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  1. Strange habbits

    I always turn the key one stop short of starting the car whenever I get in, even if I'm just getting something out of the glovebox. I think it stems from my first car- my housemate used to try to steal the keys...
  2. Bespokes Car Rental

    Do they not do the Caterhams any more?
  3. The Feeling - Twelve Stops And Home

    [ QUOTE ] reassuringly similar. [/ QUOTE ] Talk about damning with faint praise...
  4. Working in London...

    DO NOT LIVE IN STEVENAGE! My brother used to work there and live in Letchworth- he was 23 and the oldest non-father there. He said the best thing about it was that the A1 made it easy to leave... St Albans is nice, plus it's on the Thameslink so you can get straight to Kings Cross Thameslink station. It's got loads of good pubs (or did 10 years ago), it's not cheap though. Personally I'd be looking around Upper Street in Angel, it's only one stop away from Kings Cross on the Northern line.
  5. Working in London...

    I enjoyed living there and lived in one of the duller areas. Having said that I know people who lived in places like Hackney and hated it. One of my best mates lives in Chalk Farm, between Camden and Primrose Hill, and I would move there in a second. Personally I agree with Robin, but can understand where Craigyb comes from as I've heard other people say it too. Then again I've heard the same thing about most major cities.
  6. Working in London...

    I've been commuting from Northampton to London Bridge since February- before that I lived in London. I get the 7:12 in the morning and get home just before 7:45 so it's a long day! I'm an accountant too and I can tell you it's hard to study and commute. My advice would be to live in London if you can, it's so much easier to study and have a social life. But as has been said above it's not so bad commuting if you can get a seat.
  7. Aircon... am I being pikey?!

    Evo Magazine used to say that if you held a Ford Puma on a steady throttle and switched the Air Con off it would accelerate... Mate of mine used to have an M3- he'd turn the air con off on trackdays but otherwise it would always be on. I've never had aircon so can't comment from personal experience!
  8. Lorries overtaking lorries

    The reason they pass like that is that it takes ages to speed up again after they slow down, and it uses loads of fuel. When you're paid a flat rate it's in your interest to keep econony up and the best way to do that is to maintain your average speed come what may. I'm not defending it, just explaining it. I drove up to Stafford on the M6 at the weekend and drove through two sets of roadworks with average speed cameras- and on both occasions got stuck behind two cars running parallel at 35mph. I followed them the length of the roadworks in which time the one on the outside had probably gained, ooh, maybe a centimetre over the other one. The queue behind was quite a sight both times...
  9. BMW M1

    That white M1 was parked outside Woolaston BMW in Northampton last week. I tried to upload photos of it but couldn't get it to work. Looked good though!
  10. speeding

    It depends where you live- I got 3 points and a £60 fine for doing 37 in Northampton. 1 mph less and I'd have been given the option of paying for a road safety course and avoiding the points. Some counties offer this, some don't. Good luck!
  11. What is it?

    t's an Alfa (you can tell by the shield tacked on the front) but I don't know its name. It was in a Alfa exhibition at the Science Museum a couple of years ago, I think I stood in front of it and dribbled for a good 10 minutes... Looks like I should go for a walk down there one day!
  12. 80s/90s cars you wished you'd owned but never did

    BMW Z1- almost bought one instead on my MX-5 in '01. My ex talked me out of it because she didn't like the doors or something. When I was 17 I lusted after either an AX GT or the Charade GTti- I'd still have one now...
  13. A few sacrifices for something a bit special?

    Drive the dream! Who needs luxuries anyway? Is it a Bitter?
  14. Sat nav question

    Buy a map? It's cheaper to update...
  15. Shell V-Power...

    On a completely unrelated note, it looks like V-power is replacing those damn chickens on ITV's F1 Coverage ...