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  1. Vag-Com query

    Is this a genuine cable as the cloned ones i.e. fakes will only work with a cracked version of vcds and stop working if you upgrade vcds versions from the Ross Tech site.
  2. VAG COM AND THE NEW mk 7 GOLF AND A3.........

    No, the update is free and will work with any genuine ross tech hex-can or micro-can cable.
  3. What pad should I get?

    My orange Sonus DAS SwirlBuster polishing pad is coming to the end of its life and it appears to now be discontinued. Can you guys suggest an equivalent or better pad for the job? Sonus DAS SwirlBuster Pad by Sonus Car Care - Elite Detailer Ltd - Bilt Hamber, Nanolex, Zaino,
  4. Only 4 days left with the GTI...

    Nice one mate...
  5. You could have a look in the wanted section on here, Wanted
  6. Mkv vwgolf gti 2008 (08)

    You need to post a few pics to attract interest...
  7. Air con ? climate control fault on Mk V gti

    The compressor on the earlier Mk5 golfs were well documented to fail prematurely so much so that VW changed the supplying manufacturer. I hope that this isn't your problem...
  8. speedo accuracy

    Does your GTi come with the digital readout for the climate control? If it does then you can get a more accurate speed readout from there although it's out of your direct line of sight.
  9. Awesome GTI - Have you used them?

    I can highly recommend them ...
  10. DSG oil cost

    afaik the oil only comes in 1 litre bottles.
  11. Awesome > ECS Magnetic Drain Plug With 10 Copper Washers
  12. Ludwig, just a small tip but you really need to use only silicon grease on the grommets as other types of grease will perish the rubber of the grommet.
  13. If you can get off the engine cover then you're laughing. DIY: changing spark plugs and coil packs | Volkswagen Rabbit/GTI/Jetta/GLI MkV DIY & FAQ
  14. port status ok interface not found

    But only for genuine cable owners...
  15. Cold weather starting problems

    I think you should try charging your battery overnight.
  16. It is possible to do but the cost of such an upgrade is quite expensive and IMO not really worth it.
  17. loss of power after changing up.

    Unfortunately to get at the DV you have to get under the car and remove three bolts that hold the DV in place.
  18. loss of power after changing up.

    May be worth checking your "new" dv for a small tear if it is the diaphragm type.
  19. port status ok interface not found

    Just a heads up to say if you have a micro-CAN cable then the turbo button will not be available with the version 9 software. Hex-CAN cables are unaffected.
  20. Best price for new GTI?

    I suspect that the present poor exchange rate on the euro will not allow any significant savings unlike back in 2006.
  21. Squeaky brakes

    Go take your car out for a run and do about 5-10 rapid decelerations from about 70mph to around 10mph. That should sort out your brake squeek.
  22. My local dealers latest offer

    I remember Awesome doing something similiar for a VW dealer around Birmingham a year or so ago with the ED30.
  23. OZ Alleggerita Lightweight Wheels....

    This has been said before but RR has checked with AP and they have confirmed that it's mounted correctly.
  24. High mileage on a golf?

    Cheers for that TT. Back on topic, if you're thinking of getting such a high milage GTi then I strongly suggest you have the high pressure fuel pump cam follower and the cam lobe it's driven off of looked at for abnormal wear as this is a weak point of these engines even if not modified If the cam follower is badly worn, it can also damage the driving cam lobe leading to a very expensive repair bill as the car is unlikely to be covered under warranty.
  25. High mileage on a golf?

    RR have you damaged your driver's side osir fog grill?