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  1. Remapped BMW 318d

    Hi Matt If they test drive it then it can be a give away, but the software should be mapped in a way that it cannot be seen. The MSD80 equipped 135i's will show up a remap on the dealer tools, but yours uses the EDC17 ECU which does not come up on the diagnostics tools. If its a 2009 onwards model you will have the latest encrypted processor in the ECU. Currently, we are are the only UK tuner that have cracked these ECUs
  2. Hi We fit the Sachs performance clutch alot. This is rated at 407lbs/ft torque, and is approx £800.00 fitted
  3. 2.0 TDI CR tuning?

    Hello Rob Yes, we can tune all of the latest VAG diesel models. We have actually tuned 2 Audi A3 140CR models for a local dealer. The 140 runs approx 175hp once tuned. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an e-mail to info@p-torque.co.uk Thanks Will
  4. Remap: GT Sport TSI 170.

    Hi Aiden You can expect 200 - 210hp and 195 - 205lbs/ft torque
  5. Remap: GT Sport TSI 170.

    Hi! Yep I'm still here! is £345.00 all in to remap, including dyno runs before and after. We were one of the first UK tuners to release tuning software for both the new EDC17 diesels and MED17 TFSI models. Drop me an e-mail if you have any other quesitons at info@p-torque.co.uk Cheers
  6. Hey Guys P-Torque have now released their remap for the Audi's fitted with TFSI engines and latest 2.0/2.7/3.0 TDI. As a guide: 2.7TDI is mapped for a +40bhp and +60lbs/ft torque increase 3.0TDI is mapped for a +49bhp and +80lbs/ft torque increase. Mapping is carried out via the OBD port, and are £345.00 all in each. This will also include dyno power runs on manual transmission models Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01902 324584 or at info@p-torque.co.uk Thanks
  7. Spider diesel tuning

    Yes, sorry, should have been clearer. The unit will need to be re-flashed with new software. We have supplied some of the ST3's (actual name is Powergate) to our customers (they are made by a company Italy)
  8. Spider diesel tuning

    There is alot of different remaps out there... I am yet to have customer choose to keep their tuning box over our remap. We see the results on the dyno back to back, and boxes are well behind good software Plus, with DPF's now fitted to diesels, injecting more diesel with no accurate ECU control is asking for emissions lights
  9. Spider diesel tuning

    You cannot re-use handheld flashers... Immobiliser coding will differ, and checksumms/software versions will differ. If you try to flash your next car with the handheld DIY flasher your car won't start
  10. ECU Counter going up - does it matter?

    Hi What year and month build is your A8? Also, what is the bhp version?
  11. ECU Counter going up - does it matter?

    Hmm, if its a later 2008 model you may have the EDC17 ECU... If not, then you should be able to find a tuner that can reset the flash counter on flashing the the ECU
  12. ECU Counter going up - does it matter?

    What car is this regarding Merlot?
  13. ECU Counter going up - does it matter?

    Hi The flash counter is one of the main ways a dealer can recognise if the ECU has been flashed, so yes, in that sense it does matter. We reset the flash counter on all maps.....which vehicle is this regarding? Cheers Will
  14. Looks like I've a goodun'

    Those are very strong stock figures nice one ;-) I have only had 2 of these on the Dyno, making 414bhp and 418bhp in stock form
  15. Hi Mark Your best option is a Hybrid turbo upgrade. We custom map these to produce up to 250bhp. You will need to upgrade a few other things too. Performance clutch is a must, as the stock clutch is rated at 300lbs/ft torque, which even our stage 1 software can reach. If you want any advice, feel free to contact me at info@p-torque.co.uk Cheers Will