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  1. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    I know what you mean about the Xenon's.... I must admit the cost of them is a tad bit on the high side and the fact they are not readily available to order yet is a bit of a downer! I didn't know you could order 19's on the Scirocco now... thats pretty cool! £14k doesn't seem like a bad trade-in price to be honest, although I don't know what year your car is?? I guess the registration laws are different in N.Ireland and you don't have the stupid 6 monthly registration cycles?
  2. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Welcome Brian. Just out of interest, what spec Ed30 do you have and how poor is the Trade-In value which is being offered?
  3. The wifes new toy....

    Nice car in every way Pitch... I'm very envious! What lengths did you go to to source this car as I've been unable to find anything of the sort for this type of money.... especially not as in this good a condition? Most people (private and trade) with 07 Ed30's are trying to sell at ridiculous prices and £13,750 seems a very good price? Before you ask, I'm using all the usual places to look for cars; AutoTrader,, eBay, Tyresmoke and forums etc !!! Did I just miss this one!?
  4. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Wow, if only they would build that for the UK market, I'd love to own one!
  5. 2008 Ed30 Price

    Hi mate Depends if the first owner haggled - there were a fair few dscounts available at the start of 2008 so I don't suspect they paid full retail for it. I guess about £23k would be about right. Retail would have been about £25k
  6. Thats your best bet for selling something like this. I had the petrol 180 model and when it came to selling I actually stuck an advert in the VW Driver magazine where I got top top dollar for it..... in fact I think it was the most expensive Anni for sale in the country at the time and my buyer drove 100 miles to come and buy it as it was an immaculate example. If you have time on your side stick to your guns and the right buyer who wants one will see it.
  7. Sweet car Jon, I hope it goes to a good home..... I always wanted one of these after having owned my MKIV 25th Anniversary but I never got round to it !
  8. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Does anyone know when the MKVI GTI will be available to order yet?
  9. Lux Pack ?????

    I reckon you'll get most of what you want but you might have to increase the budget just slightly.... a lot of the cheap Ed30's have no toys at all, and thats fine if you can live with the basics but if you want Xenon's and other nice bits you might have to increase what you're prepared to pay.
  10. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Yes, thats *exactly* what I was thinking when I was looking at it.... from the front and rear there is definetely a different look, but side on and inside it just looks and feels like the current model.
  11. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Yeah I saw one in Abridge Harlow today.... I didn't think they were launched yet but it was sitting in showroom for all and sundry to see. I had a sit inside the cockpit and it doesn't really feel any different to the MKV.... the change in MKV -> MKVI is certianly not as radical as it wasd from MKIV -> MKV.
  12. Depressing MKV value

    £9,750!!!!! Jesus..... is it that bad out there?
  13. White R32

    Yep, it's Vindis...... Quite a few other forum users on various sites have said there may be further drops on price available the closer we get to Xmas.... I'm not sure if thats true or just wishful thinking?!
  14. White R32

    Hey Rob. What did you mean by good luck if you buy one? Or have I just read that wrong? My local dealer is on my case to buy one of these R32's as I expressed an interest a couple of weeks ago. They have a DBP, DSG, 3dr, Anthracite Leather, Armrest with iPod and Rear Sensors for £21,495.00 Is this a sound deal or do you think I should bargain for some more? Ideally I didn't want to spend anymore than £20k so if anyone knows of any better deals that would be good.
  15. Hi all. Does anyone know if it's possible to download Adobe Flash Player onto an Ipod Touch? I'm surfing the net with the Ipod and a lot of websites (eg BBC) have video's which require Adobe Flash Player to be installed before they can be viewed. When I try and download the Mac OS X version for Safari nothing much seems to happen..... any ideas? Thanks, Tony.