sticking sometimes when doing it's sweep. However, on Friday it turned itself on when accelerating away from a junction an now just stays on. Help please.
  4. Company called S P Tuning advertising re-maps over on e-bay for £179. Proper serial port job, not a tuning box. Anyone used them? They quote 20% gain both bhp & torque for the PD130 TDi. I know AMD, REVO & Superchips are favorite but you can't ignore the price differential.
  5. S P Tuning

    If you read their feedback, they seem to have lots of satisfied customers who have had re-maps done. All marques, BMW, Mini, VAG, Citroen. I would go to AMD as 1st choice but the price differential is too large to ignore.
  6. S P Tuning

    I have come across this Company on E-bay who offer re-maps for VAG TDi engines at £179. I am considering getting my A4 TDi (130) Sport done and wondered whether anyone on here had experienced them?