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  1. Injection prices

    Depends. you can get most suitable for a holiday from gp but if go for longer (I moved to Delhi for 6 months a couple years ago) the gp doesn’t provide all that are recommended Those ones cost around £250 iirc
  2. F30 issues

    No issues with tracking on my F31. Although i am on my third steering rack.
  3. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership
  4. The £1k mobile phone

    For my work I can choose any android or apple device - alas my desk currently has iPhone 7, 7 plus, s8 plus, s7 edge on it. A few years ago I couldn't stand apple phones till the 5S I think. Now, I never pick up anything to take home than an iPhone. Yes they aren't as customisable as an android, the X may be perceived as catching up with other android phones but they (iPhones) just work. They do what they do, and do it well. no lag like I find on android after a handful of apps open and menus are simple (especially compared to the over complicated Samsung system). Whichever iPhone you pick up you know where everything is. Definately not a fan boy - no other apple equipment (I have tried to like macs but can't get into them). As a tool the iPhone is great Regarding the price - I am pretty sure but I'd have to check, the 7+ I am writing this on was very close to £1k on launch so it's not a big difference to this.
  5. MOTs in older cars

    I've noticed a lot of big SUV recently with slick looking tyres - Q7/X5/ML etc that are a few years old with tread levels I can't believe are legal
  6. Golf Gti Remapped to death for fun

    Typical Ben taking bits off cars as you drive along!! Never seen that before!
  7. Four bike towbar mounted rack recommendations

    We have one of these (well, the model previous to this): we only need it for 3 bikes but they do the extension too. Took a bit of fiddling to get the best placement of the bikes however, once you've done it a few times it's easy. They lock and and you can tilt it down to open to boot. Works perfectly on our 3 series estate. Nothing to complain about really.
  8. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    I think it's driven by the discounts dealers are giving on new cars. On 3's and 4's at the moment 22/23% is achievable so used cars are taking a hammering. Over on a BMW forum there are many people Vt'ing pcp deals as soon as they can as the car is worth way way less than the GFV
  9. Yes, exactly. The tiny interest it outweighed by the exchange rate savings on that card so happy days. when I've tried to overpay the payments have been returned??
  10. You will get charged interest from day of cash withdrawal too not the statement date as per normal card transactions
  11. Another vote for this. I have used it all over the world without an issue.
  12. Another new S5 ordered

    Apparently not a patch on the Audi one (that's the word on BMW forums) and if you order HUD and digital dash the order will be place on hold due to some issue with he combination of options - some dealers won't even accept orders for that combo
  13. What is it? Volvo?

    We saw it near Tockwith - there's some sort of test track thing I think there
  14. What is it? Volvo?

    infact i think its a volvo S90 - but why camo'd? they are available to the public, aren't they?
  15. What is it? Volvo?

    Seen this morning around York