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  1. Front Wheel Bearings

    Oh yes that's the first thing i checked don't want to be parting with any dosh. Mileage a present is 13500 miles (05 Reg). Noise was present before i fitted the wheels too (6000 miles) but i just thought it was normal. VW took the wheels off another Gti to see if there was a difference in noise levels which on road test i said there was no change and the technician said there was a significant reduction (yeh right easier to just fob me off with the old "you've fitted aftermarket wheels" ) The parts are on back order which is also strange (no wheel bearings !) Car could be off the road for a while !!!!
  2. Front Wheel Bearings

    My Gti went into the dealers yesterday to have an anoying rattle sorted out from the n/s air vent area. Imagine my surprise when they rung back to tell me the noise had been sorted out (fittings behind air vent)but my cars front wheel bearing were knackered. As a safety precaution they were taking it off the road and supplying me with a courtesy car as the parts were on back order. Anyone else had this fault ? I have had the car into a different dealer before after i complained about excess road noise but they blamed my tyres. (Gti Mk5 fitted with BBS 19" CH alloys and Toyo tyres)
  3. Deposit down on R36

    Being a dealer i would be foolish to have one car now wouldn't I. RS4 i bought to sell at a profit. Golf is a daily driver clocking up 800 miles a week. Wouldn't mind having a bid at that ferrari in your pic but then thats way out of my league. RS6 in my pic was a 53 reg and the most awsome car i have ever owned. (just in case you were wondering what 450bhp felt like)!
  4. Deposit down on R36

    Needed to put down £1000. Or i could have left it in the bank making a measily 5% interest. Auto express have some news on the R36 if you search on there site. By the way i wasn't the first to place a deposit.
  5. Deposit down on R36

    R36 is coming, R42 isn't. I knew nothing about the RS4 but i am driving one while others are sat in a waiting list.
  6. Deposit down on R36

    Put deposit down today on R36. My local dealer knows it is coming but has no info. Could it be introduced into MK6 ???? Or the last of the MK5's. Anyway its orderd.
  7. Remapped GTi Economy

    AMD did Stage 1 on mine 5000 miles ago, no problems at all apart from trying to get the massive power down. Regarding fuel economy i am up around 3-4 mpg. VW should have built them this way.
  8. MK 5 LED Rear Lights

    Will ring valeo tomorrow for part numbers and prices. Maybe a bit soon but its worth a try.
  9. MK 5 LED Rear Lights

    According to information in this thread LED lamps will be supplied by Valeo as OEM and will be available from June 2006. Not long to wait !
  10. MK 5 LED Rear Lights

    I think the Hella ones look crap. It would make my Gti look like a Seat Ibiza. No no no no no! Found some more - Check this thread out at I never knew there was some many options available. I too prefer the ones that look like the OE lights as in reply 19 but where can i get them.
  11. MK 5 LED Rear Lights

    Those are the hella jobs RED what do you think ?
  12. MK 5 LED Rear Lights

    Like the so cool ones on the Golf plus. I have an account with Hella who are launching some next month but they look a bit tacky. They will also be launching the Angeleyes front headlamps too. My hella rep will be sending me pics and prices soon.
  13. MK 5 LED Rear Lights

    Has anyone seen or have any pics of any LED rear light conversions
  14. how powerful is your Golf

    Very smooth right across rev range, its great ! Just do it. Its well worth it !
  15. GTI vs ST...yet again!

    Hi Red My Gti is a manual 6 speed. Had a test drive in the R32 last week and wasn't keen. R32 may sound good but so does the Gti when you stand on its tail and in my opinion is just as fast. I suppose its down to the power to weight thingymbob. So went ahead with re-map, now its an animal compared to before. Will be adding Miltek and suspension soon Long live the Turbo Golf !!!! Yipeee