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  1. RNS510 question

    Hi Guys, can anyone tell me if it is possible to save mp3's to the HDD of the RNS510 from a USB flash drive. I have tried but cannot seem to get a menu that allows me to copy from this media format and I do not have the hardware that allows me to use the SD card route. cheers
  2. Re-Map opinions

    Richard, I am currently waiting for APS to remap my Scirocco, they are currently unable to write to the ECU on these latest generation VAg group cars as they are clamped down differently. They do however expect to have the ability anyday now as some super clever guy has written software to do it and will be making it available to the market. I would suspect that your Audi fits into this category hence why the tuners you have approached cannot help at this stage. JonCowling, I was there when Oli had his car RR'd along with a couple of other GTi's, some wuth Full Millteks, custom remaps etc so the full stage 2. I also had a full stage 2 GTi and I have not seen evidence of GTI's with the K03 turbos making those figures. What you do get though is a very nice drive with a decent bit more power that is more than obvious. Do also bear in mind that some RR's are a tad generous with their outputs, so I guess the best measure there is the difference before and after remapping to see the "overall gain"
  3. Fifth Gear

    Red, Milltek are indeed working on a full system for the scirocco, how do I know ? Well because I picked my Scirocco up on Friday afternoon and dropped it off to Milltek on Monday morning to use as their development vehicle. Expect the product to be available within a couple of weeks, Cat back first with downpipe to follow shortly afterwards. The standard rear bumper will just about accomodate twin 90mm pipes a la Ed30 offering. As for the car, well I drove the 120 odd miles to Derby up the Fosse Way all the way to the A5 before joining the motorway. I would say that it feels very comparable to my MKv which had a full suspension upgrade on it, very sharp turn in, steering weight being very good. I played with the ACC and the changes although subtle were noticeable but it will live its life in sport mode unless the kids are in it for a long journey which is unlikely as we have a "mummy bus" for those journeys. Is there anything I don't like ? well yes, 2 things spring to mind. Firstly the rear view mirror is tiny and because of its position and the cars slope down to the back, when you look out the rear view mirror you cannot see too far behind, thankfully the wing miirrors are excellent which helps somewhat. Secondly, the brake pedal in the DSg model feels much higher than the accelerator in so much as when you lift off to brake you really notice having to bend your knee to get your foot back to cover the pedal. Once you do hit the pedal though, OMG , this thing has immense brakes compared to the Golf. Oh, and it doesn't half turn heads.
  4. Fifth Gear

    Red, i know Ed well as he did all the current mods on the MkV. Siburts golf was the donor car for all the hardware as he converted his back to standard when he sold it and offered all the suspension and exhaust with around 10,000 miles for a very reasonable price. VW kindly did an ECU upgrade which overwrote the remap and Ed kindly remapped again for no charge. Anybody umming and arring about using APS can rest assured they re a totally professional outfit run by petrolheads who adore anything VW or Audi. Will keep you all posted and do a before and after comparison once the work is completed, clearly with a new vehicle aftermarket products may take some time to come to market.
  5. Fifth Gear

    Robin, well I have decided to take the stock model my dealer had in last week and you will be pleased to know it is already booked for a visit to the lads at APS to do their magic in conjunction with fruitier soundtrack courtesy of messrs Milltek and bit of lowering from KW. :grin::grin::grin: Will keep you all informed as to how my new relationship goes.
  6. Spec and build week thread....

    Hi guys, well I took the plunge and placed a deposit against the Scirocco delivered to my local dealer last week. Its silver with black leather, DSG, NAV, Winter pack and parking sensors. I do the swap over on Friday. My beloved MKv is sat in the drive sulking now, its been a fantastic relationship but time to move on. I dunno how I will cope having owned the fastest car in the fastest colour on the road.......
  7. First Test Drive....

    hi RockIt, recognise the location from my youth days in Queensbury, by the old Sportsman inn and dry ski slope. Good write up there, agree with your last post to Robin about it being a good compromise if not wishing to go to the likes of M3 money. As much as I love my GTi (similar performance mods to Robin), I personally think that this is a fresh look as down here in Oxford where I live now, GTi's are getting rather a common sight. Robin, I have already made enquiries to APS regarding remapping and a Milltek for the Roc. I mean, hey, wouldn't want to buy anything much slower having owned the fastest car on the road.............a red MKV GTi..........:roflmao::roflmao:
  8. Dealer stock

