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  1. Absolutely gutted - keyed in bath...!

    I bet the police showed their usual lack of interest. I had both wing mirrors ripped off my Cupra R a year back and the police could not have given a stuff. Sad stuff this. I go to Bath several times a week and would have thought it was one of the safer locations to leave a smart motor. So sorry to see this happen to someone's pride and joy.
  2. Unlikely to just buff out....

    Just picked up my car from the repairer. Top job so far as I can tell. I can see no evidence whatsoever of it having been in an accident. Drives like new so I am very pleased. Feels good after their 3 cyl Polo courtesy car!
  3. Unlikely to just buff out....

    Thanks Timski. I will post the outcome on here as and when. Cheers.
  4. Unlikely to just buff out....

    AndyW. Well that is a v good question. I did not call the police which was stupid in retrospect. There were no witnesses to the accident itself. At the time she kept repeating how sorry she was and that she had not seen me. I have all her details and these have been passed to my insurance company. However, if she choses (or more likely is advised) to deny any responsibility then I doubt that there is anything the insurance company could do. In that respect it would have been better if I had hit her. I guess that my decision making was not at its best after the accident. My main concern at the time was arranging for the recovery of my cat as it was perched on top of a dry stone wall. You live and learn I guess.
  5. Unlikely to just buff out....

    I was also very lucky that I did not have my 12 year old boy in the car as I was on my way to watch Bath Rugby and he would normally have been with me but was feeling unwell that day. I doubt that he would have been hurt but it would have badly shaken him up. I just hope they do a decent job of repairing it!
  6. Unlikely to just buff out....

    I was travelling along pretty much straight narrow country road (Fosse Way) in good conditions. Approach x road with right of way. Fiesta pulls up at give way mark on left. Driver looks down road towards me so I assume she has seen me. I get to about 20 metres from her (doing about 40mph) and she just pulls out to cross the road I avoid her but hit bank/drystone wall as nowhere to go. I was unhurt but she was hysterical. She had a baby crying on drivers side back seat, so it was just as well I missed her even if it did trash my car. I guess that's what insurance is for.
  7. Unlikely to just buff out....

    Must be something about red GTI's. This is mine....sad day!
  8. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh :(

    Err. Not sure i get this thread at all.
  9. Just picked up my GTi

    Not a complete convert. If the new shaped Cupra R had been available I would have gone for that. The GTi is very refined, unquestionably is better finished and of higher build quality than the Seat, but I still reckon that the Cupra R is a better drivers car. It is quite a bit quicker, feels more 'planted' and yet has a more compliant ride. IMHO of course.
  10. Just picked up my GTi

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I thought I had hit my first electrical gremlin last night when I left work. The bloody seat belt warning light and dinger would not go off even though I had my belt on. I tried refitting my belt a couple of times but the thing just kept up its irritating bonging . Then I realised that I had my case on the passenger seat and that there must be a (very sensitive) weight sensor which made the car think I had an extremely small and vulnerable passenger. Case on the floor in the footwell solved the problem. Felt a bit of a plonker for being caught out like that. Anyway, I love the blue lit dash. So cool.
  11. Just picked up my GTi

    I had decided that I wanted a GTi to replace my Cupra R and went to my local VW stealer to do a test drive. In the showroom was a red standard GTi that was immediately available. I loved the car on a test drive and decided there and then to have the showroom car. TBH I think that the spec on the standard car is plenty high enough. I like the seats, prefer the handling and ride on the 17" wheels, would rather have the manual box than DSG and cannot think of anything really that I wanted to add. This is the first time for many years that I have been so restrained when buying a new car. I must say that adding lots of options to a car usually makes the depreciation even more vicious when you come to sell.
  12. Just picked up my GTi

    Only done about 20 miles back to my office so far. I am a very happy bunny. Car feels very solid and high quality. It's quieter than my Cupra R but has a nice exhaust note. Fittings and general build certainly seems much better. I will post pics up when I can. Spec is 3 door, RED, manual with absolutely no extras at all.
  13. Mk5 GTI v Mk5 R32...

    There was a new R32 at the local dealers today. My god I'm glad I ordered a GTi. The R32 looked quite awful. Talk about automotive bling. It makes the Focus ST in orange look like an understated car. VW have lost the plot I'm afraid.
  14. Age of GTI owners

    Thanks chaps, appreciate that
  15. Age of GTI owners

    Just 50. Last VW was a very old Beetle back in the mid 70's.