    Evening TSN'rs, I have been canvassing all the VW dealers within my locality to see if any of them could do a deal on a Scirocco, none would budge on the list price of the vehicle but I have had 2 dealers willing to give 10% off any options. Then, yesterday afternoon the salesman from one of the dealerships called me to say they had taken "surprise" delivery of a DSG scirroco in silver. They have a manual salsa red one in stock as their demo from when the initial batch went out btw. This silver car was as they put it "a surprise" and is thus available with immediate effect. I am tempted as this car has nearly all the options I would of ordered except dynaudio and Xenons. I am in a conundrum as to whether to take the plunge on this car that nearly meets my requirements or wait until 09 plate and get exactly what i want. Bear in mind that they are all quoting 16 weeks factory order so I feel it worth hanging on for a few extra weeks just to get the new plate. However, this car is as yet unregistered and I could be in it as early as Tuesday. So, to help me out a bit, have any of you guys seen your dealers with any stock vehicles other than the standard demo car ? I am thinking that this could possibly be a cancelled order as they also offered a build week 41 slot that is still open for configuring although they said it was a white one (confused me, if its white but configurable). cheers.......Nige
  9. Fan belt / bearing noise

    Hello mate, my Mar06 GTi starting making a noise similar to what you describe when it was 6 months old, turned out to be one of the belts touching one of the pipes that leads to the lower radiator, all sorted in 5 mins at the dealers. hope your problem turns out to be nothing more sinister. cheers........Nige
  10. Cooper S Mpg

    Hello everyone, can anybody confirm what real world MPG they are getting from the new turbocharged cooper s. I am sure I recall the original supercharged version as being a tad thirsty for a 1.6 around the 30mpg mark iirc. The current figures for the new turbo version suggest 45mpg as a composite figure. Is this correct as in the current climate of rocketing fuel costs it could well turn out to be a relatively cheap hot hatch to run. Any comments regarding this and the new version in general would be welcome. I have been a passenger briefly in an old version but have never driven one. I do 25000 miles a year, current car being a mkV GTi and am slightly worried that it may be a compromise to go for this car. I am also considering a 123d coupe, different car, different price league but i am keeping my options open. cheers in advance Nige
  11. peugeot 307 sw 1.6 hdi se

    Jonboy, I cannot say what the santa Fe was like never having been in one but there is a certain dual carriageway that bypasses my home town. Starting from one end you enter the dual carriageway which is straight for about 1.5 miles before going over a crest. Someway down that straight is a signpost which coming off the roundabout and giving it the beans, the pug gets to around 91 (read that as kilometres if you are plod) whereas my golf gti gets up to significantly more. naturally on a Sunday morning when the roads are deserted. In real life driving terms, you need so much room to overtake say an HGV doing the legal 40 on a single carriageway so your "time exposed to danger" whilst commited to the overtake is considerable. I usually hang back 100 metres or so and do a run up to increase my closing speed prior to where I know there would be a possible overtake (assuming I am on a road I know) so that I can catapult past. If you have passengers or a full load on board then i think it could be outdragged by cross channel ferry. Do bear in mind that yours is 110 Hp and a 1.6 whereas mine is the 2 litre 90hp so I am 20hp down and with probably quite a heavier engine. As for handling nicely, well all I can say is you must of driven some appaling cars cos the pug is comfy in a straight line but is struggling in the bends though to be fair, its not marketed as a sporty roadster. I apologised in my first post for being negative but on balance, yeah its a crap car. Took a toyota verso 2.2D4 out for test at the weekend, huge improvement all round with legendary toyota reliabilty. The Pugs days are numbered !!!!!!!!!!
  12. peugeot 307 sw 1.6 hdi se

    Hi jonBoy, I think the price is probably fair for the year and mileage. I bought my wife a Sw 90 HDi SE as the "family wagon" back in July 2004. It was an ex fleet car at the company I worked for at the time. It had done 49000 in its 18 months and I got it then for 6400 direct from inchcape who managed our fleet (300 quid below trade value at the time, it booked at 9000 retail iirc). Its now got 98000 and I have been offered 2800-3200 trade in against a few cars we are looking to change to, none French BTW. Although the car has a full service history, at 64000 we got apuncture and were unable to lower the spare by the boot opertaed winch as the cable snapped after it lowered 6 inches. Peugeot refused to pay anything towards the repair even though the car was under 3 years old and the spare was the one that came with the car hence the winch had never been used. I had to order a new one which comes as a complete assembly and it cost best part of 300 quid including fitting. However, the part was a back order so I had to wait for 2 weeks for it to be deiliverd whereby in the meantime the dealer said the car was safe to drive as the wheel would not move. A couple of days later and thankfully driving down a local quiet country lane, the wheel dropped free, caused the rear of the car to jump as the wheel hit the deck and then the wheel shot off at 45 degrees into the right hand hedgerow. If this had happened on a main road or at speeds above the 30-40 that I was going I shudder to think of the potential consequences. Again, Peugeot did not want to know despite a letter. Since then I have had a clutch failure, dual mas flywheel type so a 700 quid bill at an independent dealer, coolant leaks, indicator stalk failure, brake servo playing up and a host of trim bits falling off. Needless to say I am not happy with Peugeot reliability or build quality. I must say though that it has been a useful load lugger albeit a slow one, the 90 engine is gutless beyond belief and returned decent economy. I do hope that I have been unlucky and that your purchase proves much better. As far as the back seat goes, to each side of the base of the cushion there should be fabric tags that you pull to fold the seat back down, Once that has been folded you pull up the lever that is at the rear of the seat cushion base and the seat will tilt upwards allowing you to undo the red clips and lift the seat out. I think you have to ensure though that the seat is slid fully back before it will tilt from the locked down position if this makes sense. I hope you enjoy your car, sorry if this post comes across as negative but I really feel let down by Peugeot and their customer care service. PS, you may see from my signature that i drive a VW, the Pug is the wifes car. Give me German over French any day, except in the wine department. Anyone for a nice bottle of black tower.
  13. A3 2.0T DSG remap

    Ensnare, I have my DSG MKV GTi remapped by APS and can safely say those guys know their way around the 2.0 TFSi engine. At the last VW service, my ECU had a flash upgrade which wiped the APS map. A quick chat with Ed at APS and I popped over the next day for a quick reload of the original remap all done free of charge. Ed commented that cars responded better to a remap post this VW upgrade and he is certainly correct. My car really does pick up well and the mid range urge is noticeably improved. They also did my suspension upgrade 30,000 miles ago (Koni FSD's and Eibach springs plus HR anti roll bars) I have not had a problem other than scared passengers as the thing turns in and grips through high speed corners with ease. Coupled with the remap, its nothing but smiles per mile. APS get the ++++++ from me.
  14. Scratched....

    Gutted for you mate, I had some local low life deliberately ram his BMX into my previous car causing his handlebar to gouge a 6 inch dent and scratch into the 3/4 panel. Called the fuzz who came out (in a transit)and we went for a spin in the direction the yob made off. Luckily he was not expecting this and was mega shocked to see me in the passenger seat point him out to plod who made a stirling arrest. However, having had the damage estimated at 500 quid to repair went to court (oh had a witness as well so it was clear cut) His brief managed to wangle it a on a technicality that it was done on purpose. Bottom line was, this scroat was ordered to pay only 240 damages to me plus 50 quid court costs. He paid it initially for a few weeks at 5 quid a week cos he was unemployed. Eventually he defaulted and did a stretch with me finally getting paid the balance of the 240 about a year after the judgement was passed. The criminal justice system in this country stinks, don't rely on it to resolve your case and fully compensate you. As was said earlier, go to court, identify this scumbag and administer some proper justice.
  15. wheel bearings

    Afternoon guys, started to notice over the past week or two, a slight rumble/drone noise which changes at speed. I am 100 per cent certain its a wheel bearing as its the same sound I have had on previous cars that have been fixed by replaced bearings. I have covered 34000 miles so am a little peeved that this has cropped up. Anyone else had similar probs ? Nige